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long time looker first time poster. should be going to maine and the east coast of america for about two to three weeks in august from the UK to see relatives. Would like some advice of where i could go on the way, cheapish budget. Best parks and acommaodation , not too sure how far down im going, open to offers on advice, if i posted in the wrong place i do apologise. All replies welcome. Thanks

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Where in Maine are you going to be? As for parks, southern maine has Funtown Splashtown in Saco and not far from there Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach. Palace Playland is a beachside park, and doesn't have that much to do, but they do have some flats and two coasters. Funtown Splashtown has a CCI woodie and 220 foot tall S&S Turbo Drop for major attractions. Moving further south, in Salem, New Hampshire not far from Boston there is Canobie Lake Park, which is pretty small, but has plenty of rides including a classic Herb Schmeck designed woodie.


Moving further south, in Agawam, Massachusetts just outside of Springfield is Six Flags New England, home of Superman: Ride of Steel (which is the number 1 steel rollercoaster on the planet). A bit further south of that is Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticutt, which has one of top 5 woodies in the workd, Boulder Dash, and not far from there is Qaussy Amusment Park, another really small park that doesn't have much besides a Galaxi type coaster. That's pretty much everything in New England, but further south there are some great parks too, if you're willing to drive down there.

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Maine has almost no theme parks and the ones it does have are very small and don't have very good. Old Orchard Beach in Saco is mainly just a bunch of ride you'd find at a carnival, Funtown Splashtown also in Saco, has a wooden coaster and Free fall. There are no theme parks north of Portland. But about 3 Hours away from Saco is Six Flags New England which has some very good rides like Superman Ride of Steel. If you go really far down the east coast to New Jersey You'll hit Six Flags Great Adventure which has the talliest and fastest coaster on the planet. But in general Maine is not a very good place for theme parks and roller coasters.

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Well, SFNE is not worth the trip south IMO. If you want to go, you have to go through at least 3 toll plazas and you might have to endure that pain of the Bostonian rush hour. And SFGadv. While I'venever been there, it must be at least an 5 hour drive to get down there because it takes me about 1 hour to get into Maine, 4 hours to get to NYC, and about an hour through NYC. NYC rush hour traffic is also terrible.


I liked Funtown/Splashtown a lot (Saco, Maine). It has a wonderful CCI woodie (Excalibur), a nice Freefall ride, a good looking Log Flume, an add on waterpark (With a new tower complex for this year), and overall very well kept and parts are themed, if you can forget about the ghetto Galaxi. While the place is small, it should keep you occupied all day.


The park in Old Orchard Beach (Palace Playland) is pretty ghetto, but it has quite a bit of flats and 2 coasters for a credit whores enjoyment.

Also in Miane, there's a small park down In York Beach called York's Wild Kingdom which is actually well kept up by the new owners (Which I know for a fact because I was there last Wednesday) but that's hardly worth going to as it has little rides that most adults can't go on (other than the cool looking Round Up, The Scrambler, the Go Karts, The Ferris Wheel and the Haunted House).

Finally in Maine is a water park called Aquaboggan in Saco, but I have not been to it yet, so I can't tell you what it's like.

Near the Maine Boarder, there's a water park called Water Country In Portsmouth New Hampshire. The place has a large variety of Slides including a Toliet Bowl, vertical Speed Slides, a water play area and a whole lot more!

Also, don't forget about Canobie in Salem, NH, but I believe its about 1 hour from Maine. It includes a classic woodie, an S&S Tower, a Frisbee Ride, a Water Play area, an amazing Shoot The Chutes ride, and a whole lot more!

I hope this helps you on your trip to Maine.

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