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Photo TR: Heide Park with Hotel Port Royal

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On 06/29/07 the Hotel Port Royal at Heide park officially opened and we decided to spent two nights there with one day in the park. According to our reservation the room wasn't available until 04.00 p. m.. But luckily we arrived early, as during check-in we were given free afternoon tickets for the park. A pretty nice gesture.

On Monday the park wasn't too crowded. We managed to go on all popular rides and never waited longer than 15 minutes.

New for me was Desert Race, the Intamin Rita clone. I have to admit that I didn't expect too much of it, but I was totally wrong. Desert Race is an awesome ride. The launch is pretty intense, you have decent airtime, a varying layout and it runs very smooth.

Colossos runs still great with a lot of airtime. It has gotten a little bit rougher than I rode it the last time, but you can clearly tell that you're on an Intamin woodie. Well, still my favorite woodie so far.

After this great day we went back to our room and checked out the hotel. This was one of the nicest places I ever staid. The hotel has an elaborate pirates theming and our stay included a huge buffet for breakfast and dinner. After dinner they performed different shows. You could just stay at your table and watch it or head off to the bar, where you had a great view of it as well.

The next day wasn't too good. The park was packed, everything had a very long line and it poured the whole day. All the better that we had those free afternoon tickets. Now onto the pics. I hope you guys like them.


Random guy filming empty Hully Gully. "Come on Hully, give me some of your best moves!"


It wasn't the worst I've been on, but one ride was enough. For my ears sake.


Shake, rattle and roll. The Vekoma SLC.


When will I ever learn that these rides hurt. Ouch!


...and the final turn. In the back you see Desert Race.


Ejector airtime!


Colossos' first drop.


The entrance of Colossos with no waiting time.


Statue of Liberty, a river boat and random wooden beams nailed together in the background.


And now onto some park pics. The main entrance for non-pirates.


A pirate welcomes you. Downstairs you can see the park entrance guarded by another topless mermaid.


The reception area.


The restaurant. In the back is the buffet for breakfast and dinner.


Adult theming. All the mermaids who couldn't make it at Disney went topless and now hang out at Port Royal.


This is the stage for the nightly shows and the bar.


The elevators. After you press a button you hear pirates singing. Yo, ho, ho....hilarious.


Me on a barrel of wine. And I thought pirates drank rum all the time...


The open rain shower.


Let's begin the toilet tour, but....be aware of splinters!


The awesome stone sink.


In case you travel with little pirates.


A flat TV in a standard room. Never had that before.


Our room.


...and the whole building.


The entrance of Hotel Port Royal.

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Part 2 of the pics:


...and a dolphin show. Both really funny. Well, the day really ended at the hotel bar, but that has to be in another thread. I hope you guys made it through this report and enjoyed it a little bit.


We ended the day with a sea lion show...


But this we rode. I don't know its actual name, I called it lame rapids.


Neither did we ride the log flume.


Two boats through the waterfalls.


This is Mountain-Rafting. We didn't it ride it this time, it was just too cold and rainy.


Hi! I'm Grottenblitz. I'm standing right next to that Desert Race. Well, I'm kind of launched, too. I might not be as fast as that ..., but please still ride me. I'm doing the best I can!


A train in the second s-curve. I really didn't expect Desert Race to be that good.


A picture of the train on its way back to the station taken from the station.


The front of the red train.


The first hill with decent airtime.


This is Desert Race getting launched.


...and corkscrew. For being one of the older Vekoma coasters this one was not too bad. There was no headbanging at all. Much better than the SLC.


Vertical loop shot.


A fountain in the Dutch village and the hotel entrance from the park.


The Dutch village.


Hey! I'm crazy bear! Gimme some candy!


Eaten and licked by an alligator. I guess I'm ready for the Indiana Jones stunt show.


Another flat running with one person.


The entrance to Heide-Dorf. Home of the coffee cups.


...and on its way down. Besides Hurakan Condor Scream is the best themed drop ride I know.


Scream on its way up.


The rain made it even better.


The bob sled.

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great pictures of the park and the hotel.


But honestly I`ve to say that I don`t like the look of the hotel too much.

It looks a bit cheap inside (okay the shower looks great) and outside it reminds me of some ugly office building.


But hey, don`t judge a hotel from its facade - I`ll gonna visit it in the future and maybe change my first opinion.

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^^^and ^^ I thought the same thing when I first saw them. But those were indeed the blankets. They were just folded together really tight like three times. You can't see it on the pictures.


Thanks for the nice comments.

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OK, so I think it looks like a dorm room, with a beautiful bathroom. Anyone with me on that one?


Dorm room with a nice bathroom is pretty much exactly what I was thinking! It looks so sterile without posters and cork boards hanging on the walls.



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Great pictures. The hotel looks a bit square on the outside but inside it looks very well themed. The bedroom and bathrooms look awesome.


Heide Park looks like such a nice park. Does Colossos have much ejector airtime?


Well, only on just about every drop. Unfortunately, there's no ejector during the helix, though.


Wow that rapids ride has alot of waterfalls. It looks great.


Thanks for the pictures!


It is very visually impressive. The themeing around the station and in the que is really great; the ride itself is actually kind of boring. It's slow and, although the waterfall pic can be deceiving, it hardly gets you wet at all.

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I'm flying out to Hamburg tonight and will be in Heide Park tomorrow, its making me nervous looking at those photos if its that busy on a Tuesday what it will be like on a Saturday....

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Great TR of Heide Park, fantastic theming there, the rain must have put alot of people off it looked quiet there.


I think the hotel room looks grand, the tv inside the picture frame is new to me. The toilet is class like something from the past. Nice theming anyway, a bit of character too.

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