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Mt. Olympus Update

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I didn't get to take any pictures because my mom wouldn't let me take the camera. I just thought I'd let those know who are going on the Midwest trip, or just visiting the Dells, how Mt. Olympus is doing this year.

I will also do one for Great America and Timber Falls.



The place is still a very awesome experience. The go karts are top notch, the park is clean, the water park is very cool (especially Poseidon's Rage), and the lines aren't horrendous.



OMG! Still the most insane woodie in the Midwest. It's actually better than the Voyage. Airtime, speed, 'THE' tunnel, and pure insanity make up HADES (And no, it's smooth)



Still has 'THE DROP'. Not very intimitading? A little story: When I was waiting in line for Cyclops, the train came into the station with the very last bar open. The guy even closed it before the train left! That's why you have to be 18 to ride in the last car.



Not very exciting with 4 people. Try riding with 2 people for a more exciting ride.


Only if you want to, Pegasus and Zeus are also there. Pegasus is plain awful, while Zeus desperately needs a retrack.




courtesy of rcdb


'THE DROP' on Cyclops


courtesy of rcdb




courtesy of rcdb

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Hope you enjoyed your time at the Park, I'll rather visit Timber Falls and this Park then spend 4 hours in a Q at any Disney Park.


I'll be hitting the back seat on Cyclops when I ride it 1st time next year.


I'm sure the owners of the Park are well aware of the track condition on their coasters. If they care about their guests the coasters will be looked after properly.

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I still find the first drop on Cyclops better than "THE" drop, but both are filled with sweet ejector/floater goodness. Infact, the whole ride is. The lesson of this post is be over 18 and ride the back of Cyclops. It pwns all.

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That drop on Cyclops doesn't look too airtime producing. It reminds me of the 5th drop on Raven.


Ride it and then say that.


That final drop on Cyclops feels like you're going to get torn right out of the car. It is just as insane and terrifying as it sounds.


Raven doesn't even have a 1/4 the airtime that Cyclops does. Though the buzz bars have alot to do with that.

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I've ridden the voyage over twenty times and I don't know how you could say Hades is more insane than the Voyage. The Voyage has eight tunnels with which one has the unique triple down that has the best airtime plus an insane woody in my opinion should be kind of rough like the Voyage. Sorry I just think that the Voyage rains supreme over all wooden roller coasters. Even El Toro!Yes Even El Toro.

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^Seven, the Voyage has seven tunnels.



After 3rd hill

After 4th hill

After 5th hill

Just before MCBR

Entire triple down

Through queue area

Under bridge in Thanksgiving section



Hades does looks very sweet, too bad the high hill on the turnaround and the high hill just before the finale helix have no air.

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Hades is a great ride. But some what near the end it rattles your head alot. Pegasus is rough and I can't belive I went on it. Cyclops no doubt lots of airtime. Zeus is a pretty cool ride itself. It has a neat turnaround.

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