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NEWS: $500 Million EarthQuest theme park coming to Houston!

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http://www.hcnonline.com/site/news.cfm? ... 2249&rfi=6


I haven't seen mention of this at any enthusiast site, but it looks amazing!



"The dinosaur park, a $500 million project, will be built in East Montgomery County with the intention of having a dinosaur museum for children and adults to learn about the animals, a theme park consisting of roller coasters and water rides and a thematic hotel and spa that will be built within the park."



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*whistles Jurassic Park theme song*


Glad Houston might be getting a new park to fill the void of Astroworld. However, are the dinosaurs going to be genetically made?

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It is gonna take 3 yrs to complete. I am just glad we will have something because there is no reason to come to houston for vacation unless u want some oil and gas. The only tourist destination we have in Texas is San Antonio. I just dont know how a total dinosaur theme is gonna work. I can see a section in a park but not the whole park. Seems like it would become redudant after a few minutes.

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This is good news. I was so sad when Astor world closed down, and whenever I am in Houston with my dad, if I want to go to a theme park, we have to travel 3 hours to San Antonio.


I wonder what ride line up they will have. I can’t see there being any big thrill rides there for some reason.


It is going to take a long time until it is open. I probably won’t be visiting Houston anymore by the time it opens! Well at least I have the boardwalk built to keep my going in Houston.

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I would love to see some concept art for this park.


OK , no problem! Hope you like them!

We are watching it closely here in Houston.

We deperately need something to fill in the ASTROWORLD void.


We don't get many updates but the latest is poles were installed for some signage a few weeks back, and the planned ground breaking is next summer. Fingers crossed it actually moves forward soon but only time will tell!









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Oh are these REALLY the pics of how its gonna look?


Only time will tell.

I hope so.


What I love is all the water and location.

This is in a very wooded area, not in the Houston city limits.

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In the initial plans it was more educational, not a theme park.

Then AW closed and they saw an opportunity for more.


One section is still educational, and separate from the theme areas.


Here is a little more background.

Notice the title of the article...




Funworld March 2009

Industry Notes by Keith Miller




PARK” IN SOME NEWS STORIES, are taking shape in New Caney, Texas,

about 40 minutes from downtown Houston. __

To be called EarthQuest, the development include a for-profit entertainment park

complete with rides and other attractions, and a nonprofit educational institute,

according to Don Lessem, creator and founder of the park. “It’s a $500 million

project with about 50 different rides, including several ‘E-ticket’ rides,” he said,

“like going inside a volcano, going through an actual ice cave, launch rides,

coasters, and technologies that haven’t been used before.” _

The park will be divided into sections— one devoted to sky, one to water, one to

land, and one to prehistory, which will be called Pangaea. There will also be a

waterpark and an animal park featuring creatures from Africa, South America,

and Texas.

At the center of the park, said Lessem, will be the EarthQuest Institute, a $100

million research and educational center comprising 58 acres. “It’s a very

interactive environmental presentation,” said Lessum, “and a lot of that is about

how we change the way we live. It’s going to have 4-D theaters, reconstructed

environments from the past, and lots of very enterprising interactive

presentations of new research.”

Lessem said the reason the park has been mischaracterized is because of his

reputation for creating traveling and permanent exhibitions featuring dinosaurs,

his work as an adviser on the original “Jurassic Park” movie and theme park ride,

and his creation of the two largest charities for dinosaur research, all of which

have earned him the nickname “Dino” Don.

Lessem noted that Marlin Atlantis is the company behind EarthQuest, and its

principal, John Marlin, is a developer who owns the project’s land. Contour

Entertainment of Van Nuys, California, has been brought on board to design the

project, and Lessum said they’ve already chosen the suppliers they’ll be using for

the project. The institute is slated to open in the fall of 2011 and the park in the

spring of 2012. Anticipated attendance for the entire project is 3 million annually.

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Finally a new homepark for me, and from the looks of it, a well-themed one too! Hope they get some worthwhile coasters - personally, I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed for at least one of the following: an Intamin Accelerator, a B&M Flyer, a Euro Fighter, or a ZacSpin. The vertical volcano one in the concept art looks like it could be an S&S Thrust Air.


Hopefully this place won't become the next HRP...but in any case since I live just outside of Houston I'll probably get to it and get the credits in its debut season. That is, of course, if I don't move out of TX before then.

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Thanks for the concept art. That park looks amazing, the concept art has blown my mind. If they can get the park to look like the concept art I just might have to make a trip down to the Lone Star State when it opens.


I'd say this will fill the Astroworld void nicely lol.

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The initial plot designs had a dueling B&M whose overhead layout pattern was exactly like Dueling Dragons. Back then (when it was first announced), they mentioned four coasters, although I don't know if they counted the dueling coaster as one or two.


The new concept art is totally different, which makes me think that the closing of Astroworld got them thinking "more rides needed".... not a bad thing at all!


That volcano coaster looks like an S&S Thrust Air... but I hope not. An Intamin rocket would be so much nicer!

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