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If you were in charge of Disneyland for a year . . .

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I was just thinking, what would you do if you were in charge of JUST the Disneyland resort, for a year? What rides would you replace, add, or remove? This is an opinion based question for everyone who views it. Please give feedback, I like to know what people think should happen.


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A large, thrilling, and heavily themed B&M inverted coaster with a similar theme to the never built coaster in Animal Kingdom's never built Beastly Kingdom. It would be built in and around a huge mountain with a castle built on top of it. This structure would be the dragon's lair. Guests would enter through an ancient, crumbling guard tower at the foot of the mountain, and climb the side of it and into it, eventually reaching the boarding platform.


Since Disney tends to like guest to be able to bring their possesion/souveneirs on rides, there would be locking bins underneath each seat. For capicity there would be a double station, either two sided like Storm Runner, or seperate loading/unloading like Millennium Force. If seperate loading/unloading was used, larger items would have be left with a non rider or stored in available lockers.


After boarding, the train would go through a door into a dark ride section. At the end of which, you begin the ascent into the very top of the mountain. However, part way up, you come face to face with the dragon, which is above you. The dragon is of course pretty angry that you are intruding it's territory. It roars, spits a blast of fire, and you zoom up the rest of the lift in a Hulk style launch into the zero-g roll (don't tell me that B&M doesn't do launches, I'm sure that if Disney really wanted a launched B&M, they could get it).


The rest of the layout would feature several inversions inside and around the mountain, as well as twists and turns through the mountain, and a large helix around and inside a section of the castle. For added capicity and to perform smaller, tighter elements mainly inside the mountain, it would have an MCBR. Despite the disadvantages of seperate loading and unloading, I think that it would be better to use a Millennium Force esque system because it would be better for the theme. Another cool idea would be to have a section of the castle be acsessed by a pathway from the ground and serve as a viewing platform for the ride. I'm thinking that it would fit best in Adventureland or as part of a small new area built aroud the rides theming to make it more immersive.

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Many Things would Change if I was In power...


1. MAJOR Refurb. For Indiana Jones

2. Update Star Tours

3. Gut Honey I Shrunk The Audience

4. Update Haunted Mansion, not necessarily change it, but add new effects / Electronics. (For Example, the new heart-beater they added)

5. Bring Back the People Mover

6. Possibly Scrap Innovations...

7. Update Tommorow Land, IMO, its lost its "Futuristic" feel.


Im sure theres more..



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Yep I would for sure bring People Mover back and rebuild an updated version of Adventure thru Inner Space cuz that was the best damn dark ride ever!


I agree Ryan that TL lost its future look. It looked more futuristic in the 70-80s!

Id keep everything else the same and refurb everything.

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I'd start branching out into pure thrills, not a good economic strategy, and not something I would do if I was really running Disney, but I would spend the $100 mill they splash out on rides like Expedition Everest and buidl a thousand foot hyper coaster.

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I would build every blue sky idea that armchair imagineers suggest for the park and then go bankrupt and then kill myself. Sure Disneyland would have to close down but it'll be the best damn year in Disney history.

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1. Build a bigger castle

2. Build a replica of the Cyclone Racer at DCA

3. Demolish the Tiki Room

4. Bring back People Mover

5. Replace Pirate's Island with a water play area(similar to Boardwalk at HP)

6. Build a new one-of-a kind attraction

7. Lower ticket prices

8. Refurb Big Thunder Mountain

9.Refurb Indiana Jones

10. Build a large Vekoma Motorbike Coaster

11. Build what's planned except for Toy Story Mania

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Greenlight construction projects....


1.) Journey To The Center of the Earth - DL

2.) Vekoma Booster Bike - DL/Peoplemover - Tron theme?

3.) Wall E 4D movie - replace HISTA

4.) Longer, themed "q" for Nemo

5.) Replace Innovations with "Mission Space" from Epcot.

6.) Flats to fill in dead spaces in park

7.) The Railroad has new dark ride like sections - flood/spinning tunnel, space encounter, etc. - essentially their "backlot" tour.




1.) Everest for Timon Parking Lot, backdrop for...

2.) Carland, which is next to...

3.) Mack Water coaster, cuts in and out of Everest, extended dark ride sequence - their "pirates" - twin tracked - all ages course (no big coaster section) and thrill level - coaster section/big drop splashdown.

4.) Little Mermaids Castle - wipes out part of lagoon, seating for water/light show/parade, similar in look to TDS version - Rocking Tug, Ursual Spinner /Zamperla Polyp - Jumping Jellyfish rides inside/outside - closer in fit to Crush's Coaster (Mullohand M. rethemed).

5.) Mickey's Philharmagic for Golden Dreams Theater or replaces Muppet Show.

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My suggestions are probably some of the same things everyone else wants, but here are a few extra things I would like to see...


Disneyland Park

- Make use of the unloading zone for Space Mountain instead of loading and unloading in the same spot.


Disney's California Adventure

- Demolish/refurbish the old Hollywood and Vine building and put in a nice thrilling dark ride themed to something else in the Disney universe besides Pixar. I'll even take a spinning coaster ala Crush's Coaster, but lets be creative and use some of the other properties such as The Muppets.


- If we get a new Muppets ride, lets get rid of Muppets 4D and come up with another 4D experience. People like these attractions, but you cant let them just sit there for 10 years without changing it up. Perhaps something with a live action slant ala T2:3D.


- Bring Festival of the Lion King or a Meet the Robinsons attraction-in-the-round into the old Millionaire building...just something NOT Pixar for a change.


- Replace Golden Dreams with a new film. It could still be educational in focus, but just give us something new.


- Construct a two story queue for California Screamin'. I always thought that the Avalon Cove restaurant building would have made a nicer queue house for the ride. Plus this would keep the line off the boardwalk and lessen conjestion that the new Toy Story ride will likely cause.

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^Hah! In the old video of the grand-opening TV special from 1955, there's a sequence in Frontierland than looks suspiciously like a bunch of cowboys dancing with saloon girls (western-movie code for "hookers") in what could be a bordello as conceived by Ned Flanders. It looked rather New Orleans-like, too.

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Build a B&M Hyper at Disneyland, Walt Disney World and all the other Disneys overseas.


They need thrill rides at the parks, not just family rides.


I'm not saying become a Six Flags, but they need a few coasters (excluding Everest of course) that are faster than 36mph!

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Since I havent been to Disneyland, I'll do my ideas for Disney World


Magic Kingdom-


Scap the castle, build a bigger more realistic castle with a boat ride inside.


Scrap all the rides, rebulding more modern versions of Space Mountain

an aqua trax and call it Splash Mountain, pave Thunder Mountain, add in a GCI dueling wooden coaster (not like gwazi) with actual dueling action and millenium flyer trains, in place of all the tikes' rides add in a ramses ride themed to magic carpet then add a journey to the center of the earth, replace Phillar Magic to a bigger theater, then put in a gerslauer themed to black cauldron




Remove everything except Soarin, build a bigger better test track remake the EPCOT ball into a funky geometrical figure that actually looks futuristic (like a rombus in 3-d) then just add a huge B&M hyper, Take Maelstrom and construct a HUGE version of it and make everyone get wet


Animal Kingdom




1. make paths wider for better use of walking during parrades

2. add a spinning coaster like Tarantula

3. Add inversions to expedition Everest

4. Dont make such a big park that fat people die just walking halfway around it

5. Actually theme it to Disney

6. Add some random buildings and rename the park Ghetto Fair part 3




Redo star tours

Add some stuff to TOT so that they have technology that can tilt the car at angles while it falls for added effects


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I will update the track and sound system on Space Mountain at WDW. Keep the layout the same though, it is different from the other Space Mountains(That is what makes it unique).


I think that if Disney starts copying a lot of their rides and parks people will get bored with them and only visit one of them instead of the whole franchise of theme parks. There will be no point in going to Florida since you will have all the same rides at Disneyland or Paris, vice versa. I think Disney will be better off trying to find unique qualities for each of the parks and put in different type of rides/coasters that will fit with each park. Make each park different from the others, like make WDW very different from Disneyland so that people will want to visit WDW and yet visit Disneyland too. What's the point of having all of those parks if you're going to put every great ride in one park? Why doesn't Disney use many of their excellent ideas to all of their parks? I think it will be great if they add some more unique rides to Disneyland and don't use those ideas for the other parks.


I'm glad that WDW doesn't have an Indiana Jones Adventure, because if it did I wouldn't visit Disneyland since WDW has pretty much all of the thrill rides in my honest opinion. I can say the same thing about the Roger Rabbit ride and California Screamin' too.


I will try to differentiate the Disney theme parks.

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I would..

take out toy story from Midway Mania, and add mickey and friends to it

step up construction on the new paradise pier water show

Bring fantasy waters back to Disneyland hotel

reopen the peoplemover

add a new film to star tours

replace all of the track on the Matterhorn

bring the astro orbiter to the top of the peoplemover station

turn the former astro orbiter area into a large fountain with a large mars sculpture in the center

replace the former motor boat area with a large little mermaid dark ride

add a new dark ride themed to Bambi in the former Winnie the Pooh area

add a new version of block party bash with the original concept: Toy Story, Lilo and Stitch, The Muppets, and Finding Nemo

add a new version of the country bears and a woodland train ride to the area near Grizzly River Run.


Is that enough? lol

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Yep I would for sure bring People Mover back and rebuild an updated version of Adventure thru Inner Space cuz that was the best damn dark ride ever!


I agree Ryan that TL lost its future look. It looked more futuristic in the 70-80s!

Id keep everything else the same and refurb everything.


Well That was because that was the 80's! The "Futuristic" technology back then is like our technology now. So obviously they should do a major reverb.


Sorry I read Books but this could make for a killer idea!


I think a massive Themed area based on something like hum... lets see, "The City of Ember (for those of you who have read it)?" That would be pretty sweet!


1. They could have an underground launched water coaster, that was based on the river in the book, It could could be pitch black inside and the enterace would be themed around the pipe works! Not to mention the 90 degree drop over a waterfall! You know how most Disney Rides have you exit before the train enters the queening area? Well you could get off and be in the town!


2. A massive original B&M would be sweet as well, by now I would have totally blown the parks budget! so i will stop myself and go to bed!


But it would be nice to see some larger rides for the older ones!

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Well That was because that was the 80's! The "Futuristic" technology back then is like our technology now. So obviously they should do a major reverb.


No, not really. He is talking about how people imagine the future, like we imagine hover cars, and time machines, and so on...In the 80s, they did a great job of making the place look how people would imagine the future...if that made any sense...I'm horrible at explaining things.


As for what I would do, what is there to change, really? I love everything how it is now, Disneyland is great all around. Yeah, I agree the paths could be a little wider, but that isn't really easy to do. The only thing I think I would change, is the Tarzan Tree House...I want Swiss Family Robinson back!!!

Also, as much as I love forecefull B&Ms and other huge roller coasters, I would honestly hate to see one be put in. That would ruin so many things that makes me love DisneyLand more than any other park...

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