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Cedar Point Q's!

PKI Jizzman

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Yep. They reimburse the tolls once you check in; you still have to pay (a deposit, really, since you get it back anyway) to get to your hotel.


I think as long as your parking pass indicates you're staying for X amount of nights at such-and-such hotel, your parking is free for those dates.

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I'm going to Ohio August 15-17th, and I was wondering if there is any possible way to Credit Whore Cedar Point.


I'll have two days at CP, the second day I will only be able to stay till around 2. I'll have early entry both days though.


From what I've read, go to Magnum gate and run to Maverick first(is it really that bad if you DON'T run?). Whats after that?

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For early entry, its best to head straight for maverick. If you don't run, you will have to wait close to a half hour. If you run, it will be a walk on. Millennium Force is your next best bet. Go there after Maverick.


There isn't a way to really credit whore CP since you can't ride Jr. Gemini. You can ride Woodstock Express, but I would rather ride the bigger rides.

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I agree with the previous entries about food at CP. The night before Coastermania in June, my daughter and I bought a chicken sandwich, waffle fries and a lemonade at Chik-Fil-A for $11. We shard this and I was still wanting more.


I suggest going to the Midway Market. Adult price is 12.49 and child is 7.29. This is an all you can eat buffet so you do get full. Desserts are actually not too bad. The last time I went there was ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, burgers, mac and cheese and a selection of things to make burritos or tacos with. Quality is not the greatest, but quanitity is worth it. Also all beverages and refills you want. The childs meal is the same price for a hot dog basket (without drink) at most places in the park.


Another suggestion is going to East of Chicago on the causeway. You get one in and out with parking and this is close by. 6.99 for a pizza buffett.


There are also picnic areas with grills right outside the gate. I was there last Saturday and someone was grilling chicken that smelled better than anything in the park.

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^ Not quite that simple.


Make sure you go to the very left toll booth. Tell them you're going to soak city or challenge park. They'll then let you go back around perimeter road to the soak city lot.


If you just go to a normal toll booth they're going to funnel you into the main lot.

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Nope, it's really easy.


Just tell the employee at the left toll booth that you're going to soak city, and follow perimiter road. The Soak city lot is pretty obvious, it's right beside Gemini and Magnum, with the entrance to the park right by Magnum.

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