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Photo TR: BACT at Seaside Heights and SFGAd

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This past weekend was the new New Jersey ACE reps first regional event, which they decided to host at Seaside Heights' Casino Pier. I've been great friends with both reps, Adam and assistant Bret since I got into this hobby, and since guests were allowed with ACE members, I was able to go with Heath and Kim. For only $10 we got a POP wristband good on all the coasters and a few other rides like the Haunted House and Centrifuge. We got really lucky too, and Pirate's Hideaway had just passed inspection and opened the day before. The ride is very similar in layout to the old Wizard's Cavern that used to occupy that same spot on the pier, but Pirate's Hideaway is still missing something...like anything inside the building. No props, no lighting, no darkness, no nothing. Hopefully they'll add some props over time.


After hitting Casino Pier, we ventured down to Funtown Pier so the gang could get their credits in down there. Good news, it doesn't appear like the pier will be closing at the end of this season as suggested last year.


The weather was great, the coasters were fun, the price was fantastic, and the event saw a pretty good turnout at around 50 people. Not bad for only putting it together in a little over a month.


Dr. Pinchy's Prostate Exams are quick and painfree, just ask Heath!


There's only 1 ride restriction, but it has 3 parts. Darn, and I was looking forward to riding with my Artic Ales. At least they don't make you rent a locker like they would at SFA


Vertical not so good loopage


One final credit on the pier for the crew, sorry guys, it's a Pinfari Looper


and Heath follows with an "Oh yeah!" look


Kim goes for some big air


Still one of the best types of mice with the cars that lean around the turns


Relocated last year from Playland in Ocean City, the Mighty Mouse, one of the rare old-school Miler Mice


No hassles about adults riding either, at least not today.


The Funtown Family Coaster has a really nice extended layout for a Miler. And no trash cans on the track yet this year!


Down to Funtown Pier just a few blocks away to rack up some more credits for Heath and Kim


You don't want to know what I had to do to get into the Pirate's Hideaway ;)


all credits achieved, it's time to dance!


Cool themed cars and some nice air on the drops. Hopefully they'll add props to the inside portion


Of course, our fat @$$es broke the ride on the lift, requiring the op to come and push us off the rollback


Finally the workers leave, which means Pirate's Hideaway is now opened!


and it's preboard area has one of the most effective spinning tunnels out there


and Centrifuge is one of the coolest indoor scramblers out there, especially when they're playing Pantera


Stillwalk Manor is a really nice darkride, though the extreme airblowing hurt our ears, and very few props had heads. No sight inside is scarier than the behinds outside though!


Workers were still preparing Pirate's Hideaway, so we decided to ride some other stuff first


The credit whores have no shame in riding the Hot Tamale (but I rode it before, so I will pass this time)


Both Heath and Mighty Mouse need to use the facilities


The Miler version of the Wild Mouse was next on the agenda. A little overbraked, but the big drop is great


First stop of the day was the Star Jet over the water, replacing the Jet Star a few years ago. With lite crowds, it was pretty much ERT for us, as Heath and Kim show


The reps rocking the registration booth


When Casino Pier opened at 12, we had all we could ride until 4 on all the coasters.

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After hitting up Seaside, it was time for some more whoring up at Pt. Pleasant. The place was a zoo and parking was next to impossible, so I just dropped Heath and Kim off to ride the Flitzer, then picked them up drive-by style. Then it was on for our final whoring of the weekend, down to Blackbeard's Cave in Bayville.


Woohoo! I got another credit this year, and this one only took like 5 times out of our drinking time!


after a few minutes, an op came over to shamefully allow us to ride.


Pretty cool how they saved the trees inside the helices


and behold, thar be our precious booty, the Dragon!


We found the kiddieland area, we're in the right location


A few miles south of Seaside is a FEC with mini-golf, go carts, batting cages, arcade, a model train restaurant, and a kiddie land called Blackbeard's Cave

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Great Report. We had a great time! Hey you got a credit I don't have an I;m local. I better get on the dragon.


It could be the laptop but the pictures are showing a lot of noise. Were you on ISO 400 ? Turn it down to 100 when it's that sunny.

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Sunday we stopped at Great Adventure on our way home. After last week's trip to SFNE, I was curious as to how Great Adventure was holding up as far as staffing, operations, cleanliness, no smoking, etc. I'm happy to report it's still doing fantastic. Employees seemed happy (or at least not zombies), coaster crews hustled to dispatch trains, ops were friendly and would try to converse with you, security everywhere, even parking attendants at the new automated things to make them go faster. Rides opened with the park, including Kingda Ka, and Rolling Thunder actually raced! The park was really clean, had lots of costumed characters and other random entertainment people out, and it was just a really nice time. So nice that I actually bought some merchandise, just because I was happy with the place and felt it would be worth giving my money. So bravo, Mr. Shapiro, at least one of your parks is still on the right path, who'd have thought it would have been Great Adventure!?!


As far as El Toro goes, the ride opened WITH THE PARK, was running TWO trains from the start, and they were barely stacking the trains (except for some problems with the restraint sensors). The crew was doing great, especially John, and I'm also pleased to report that even though the lift does still slow down at the top (and it still is a ride in itself getting up there!), it doesn't affect the ride at all, there is still plenty of air and speed down that first drop and everywhere else it always was. I can't wait to get back to SFGAd.


And shockingly, another great day at SFGAd. We're impressed, and actually WANT to go back, new coaster or not!


Even Bugs isn't afraid to write people tickets for linejumping


So picturesque. All that is missing is an Aquatrax, Impulse, and an elephant ears stand.


It was built in 1997!? Crap, where have I been! They must have covered this up really well.


El Toro's new shirt points out all the awesome stats on the ride. Like it's 200 feet tall? has a 205 foot drop? huh?


and everyone on the train goes "ay Dios mio! Donde esta el bano?"


Just can't get enough of that good El Toro


Random singing act in the park. Nice to see stuff like this, it definitely appeals to the families, and showseekers


Out into the woods they go. Hope the Jersey Devil doesn't get them!


mmm Nitro, and check out that personless staircase, thanks to 3 train operation!


We spent enough time with Conner this weekend, no more Wiggles for us! ;)


Gotta give some love to Batman too, still one intense little coaster


Sorry Joey, all that remains for you of Stuntman's Freefall is a queue entrance and an unmarked Qbot station


Those hills just be looking whack!


The Batman side still eludes Heath, and I don't think I've ridden it since the restraint change either!


Both Chiller trains are on the track, but neither is running today


We'll give some love to Medusa though, since it doesn't seem to get it anymore. Maybe peoples are confused from the theme of the ride


Sorry, Jahan, no ride on any Arrow's for us today, though we could if we wanted to, thanks to the comfort of the new restraints


Its lakeside location makes it very photogenic. Of course, it could be in a parking lot and still look wonderful


The lift slowdown does make the turnaround feel more PGA Grizzly-ish, but at close to 200feet in the air, you've got an excellent view, and lots of anticipating for the plunge you're about to take


Still delivering the most insane airtime on any wood coaster out there


...meaning no lines yet for El Toro. Fantastic! Bonus ride


Happiest of all though, Kingda Ka opened with the park too...


El Toro opened with the park, making me very happy. Getting on the 2nd train out for the day and not waiting long makes me even happier


Nice little rules and policies card given out to everyone upon entrance. Now people can't say they didn't know when they do something wrong and get booted from the park


Back to SFGAd, it's still 30 minutes before the park opens, but things are testing already

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^They were leftovers from Chiller, but since Batman & Robin bombed and SF had surplus, they just rebranded them as El Toro shirts for profit!


Actually, looking at all the stats on the shirt, we figured it was actually for the nearby competition, Steel Force. Everything from the height, drop, speed, year, and track length all fit perfectly with the stats given for the ride on RCDB.

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That Funtown "Mighty Mouse" sign looked like it was having serious elimination problems, too, judging from its expression.


Great TR, as usual--I'm looking forward to hitting Great Adventure again--and checking out the Jersey Shore.

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I can't belive they have Steel Force's stats on that shirt. I can understand getting a coaster's stat from the same park accidently on the shirt but from a park that is owned by a different company?


Should be interesting to see if any Steel Force shirts have El Toro's stats.

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I'm so jealous, SFGAdv is the park I'd most like to visit right now. I wish I was in the BACT, looks like a good time...


Your PGA Grizzlyish comments did give me the chills though, brrr....


Hopefully I'll get to meet some of you in a couple months, who all is making the trip out, anyway?

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The pics turned out pretty good Derek. We still liked Pt. Pleasant a lot more than Seaside Heights, but we'll be back there when:


1. They finish the themeing inside Pirate's Hideaway.


2. It's time for a follow up exam with Dr. Pinchy! Ouch!:p

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Great Adventure seems like it's doing really well! Go Six Flags!


As the Shapiro years continue, we can easily see which parks are preferred by the corporation and which ones are actually finally becoming fun, great parks. Six Flags Great America is still super, though it has been this way for years now. Six Flags Great Adventure seems to be changing quickly--for the better.

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I just got back from SF GAdv and the Seaside Heights today!


First time there.....agree with all comments from Derek. GAdv was awesome.....the staff was outstanding....especially considering it was pushing 100 degrees both days (I noticed that they take no crap from any of the assorted ghetto clientele, i.e. LOTS of security guys) ...that park really has it together, as well as having a buttload of top-notch rides


oh, on another note, I sprained my wrist trying to hold on so as to not get banged around in Pirate's Hideaway....needless to say, I didn't think much of it

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