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PTR: Parque Warner, Port Aventura, Parque Atracciones

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Well the first park on the trip was Parque Warner Madrid. It was 30degrees and very hot out and I went on Sunday the 24th and to my surprise the place was packed and all the coasters were running 1 train .



There were big ques at the entrance for tickets but I was really happy to see Stuntfall open.



I decided to buy the Fast Pass which was only €15 and you could use it as many times as you want throughout the day. It includes most rides in the park except Superman . I highly recommend it because it was awesome, you don't have to que and the ride-op's let you choose what seat you want on the coasters.


The main street in the park is awesome with great themeing and with the 300ft S+S towers at the end and has a good atmosphere.



The first thing I wanted to do is get on Stuntfall incase it brokedown and closed so I went to the Movie World Studios area of the park home of Stuntfall.




I had high hopes for this and I was'nt disapointed. The ride is awesome and the first vertical lift and drop are insane and very scary. I thought the drop was better than Oblivion's because it is so much scarier.


The trains are just stupid and badly designed, what were they trying to do? And the loading area is a joke because you dont have a clue what row you are supposed to be in. The front and back row are closed off so you cant sit in them rows but I found the best seat was the second last row, one of the edge seats.


It is slightly rough especially backwards in the cobra roll but it is'nt that bad and it's not painful and it nearly stalls in the cobra roll when going backwards.



And it is very unreliable. When I went for my second ride it was broken so I left and came back again after seeing it open and it broke down again, I left and came back got in que and it broke again. This time I waited and it opened after 10minutes. Later in the day I wanted another ride and got in the que and what a surprise it was broken again. I eventually got on it and then went on it again and it did'nt breakdown this time :shock: .


I have to say the op's were great, they loaded it pretty fast and they fixed it pretty fast and when it broke down half an hour before closing I was surprised that they did'nt close it.


I would give it 9/10.


I then stayed in the area to watch some show but it was in Spannish and was stupid so left and headed for the Superhero area of the park, as you enter the area Superman and it's tall lifthill is right infront of you.






I have to say after my first ride in the 2nd last row I was very impressed, there was good floater on both airtime hills and a nice bit of floater it the zero-g roll and a great first drop. I did'nt notice it being floorless at all.



I went for a reride and got the last row and I found it very dull, no airtime, no floater in the zero-g and it was just crap. I got another ride somewhere in the middle and it was good but not as good as the 2nd last row. The finale is fun with a helix, small airtime hill into another helix.



The que nearly got to an hour thanks to 1train operation and I wanted one last ride and I was lucky to get the front. I thought the floorless gimmick was shit until I got the front. It's imelmann was also my first but I prefer the dive loop.



The que has some nice themeing but there is a good bit of graffiti on the stairs up to the station.


Overall I was impressed and would give it 9/10.


Batman: La Fuga



Next was Batman and bloody hell it's insane. It's really intense and has fantastic themeing. I love the que themeing and all the lighting effects. The area around it looks great and is well themed.



I got 3 rides in the back and 3 in the front. Although the back is more intense I preferred the front for the view. The first drop is great and beats Nemesis' little drop . Then there is a forceful loop which is way better than Nemesis' loop.


The zero-g is insane and is really intense and it looks great going over the amazing asylum themeing and it is taken at a very fast speed and there is a great foot chopper on the exit, again it's better than Nemesis'.


Then there is another loop and it's better and more forceful than the first which is followed by a fast and intense helix. Then there is a small forceless turn taken at a fast enough speed to not be boring between the helix and the first corkscrew. Fucking hell the corkscrews are insane, they are taken so fast and are REALLY intense. Both corkscrews are miles better than Nemesis'.


After the 2nd corkscrew there is a fast turn back up to the brakerun. I have to say I loved it. It is a good bit better than Nemesis and although I still love Nemesis, Batman is better.


Definitely 10/10.


Then went on the Lex Luthor themed top spin. It has good themeing and is fun but why is it on the setting for top spins that have fountains and it is even more stupid that they did'nt get the fountains because of the hot weather.


It was good but not as good as Ripsaw.






Next I went into the very packed Old West Territory which has awesome themeing and a fantastic atmosphere.


Coaster Express:


I was actually worried about this after reading all the terrible reviews and I was surprised. Yes it's rough and shakey and in some places it's extremely rough but the Intamin trains saved it for me. I did'nt find it painful at all.


The station has good themeing and the ride-op's were great and the whole thing had a great atmosphere. The Spannish sure do love it and it had a huge que, luckily I had my fast pass.



I was actually surprised at how fast the lift was. There are 2 airtimeless hills and a trim on VERY hard at the end but I say without it the last turn and brakerun would be death.



One big problem I found with this was that the wind blew all the dust from the ground below it in my eyes so I coul'nt see half of the coaster. But I thought it was fun and it is way better than Stampida with those horrible Kumbak trains. I did'nt risk a reride though .




Rio Bravo:



The themeing on this was amazing and by far the best in the park.


As soon as you get to the top of the lift the boat is turned backwards for the first drop, there is a surprise airtime hill at the end of it that provides a little pop of airtime but it is more like a big jolt, then airtime, another jolt and then your back gets soaked.


The next part of the ride is taken slow and you go through a very well themed abandoned town and a canion. I thought the themeing and effects were great. Then there is a big lift in the mountain which takes you to the top of the final big drop and then you drop get soaked and return to the station.



It was good but I thought it would be better, 7.5/10.



Cold Creek Falls


Did'nt get any photos because did'nt bring my camera on it, thank god because it would have been destroyed if I did. It is just a chute the chute water ride with only one average sized drop but bloody hell you get absolutely soaked to the skin and it has some good themeing.





Then it was into the awesomely themed kiddie area "Cartoon Village".

Terrible picture of me:

And the awesome themed fountain that soaks you:


Then it was on to Acme Rapids.

The themeing is great and it had a HUGE que but thanks to my fast pass I waited a second .



This is by far the best rapids I have been on and is now my favourite water ride. The rapids themselves soaked me and then there are the water bombs and all other themeing and water sprays that soak you. It is really fun and I got soaked.






Next it was the kiddie credit: Tom and Jerry:


It's just a kiddie coaster with a VERY long train. The seats are uncomfortable and the front car of the train is just about to head down the first drop while the back car is only starting the lift.


They did a nice job covering the base frame and it has some cartoon themeing.






It was now back to the Superhero area of the park for Riddler's Revenge, the triple 300ft tall S+S tower.



It can be seen from all over the park and is located in the centre and looks fantastic.



It was on the setting that shoots you up, it changes throughout the day and there is a sign at the entrance that tells you what times each differant setting was running.


The launch up was great and then when it pushes you back down there is a great burst of airtime but then you are back in the seat for like the other 280ft of the tower.


It has a great view though and I love the noise it makes.





There were a good few rides I did'nt bother going on because I just wanted to go on the main ones.


Hotel Embrujado:


It's a very well themed Vekoma madhouse which I did'nt bother going on because I have already been on HEX.




Overall I LOVED the park, the atmosphere, the themeing and the rides are all great. I cant decide which is better, Port Aventura or this. I sure hope they start making a profit so they add new rides.


Overall I would give the park a 10/10.


Ride Count:




Coaster Expressx1

Tom and Gerryx1

Lex Luther (Top Spin)x1

Riddler's Revenge (S+S Towers)x2

Rio Bravox1

Acme Rapidsx1

Cold Creek Fallsx1


I will try and do the Port Aventura PTR tomorrow.

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I'm heading to Spain next week and need all the park info I can get my hands on.


What parks are you going to? Beware Furius Baco seems to be having trouble running more than 1 train and it was running all week with 1 train with near 3 hour ques.

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Wow I had almost exactely the same feeling about this park as you did. It almost feels as if I wrote this TR myself.


Sooo great comments and beautiful photo's!

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Is it me, or is all of the Superman coasters that were colored red now fading a lot more now?


Great pics of the park and glad Spanish Deja Vu was running!

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Is it me, or is all of the Superman coasters that were colored red now fading a lot more now?


I thought the same before I went but it does'nt look that bad in person. It could do with a repaint though but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

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I'm heading to Spain next week and need all the park info I can get my hands on.


What parks are you going to? Beware Furius Baco seems to be having trouble running more than 1 train and it was running all week with 1 train with near 3 hour ques.


Starting next Monday, i'll be hitting Parque Atracciones first, Parque Warner, then Port Aventura, so your TR is very well timed, thanks.


Ooh, a 3 hour wait for Baco isnt good as i've only got one day at Port Aventura, oh well, i'm sure its worth it, Intamin accelerators are my personal favorite.


Do the parks in Spain get busier as the day goes on? or are they packed at opening and stay busy all day?


This park looks absolutely amazing!

Both of the WB parks are great and Sixflags really needs model there parks like WB'S.




Parque Warner used to be a Six Flags, apparently a very nice Six Flags too. Your right though, it would be nice to see other Six Flags parks looking as well themed as this one.

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Do the parks in Spain get busier as the day goes on?


Yes, as soon as the gates open at 9.40 everyone runs to the entrance to get to Baco. I already had my ticket so I was nearly at the top of the que. They open the que at 9.50 and then open the ride at 10 when the park is supposed to open. By 10.10 it had a 2 hour que and stayed that way all day.


The good thing is that the crowds at the back of the park stay quiet until like 11.30 so you should get on Khan and Hurakan Condor a few times with a small que.


Parque Atracciones does get busier as the day goes on especially in the evening and so does Parque Warner. Port Aventura was just packes all day for the 3 days and just kept getting busier and busier.


Parque Warner used to be a Six Flags, apparently a very nice Six Flags too


It was managed by Six Flags but not owned by them.


I am doing the Port Aventura PTR now.

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The 2nd park on the trip was Port Aventura. I spent 3 days here, the full day on the 26th, only 4hours on the 27th and the full day on the 28th. The place was unbelievably packed. There was huge ques for everything. I bought the Express Premium on the 1st and 3rd day which costs €39 to use it as many times all day. It is a rip off and was only €20 when I last went ton Port Aventura in 2005 for unlimited use all day. Anyways I needed it, the que times were ridiculous.


After a long wait queing for tickets, then another wait queing for the Express I finally got into the park at 11.30 over an hour after I arrived.

I headed straight to Furius Baco and discovered the que was 2hours 30minutes. I skipped it and went straight to Dragon Khan.


Dragon Khan:

It was running 3 trains all 3 days but was stacking bad. It is still my favourite coaster, it's absolutly amazing and the zero-g roll is insane. The first drop is great and I prefer it to Superman's (Madrid). The drop has a good bit of airtime in the back. The first loop is great. I love the dive loop and I prefer it to the immelmann.


Then it is up into the awesome zero-g roll which in a million times better than Superman's and then the fun and intense cobra roll.

Then it is the MCBR which hardly slown the train down which is followed by the intense 2nd loop. The turnarounds are great and the corkscrews were smoother than I remembered.


It is an awesome coaster and is still my number 1. 10/10



Then on my way to Hurakan Condor I went on El Diablo a lame Arrow mine train with 3 lifts.

It is alright and a filler, I already got the credit in 2004 and was much better when it was backwards. The little drop out of the station is fun but there are to many lifts.

2 lifts, 2 trains.


Some of the transisitons are bad but it is'nt rough or painful and the station and que has some decent themeing.

I would give it 5/10.



Then it was on to Hurakan Condor the 330ft Intamin drop tower.



They were only running 3 sides out of the 5 with an hour and a half que which is a joke. They managed to open 4 sides out of the 5 on the 3rd day I was there.


The themeing is amazing and so is the ride.

There are 3 differant types of seats:

1. Sit-down tilting

2. Sit-down

3. Stand-up tilting.

The best is Stand-up tilting which is amazing. As soon as you get to the top the seats tilt out and you are just facing down 330ft which is insane and it is my favourite flat ride by miles. There is airtime all the way down until the brakes.


The sit-down tilting was also really good and had great airtime but nowhere near as good as the stand-up. The normal sit-down is good but after being on the stand-up it is'nt anything special but still has awesome airtime all the way down.


I would give sit-down a 8.5/10, sit-down tilting 9/10 and stand-up tilting 10/10.



Also in the Mexico area of the park is Templo Del Fuego.

Warning, contains spoilers.

Absolutly amazing. Just fantastic, the themeing is absolutly brilliant throughout the whole ride. Even though the pre-show is in Spannish, the actor says a few words in English and a few other languages so that everyone knows what is happening.


I just loved it. The effects in the pre-show room were great espeically when the face appears on the roof and then the lightning. Then it is into the main room which is amazing. I went on it in 2004 but I forgot most of it. The way it is set up is awesome with the actor jumping on stones and opening the chambers. And when he gets the treasure and the eyes go read and the lighting in the room changes which is amzing. I love the music aswell and then the fire and water explosions take everyone by surprise.


The heat is unreal and then for the finale one last huge explosion and the floor drops. Simply amazing. 10/10


I love the themeing throughout the Mexico area and it is in my oppinion the best themed area in the park.



Then it was into the Far West where the once brilliant CCI is.



I used to love this with the PTC trains because it was awesome, great fun, fast and had loads of airtime.


But Port Aventura decided to get new trains from a terrible company called Kumbak which never made trains for a wooden coaster before which turned the ride into a painful, rough, airtimeless, unreliable piece of shit. Well done Port Aventura!


It's horrible. The trains just keep jumping up and down through the whole thing. The lift hill starts of slow, goes really slow and then speeds up at the top.

It's even bumpy on the lift hill. And where has all the airtime gone? It used to be full of it. You can even see off-ride how bad it is the trains and riders are shaking like mad.


The double up is death, it was horrible. And the red side is much worse than the blue. It was funny though when both trains were on the lifthills and the red got stuck near the top .


And the ques were very long. Luckily I had my Express and the bad thing is if you want both credits you have to ride twice .


Used to be a 10/10, now a 5/10.



The parks log flume is also in this area.

Silver River Flume:

The station and que house has nice themeing but inside it's just huge cattle pens. There is no themeing around the ride and El Diablo passes over it.

It's a fun ride that gets you soaked. It has 3 drops: 1 small, 1 medium and 1 big one. I was surprised that I got soaked on the medium drop and not the big last one.


Shame that they put no effort into themeing except for the station/que building but it's still fun.




Grand Canion Rapids:


Has awesome themeing but the rapids themselves are average. It's wetter than I remembered though and I got wet but I was already soaked from the Silver River Flume.


It's a bit short though but is good fun. The que for this was also huge. I say all the water rides had near 2 hour ques.



But it's nowhere near as good as Parque Warner's "Acme Rapids".





The Wild West area has great themeing throughout and is also home to the Kiddie CCI Tomahawk which I did'nt bother going on because I got the credit in 2004.


The bumpers had great themeing but had a big que and low capacity so I did'nt go on. It's still a fun ride and I had great fun on them before.





Polynesia also very well themed and very well landscaped has 2 big and great rides.


Tutuki Splash:


For some reason on the first day I went on this I did'nt get that wet and I was in the front, on the 3rd day I was in the front and got soaked and both times the boat was full. It must be the water level or something.


The themeing on this is really good but the caves of chewing gum is disgusting. There is a small first drop which I got soaked on in the front and then there is the lift for the big and main double drop.


If you are lucky or unlucky in some cases you might get soaked on the lift from the wave created from another boat.


There is some great airitme on the double drop and on the 3rd day I got soaked all 3 times I went on it .






Sea Odyssey:



Is a simulator ride that has fantastic themeing. The pre-show is in spannish but there are subtitles on all the differant screens in all the differant languages.


The main part of the ride, the simulator is brilliantly done. 1 of the main characters, the talking Dolphin speaks english while the other the professor speaks Spannish but it is unnoticable that they are both speaking differant languages so everyone can understand.


On one of my rides we started, the floor dropped, the huge screen opened and the seats moved but the whole thing shut down and we were stuck but the cause of the breakdown was so funny. An english guy was so fat and to heavy the ride could'nt handle it and shut down.


He must have been so embarrassed when the ride-op removed him from his seat and moed him up to the front non simulator seats while a room of 100 people was pissing themselves laughing.


It's a great ride and has great themeing but nowhere near as good as Templo del Fuego.




There is also the kiddie coaster "Tami Tami" in the area and I already had the credit from 2004. I did'nt bother going on the well themed Huss Pirate ship "Kon Tiki Wave" because I already went on it in 2004 and it's only an average ride.





Last but certainly not least Furius Baco:



My new no.2. The outdoor part of the que looks fantastic and is well themed and landscaped and looks great in the area. I say the que could hold over a 4 hour que. The atmosphere around the ride is fantastic and when people walk into the park and see it they are like OMG.



The indoor part of the que is a nightmare, there is some good themeing in it but it is a HUGE cattlepen going in every direction and is usually full of people. The ride was only running 1 train all week and the que was near 3 hours alot of the time and 20 minutes sfter opening it gets over a 2hour que.


The que is destroyed in graffiti and is only 3 weeks old. There is chewinggum all over the floor and walls, writing all over the que bars, walls, floor, and themeing. Idiots broke the netting off the themeing.


I love the cool themeing at the entrance of the indoor que and the themeing near the station is a nice touch. The pre-show is great and the launch track is steep, it's like an uphill launch. The launch was brilliant. There is great airtime on the drop. Beware on the left side of the train the transitions are snappy and there is a bit of neck chopping but on the right side there is none. It is not rough but very intense.


That tunnel thing in the s-bend is pointless, you dont even notice it. The trains are awesome and OMG the inline is INSANE. I would'nt put my hands up for anything other than the launch though.

The last turn over the lake really only is a gimmick but it looks great and is fun.

The train goes into the brakes really fast which can be seen in the que.

The good thing about the indoor que is that the inline twist is right beside it so you can see the train go through it really fast.


The ride is really intense and because of the high intensity it gives you a headache.


I loved the pre-show and the ride. Definatly 10/10.



Overall, the place was packed. Baco and Khan were awesome. Stampida was horrible and much worse than Coaster Express. The themeing in the park is awesome. Templo del Fuego is f**king amazing. Great atmosphere.


Overall 10/10.


Day 1 Ride Count:

Dragon Khanx9

Hurakan Condorx2 (Sitdown tilting, Stand-up)

Tutuki Splashx2

Stampida Bluex1

Stampida Redx1

Grand Canion Rapidsx1

Silver River Flumex1

El Diablox1

Furius Bacox1


Day 2 Ride Count:

Dragon Khanx2

Hurakan Condorx3 (Stand-upx1, Sit-downx2)

Templo Del Fuegox1

Sea Odysseyx1

Furius Bacox1


Day 3 Ride Count:

Dragon Khanx11

Hurakan Condorx6 (Stand-upx1, Sit-downx5)

Furius Bacox2

Tutuki Splashx3

Sea Odysseyx1

Templo Del Fuegox2

Silver River Flumex1

Stampidax1 (I dont know why I went on it again)


Parque de Atracciones PTR either tonight or tomorrow.

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Love your TR and pics and can agree with the points you gave to the rides.

I'll be there with Halloween, and although i'm now warned for the new Kumbak trains, i'm looking forward to riding Stampida again.

Did FB have a express entrance ?

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Did FB have a express entrance ?


No . It should though because the ques are horrible. Get to the park at 9.40 and when the gates open join the run to Furius Baco because it gets over a 2 hour que in minutes.


i'm looking forward to riding Stampida again.


I was aswell. Old Stampida was awesome, why could'nt they have gone to Intamin or get new PTC trains because those companies have experiance making wooden coaster trains.

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1 other question :

as far as i know, HC doesn't have an express entrance either but you managed to ride it upto 6 times in 1 day. Did you go in the srq ? Or was everybody in the FB line

Are you able to choose which seat you take now or do they still tell you where to sit ?

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as far as i know, HC doesn't have an express entrance either but you managed to ride it upto 6 times in 1 day. Did you go in the srq ?


SRQ in the morning, in the evening the wait was unbearable. I went on it 5 times in the morning when there was no one in the srq line and I wanted to get stand-up one more time so qued 50minutes in the SRQ.


Or was everybody in the FB line


There was enough people in the park to fill every line and every space on the path .


Are you able to choose which seat you take now or do they still tell you where to sit ?


They tell you but there was this one great ride-op that would let you wait but the others would'nt.

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Thanks for another great TR, once again, very imformative.


What is the deal with camera bags in these parks? will they hold them for you at the rides or would you suggest getting a locker?

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What is the deal with camera bags in these parks? will they hold them for you at the rides or would you suggest getting a locker?



Well, Superman, Batman and I think Coaster Express have storage lockers in the station that lock when the trains dispatch. I dont know what you are supposed to do with them on the other rides.


In Port Aventura Dragon Khan and Furius Baco has shelfs for your bags and on Hurakan Condor you just leave it on the ground beside your car but you have to bring it on the water rides, Stampida and the other rides.




In Parque Atracciones they had shelfs on Abismo and Tarantula, in Tornado you have to leave it on the ground.

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Fantastic review! I love this photos, really nice...


1 question... you can find the mistery of Rio Bravo?!?! In the second lift you can view a sticker of.. Six Flag Belgium! lol

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The 3rd and last park on the trip was Parque de Atracciones de Madrid and it was very disapointing. Anyways it's a short walk from the Metro station and I did'nt know it had 2 entrances. I was here from just before 4pm until 8.40pm.



There is an amazing fountain infront of the second entrance.


Shame the rest of the park was'nt that nice.


I did'nt get many pictures of the park because I was only here for 4 and a half hours and there was nowhere to leave your camera on Tornado so I did'nt bring it down that area and I did'nt get any pictures of it.


Anyways I headed straight for the main area of the park which has the parks 3 main coasters and other thrill rides.



The first coaster I went on was Tarantula, the biggest MS spinning coaster. I loved Spinball Whizzer and had very high hopes for this and I was VERY diapointed.

The lift is very fast and the first drop was great and the s-bend drop into the mist tunnel was really good but thats it. The rest of it sucked. It was dull and boring and it does'nt spin much at all and there are to many MCBR's.

The que was around 20minutes and got to 40minutes after I went on and I did'nt think it was worth a reride.


VERY disapointing, 5/10



I then headed for Tornado an Intamin SLC and it does look great all black. It does'nt look ugly at all. Even the VERY oversupported loops are'nt that bad.


The que and station look horrible but anyways I got near the front for my first ride and it sucked. The drop was nearly over before you gained speed, the loops were alright, the turn between the 2 loops is dull, boring, forceless and rough. The corkscrew was good and the last helix was lame but fun.


For my second ride I got nearer to the back of the train and it was much better than near the front and for my 3rd and last ride on it I got the back row which is by far the best row on it. The drop is great in the back, the loops are fun. The turn still sucks but is'nt as rough, the corkscrew is great (nowhere near as insane as Batman's ) and the helix is slightly more fun. It is also a bit rough going into the helix but it would'nt give you a headache or anything but it makes a horrible noise in the back.


And the ride-op's were terrible. It had a 40minute que with 1 train operation and dispatch times were nearly 10minutes. It took 5 minutes for a ride-op to let people on the train after it had been unloaded.


Anyways it's crap anywhere near the front and is good anywhere near the back.





Then it was onto Abismo, the largest MS X-car coaster.



This is right in the middle of the main thrill area and thank god Parque Atracciones got it, without this the park would have been terrible and shit. Anyways I got in the que and it broke down, it tested 4 times and reopened and then I qued around 10minutes and got on. The que bars are not very strong because it nearly broke with everyone sitting on it and started bending back really far.


The restraints were great and they dont get tighter throughout the ride, the lift is fast and scary and then the upside down part of the lift is really scary and insane as you are just hanging and the blood rushes to your head 150ft high.

Then when it goes into a little drop upside down into the inversions it's even more scary and feels really weird. Then it's the inversions into the large drop. Then there is the very over banked turn which is like an inversion which is taken really fast.

Which is then followed by an airtime hill with great ejector airtime.

Then another overbank turn into a very fast little hill and drop into the station which provides another burst of airtime and back up the verticle lift where the brakes 3/4 way up the lift stop the train suddenly. I thought the brakes would be painful but they were'nt. It then goes slowly back down the lift hill into the station.


DONT put the restraint tight in the station because I did for my second ride and I could barely breath for the ride. I have to say it gets better with every reride. Put your hands up for the whole thing and it makes it way better especially the airtime hill.


For my last and best ride on it I left the restraint a bit loose which was VERY scary on the lift but was worth it for the airtime .


And again the ride-op's are terrible. They dont check the restraints and barely look to see if they are all closed before he dispatches the train. The capacity is terrible, so short ques go really slowly. It had a 40minute wait most of the time I was there.





I then went into the nature area of the park for the chute the chute water ride "Los Fiordos".


It looked very wet and I thought it would be like Parque Warners that absolutly soaks you but it was'nt. The only thing that gets soaked is your face and hair and your t-shirt gets slightly wet.

There is only one drop on this and the bridge gets very wet.


The themeing on this however is brilliant, the entrance of the que is themed as a castle thing.


It was fun and a good filler and is well themed. 7/10



This area also has the huge bumpers that has good themeing aswell but I did'nt bother going on.


The rapids had a huge que so I did'nt bother because I had to leave at 8.30 because we had dinner booked at TGI Fridays .



I then went back into the main thrill area to go on the flats and Abismo and Tornado again.


Lanzadera is a 200ft Intamin drop tower which has no themeing and just has sit-down seats.


It was closed all day . But I was on Hurakan Condor the day before and did'nt care . Ben and Jake said it sucked anyways.



I went on the Huss topspin which I think is called "Top Spin".



It's on the same setting as Parque Warners which is the setting for the water fountains. Parque Warners was better themed and this one made a horrible noise.


It was still fun though and the Spannish seem to love clapping and roaring when it lowers you and you are facing the ground.

I like it when it holds you upside down and moves very slowly.





Then the last flat I went on in the park was the Huss Frisbee "La Maquina"


I dont get sick or feel sick much on flats and I thought I would after this but I did'nt. It was fun and good but I was worried that the people beside me might get sick on me. Thank god they did'nt.



It was fun but nowhere near as good as KMG afterburners. It seemed to be over just when it was getting good.


So basically it was average but fun. 6/10



Thats all the rides I went on and I did'nt go to some area of the park which had a few more family rides but I did'nt care as it does'nt have anything interesting.


When I got off Tarantula and my first ride on Tornado I hated the park but it grew on my while I was there and Abismo saved it. Most but not all of the ride-op's are terrible. The place has little atmosphere and que smokers is really bad in this park.


I think it needs more rides like another big coaster but they already got Tarantula in 2005 and Abismo in 2006 so a new coaster wont happen for a while. Without Abismo I would probally give the place 5/10 but with it a 7/10. The place grew on me in the few hours I was there and I started to enjoy it and the place got busier as the day went on especially in the evening since the park was open until 1am.


Ride Count:




Los Fiordosx1

Top Spinx1

La Maquina (Huss Frisbee)x1

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Sensational TR, you have no idea how much you've helped me for my trip (yay, only a few days to go). You just cant beat first hand experience, thanks a lot.


One more question, were you able to take a camera onto any coasters for POV's?

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