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Game: When was the last time you...

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Actually, many many times. But that's because the thread really didn't interest me at all.

A particular thread, though? Hmmm. I'm not sure.


When was the last time you took a headache medicine (non-prescrip)?

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Silly as it went, this past Monday, when we went food shopping, at our local Safeway.

I bought a bag of no-name chicken nuggets. Which were priced at $9.58 or something like that.


At the cashier, he couldn't get the bar code to read, so he just said "okay I know it's $10 so we'll just

put it in this way." Um, I didn't know what to do, considering it was only a difference of 42 cents...


So I let it go and we left with our groceries. The End.




When was the last time you ate a vegetarian meal?

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Two summers ago.


Our summer theatre, Theatre Under The Stars, was doing a production of Oliver!, so they had a "preshow" sort of thing,

involving a traveling English Fair. I played the Barker, and dressed in way more layers than I ever wanted to wear! It

all worked out, and I had a great time 'performing' through July and August.



When was the last time you had macaroni and cheese?


July-August, 2015. 'Alo 'alo!

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Hate to say it, but on Tuesday, Sept.13, and got into Magic Morning at Disneyland,

headed right to Space Mountain, or Ghost Galaxy (a "copy" of HKDL`s original version),

and I was not - impressed - at all. It seemed like 7/8 of the ride was in total darkness,

and a much smaller number of screens than I expected, for everything Ghost-ish.


Very disappointed with that, and didn't even try to ride it again.


And I want it to go back to it's original cheesy glory - complete with the spacy

chocolate chip cookies!


************************************************ %


When was the last time you ate grapefruit?


I wasn't impressed by the overlay on this, sadly. Heading to the indoor part of the queue.

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