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Game: When was the last time you...

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On accident, about 2 days ago. On purpose, probably two months ago when I snuck back into my own home (after I left for a dr. appt but came back when I found out the dr. was sick) and scared the crap out of my bf who thought I was an intruder.



When was the last time you visited a new theme park?

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When was the last time you were on a boat?


Not exactly crossing the seas or narrow fjords, but...


July 07, 2015 - Tokyo Disney Sea - Transit Steamer Line


When was the last time you ate popcorn?


A Transit Steamer, heading towards what (hopefully) will be Norway/Arendelle, eventually. TPR 2013 Japan Tour.

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Most notable one recently was last Saturday, I pre-booked a hotel I thought was near SFGAdv and didn't write down the address. We drove all the way from NYC to the park and then tried to look for the hotel. Got the phone number and found out it was actually a good hour back the way we came. Had to book a different hotel in the area which was priced WAY higher because it was the night of and like 1 am by then, and I still had to pay for the other hotel we walked out on.


When was the last time you cooked a meal for more than just yourself and/or a significant other?

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Brused on Colossus afew weeks ago, and whiplash from it when I bent my head forward while trying to avoid the OSTR punching me in the face anymore.did this on the Corkskrews, Twice.


When was the last time you were brushed on a rollercoaster.

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Earlier today! See, what happened was this:


I was a-walkin' down the road with my fishin' pole a-slung over my shoulder, when outta nowheres this Giant Possum leaps out of the brush. Now, I know trouble when I see it, and this Giant Possum was trouble. He says to me, "Whatcha doin' with that there fishin' pole?" And I answer, "What do you think Ima gonna do with it?" And he says, "I think you means to fish in my pond." And he stands up on his hind legs and says, "Those are my fish in there, and I"--at this point he pokes me in the chest after each word--"don't--appreciate--you--just--takin'--'em." And I says, "Oh yeah?" And he says, "Yeah!" And I says, "Well, then, you're looking at a fight!" And he says, "Okay, let's go!" And I says, "You stay right here while I get my fightin' gear." And he says, "All right!" So I went and hopped in my boat and went out into the middle of the lake and went fishin' anyways, and 'tweren't a thing that Giant Possum could do 'bout it neither. Dumb Giant Possum.


When was the last time you done tole off some wildlife?

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