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Game: When was the last time you...

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Sunday, actually! It was the self-titled album by The xx, after I'd fallen in love with the song "Intro" and wanted to check out more. I read a description somewhere that they're "makeout music for hipster teenagers" or something along those lines, which is pretty much a perfect explanation of their vibe, but I dunno, I dig it.


Inversely, when was the last time you listened to an album with high hopes, and ended up hating it?

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Never, when I eat pineapples or drink pineapple juice I get a headache so I stay away from them. I'd be willing to try it if they offered it in other flavors.


When was the last time you witnessed a car crash?

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If we're talkin about a whole Mango then I suppose sometime early January. Though last Sunday I had a mango shake at an Orange Julius in a mall, But I'm not sure if it just had mango juice or whole mango pieces in it.


When was the last time you had to speak in front of a crowd?

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