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What are you wearing???

Sir Clinksalot

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I am wearing my HHN: USH t-shirt over a long sleeved light brown-is tanish shirt, torn jeans (called "potholes in my lawn)(yes it says that on the tag) with the bottoms rolled somewhat (too big), Navy-ish blue and white (called ___bear. I call them my "bear shoes") Vans, white socks, and greeny boxers.

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WTF I'll play along


* Black LawPro BDU (battle dress uniform) top and pants.

* Ridge zip-side tactical boots.

* Gall's ballistic nylon utility belt (with radio case, flashlight holder, exam glove case, pepper spray case, collapsible baton case, and handcuff case, all loaded with their respective gear).

* Hanes over-the-calf socks.

* AcuVue contact lenses (three-week disposables).

* Silver wedding band (hand crafted).

* Silver bracelet (hand crafted).

* Silver necklace with silver Hoop Dancer charm (can ya tell I'm not much of a gold wearer?).

* Armitron diving watch.

* Hanes boxer briefs.

* Silver earring (one).

* Finally, one Rob Zombie long sleeve t-shirt UNDER aforementioned BDU top (it gets cold here in New England this time of year).

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me wearin' ill called coughin' since 3 days ago lol in a bad way:(

plus i got said 'ya taste for clothes trend was real crap!' when i

was on a school trip to okinawa!


clothes i was wearin' there


-sleeveless blue T shirt with hawaiian logo

-dark gray jeans

-crystal pink glasses

-untied gray shoes (7.5 inches long)

-adidas cool socks


1 to 400 countdown to 400!

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