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The Official TPR Spain & Mini-Europe Trip 2007 Thread

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Wow that park looks really good. I done a few bouncy bouncy's as they travel around the UK a lot - my husband hates them!


Looks like you are having fab weather too - we currently have heavy rain and thunder! (hope I don't lose power)


Can't wait to see you pictures from PA - haven't been for 2 years and miss the place.


Keep safe

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Great TR and this was probably the best so far.(well, there have only been 3) This park looks like a really good small park, and seems comparable to Farup or some of the other small parks in Europe you've been to.(with the exception of Drayton Manor) Ramses looked like a really tame ride, but the video and your comments made it seem like a really fun ride.

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Great TR!! It's great coming back home and reading this, even in a bad day, it makes me laugh!


I love those bouncy thiings Normally I've just seen them in "ghetto" fairs. I will have to go to Zaragoza soon... mwahahhaa


And have fun in Portaventura. I so wanted to go there and meet you all, but this is the sad life of a worker... I'll have to wait until august!

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Great Update once again - i will have to go one day just to ride Ramses and Bouncy, Bouncy.


One thing about Firefox - my streaming works fine - but if it doesn't you can still download the video as follows - Right click on the black video screen and select properties. Then copy the site info out of the location section into your address bar and push enter. Firefox now allows you to save the file so that you can view whenever you want to.


Bring on the next update!

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Hair's lookin' good, Ms.H


And you guys find waaay too many wierd rides in the world, y'know?

(I think I'm in luv w/ Bouncy, Bouncy, heh heh.)


Trip's looking great everybody. Looking forward to more of it all.


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Looks like you guys are having a great time.


Ramses looks lik a lot of fun, is it racing or dueling?


I hope your not serious. Where do you suppose it's going to "race" to?



Your Mom, kidding


Ok, I'll make this simple for you.


The trains are sid by side, if their dispatched in same direction then they would be racing, if their dispatched opposite each other then they would be dueling.


Make sense now?

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They had one of those Bouncy Bouncy rides at the San Diego County Fair, and I know what you mean by how rediculously fun it was.. I rode it again and again, it's addicting


Looks like you guys are having fun, I wish I could go on some of these trips.

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