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The Official TPR Spain & Mini-Europe Trip 2007 Thread

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^^ LOL!! Ok, that guy's funny and hot! Bring him back to the states with you, would you please??


I seriously want to ride Bouncy Bouncy. Reminds me of a ride we had at LeSourdesville (aka Americana) when I was kid.


Keep the fun coming.


PS to Kristen-Girlfriend, charge them $5 each to watch their bags. You can never start too early with the college savings (or to pay for the therapy you will likely need!)



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Great TR! That does look like a fun park! The video of bouncy bouncy kept me laughing all the way through!

wow, that log flume will never be the same thanks to chris and the ever-famous hoffman girl!

But taking the spotlight of THE Hoffman Girl, KidTums is just too adorable for words!


Have fun in spain!!!!

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Great TR!


Aww Robb, no video downloads for this TR either? My Firefox can't stream em' from the site. Damn Vista.


Sorry, the wifi here is really slow, I'll put the downloads up as soon as I can, but until then the streaming is all we have, sorry!!


Yeah same thing... I could use IE, but you know, it's IE.


That shuttle thing seriously looks boring... like a weird rocking ship or something.

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Oh my ohhhh my ooooooohhhh myyyy...



I'm from Spain and I never been to this park, It's all my fault, I thought it was a Gettho fair, but actually it worth to waste some time visiting this park driving 300 kilometres / 180 miles from home, and it's a great excuse to stop on my trips from Madrid to PortAventura.



Hey thank you for last updates and have a great time visiting Port Aventura you will love this park


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That shuttle thing seriously looks boring... like a weird rocking ship or something.


It's about as far from boring as can be. It really shocked all of us.


For the "Hoffman Girl" fanboys out there, She's reading this over my shoulder at the moment.


(Trust me Bob, she's safe!)




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Haha another classic update, very funny and nice park too.


Love the look on Robbs face in this photo, that tunnel is tiny, fair play to the park for letting you ride this one:-


That Ramses looks crazy, what were they thinking when they designed it?? I cant figure out if it passes inside or infront of the building.

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Can't wait for more!!! Each TR is better than the last, and, at the moment, Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza one is the best!

I've to go on Friday to see you in Terra Mítica, all you are so funny!

Thanks to everyone in the trip, because when I arrive home I just want to sit in front of the PC and see the next funny Photo TR!


Oh, and a little question for the ones who are in Spain: In Isla Màgica, did you see the show "El Motín" or you only rode the rides?


See you!

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