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The Official TPR Spain & Mini-Europe Trip 2007 Thread

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ill give the hoffman girl a level of sensation thats off the charts..


What will she do? violently throw up if she ever meets you?




you know youve missed me.



I don't think so

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Cool Pic's All the girls at work love um,but we all LOVE the ones of Kid Tums of course........one complaint NOT Enough of her.......MORE,MORE

MORE of Kid Tums PLEASE............................From Kid Tums Nana's fellow

workers..................................... Ms. T.

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And speaking of Kid Tums, what the heck was going on behind Elissa's thumb? I cracked up at Dave and the others staring down at her.


"What's that smell?"

"You change her"

"No, you change her"

"Aw, that credit whore mother of hers will be back in minute, just act like you didn't smell anything!"


I am sure they were just admiring her cuteness, but it was hard to tell




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^ Do I sense one of Barry's "What's Going On Here?" posts....


Possible, with this one?



(My caption for it -"You see her head turn? Around???)

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It's always the small parks that amaze me......


For the second part of "Day Two" we were at Parque de Atracciones Zaragoza.


What can I say....this place was all kinds of awesome.


- Ramses is the most AWESOME weird ride...EVER!

- "Bouncy Bouncy" made us all giggle beyond human comprehension.

- The park laid out the most incredible "Spanish Dinner" for us!

- And like I said, it's the small parks....they really went out of their way for us and we had an AWESOME time!


I'm going to keep this short because we're currently sat out at the patio bar at Port Aventura with 14 of us hanging out talking about random stuff.


What better way to spend 1am but with good friends, some drinks, and a laptop full of TPR? Ok, fine, I can think of many better ways, but what the hell, this is pretty cool too.


Ok, onto some photos and TWO videos!


Bouncy Bouncy with the Hoffman Girl. Fanboys, get your tissues ready!


Robb rides Ramses with The Pink Panthers...the most awesome screwed up people on the most awesome screwed up ride ever!


We cannot say THANK YOU enough to Zaragoza. If you're ever in Spain, DO NOT pass this park up!!!! YOU NEED TO GO HERE!!!!


Why do you think Lou looks so worried? If you know...EMAIL DAN at mrt0ad13@aol.com. The winner will get a years supply of Twinkies.


We couldn't leave Zaragoza without taking over "Bouncy Bouncy" just one more time.


Dinner kicked ass. Thanks Zaragoza.


And of course, being a group of mostly Americans, they brought us some fried food too!


There was alcohol so of course Ed was here. (2 1/4 bottles of wine were consumed by Ed)


"Silence of the Lambs!"


Next up was dinner! This place put on the most awesome "anti pork and gravy" spread at a coaster event ever!


She even got a little wristband! (ankle band!)


Even KidTums loves Zaragoza!


The Hoffman Girl agrees!


If it was possible to have multiple orgasms on a ride....then this would be it.


"Bouncy Bouncy"....no words can describe this ride. The video barely does it justice. Some of the most FUN I've ever had on one circular bouncy thing ever!


"Hey KidTums, can you watch the bags while we all ride? THANKS!!!"


It's just too weird to describe. It looks like nothing, but OMG, it was amazing.


We have NO IDEA what is about to happen to us.


Ramses....one of the most screwed up AWESOME rides I've ever been on. It's like a shuttle loop without the loop. Watch the video. It's INSANE!!!


Yes, we are all credit whores...


Of course we all went for the credits as soon as possible....


We said adults were allowed, not "adult activitie" were allowed!!!


First ride of the day....the log flume made for kids, but for some reason adults were able to ride too!


The 2nd park for the day...Parque de Atracciones Zaragoza.



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Yet another fantastic update! Apart from what's on RCDB I know nothing about this park, it looks like one of those places that isn't spectacular but just fuels plenty of fun. Ramses looks so weird, in a good way - does it just keep going up and down the hills until it valleys?


Anyway, looking forward to the next installment, go and enjoy yourselves some more!

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Ramses--Ribbed for Your Pleasure!


Sometimes, the simplest rides are the most enjoyable. I bet Ramses is especially cool if they run both sides.

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Oh after feeling down for most of the day that has cheered me up so much.


Rameses looks awsome i think they should get more of them lol

Bouncy Bounce is awsome aswell I always ride them when i go to a park with them.


Good to see your having an awsome time cant wait for the next update.

No I really cant can i have it now please?

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Great TR!


Aww Robb, no video downloads for this TR either? My Firefox can't stream em' from the site. Damn Vista.


Sorry, the wifi here is really slow, I'll put the downloads up as soon as I can, but until then the streaming is all we have, sorry!!

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Aww Robb, no video downloads for this TR either? My Firefox can't stream em' from the site. Damn Vista.


As painful as it is you'll just have to use IE. I just did.


Spain looks fun. Wish I could be there with you guys.

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Oh after feeling down for most of the day that has cheered me up so much.


Same for me!


I was already laughing hard by the 3rd picture down! This park is even more random than the ghetto fair, and I like it.


Enjoy the rest of your trip!



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Sorry if this seems like advertising, but for those who can't stream the videos because of Firefox, there's a handy extension called IE-Tab that allows you to use IE inside Firefox... The videos work fine with it!


Looks like a decent small park, kinda messed up, but in a good way. That ramses thing kinda reminds me of this, bigger though... Keep up the updates! Last year it started off with atleast one each day, but they got further and further apart as days went past...

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