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The Official TPR Spain & Mini-Europe Trip 2007 Thread

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Looks like you are having an ace time!


That has to be one of the funniest POV’s I have ever seen in my life! "Bonus Helixxxxxxxxx!!!!" Lol.


The random drop tower looks fun too.


Hope you continue to enjoy yourselves!

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Bonus Helix, bound to be another funny joke. I can imagine T2 now...


Great pics of this obscure Spanish park. From what I see, this park does need a signature of sorts. The drop tower looks totally awesome with the different modes.

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Hey, that Big Mike guy is real cool, lets see more pictures of him. lol


Spain Rules! and so do the Alveys!!! Especially Kid Tums.


Peace, Big Mike


Ah, yes--the one called Big Mike. Heard he was sighted in Williamsburg not too long ago. Of course, this is only legend.

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Hi everybody!


AVE it's an abbreviation from "Alta Velocidad Española" and that means in English: Spanish Hi-Speed But you can translate it as bird because three letters together means that.


Keep having fun and see you on Saturday, 7/7 at Parque Warner


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Hey everyone!


Sorry there was no update last night. The Wi-Fi was running REALLY slow and I've only now just gotten decent enough speeds to post photos.


This update is "Day Two - Part One: Parque de Atracciones Madrid!"


Today we were back at Parque Madrid as part of the "official tour" and this park really was awesome today! We started out with 30 minutes of ERT on both Abismo and Tarantula and then they walked us over to the "kids only" kiddie coasters and we got to ride!


After Madrid we went to Parque de Atracciones Zaragoza was other amounts of awesome, but we'll do that in part two of the update.


Anyway, onto the photos!


And finally, thanks to Joseph for being a kick ass ride op!


Yeah, Abismo was WAAAAY better than Drayton's X-Coaster.


Creepy scary tree guy also gives the level of sensation thumbs up!


We're not sure why the level of sensation is "green"....maybe because of the water?


The Hoffman Girl is points out the "Level of Senstation" for the spinning boat ride.



(note: There really was no sexual activity going on AT ALL in this photo...but see how AWESOMELY hilarious a picture can be when taken at JUST the right moment?) =)

Photo by Dave Lawrence


"Why did I have to choose the horse?!?!"

Photo by Dave Lawrence


Damn, Ron! You sure are limber!


Tornado didn't have scaffolding on it this year, but it's hard to tell!


Elissa agrees! "It's TPR approved!"


The BEST kiddie coaster EVAR!!! (Hi Bruno!) =)


The only Holidog coaster James will ever ride! =)


Tarantula was all sorts of awesome.

Photo by Jeff Johnson


30 minutes of ERT on Abismo was enough to get everyone lots of rides!

Photo by Jeff Johnson


Yay! The full group photo in front of the park!


The bus rides around "wild mouse" Spanish rodes are proving to be a credit in itself!


"Ok, everyone! Get your asses on the bus!!!"

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Thanks for the update


That green water, you also have that in my kiddie-homepark: Sprookjeswonderland Enkhuizen! mhaha.


Why does the bus have cushions everywhere, because of the bumpy ride? EDIT: oh wait, they just look like cushions, hehe never mind.

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