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The Official TPR Spain & Mini-Europe Trip 2007 Thread

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They had one of those Bouncy Bouncy rides at the San Diego County Fair, and I know what you mean by how rediculously fun it was.. I rode it again and again, it's addicting


Hell yeah!!! We did one and the routine lasted around 6mins!!! Holy fudge!!! 6 airtime filled minutes and I came of laughing so much I felt I was going to pee my pants!!! I nearly had a fit!!!

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I completely LOVE those rides like Bouncy Bouncy. I rode one last year at the CA State Fair, and they say they're just a kiddie ride, but they have some crazy ejector air at the top.


And about Ramses, I build things like that in Rollercoaster Tycoon all the time. Peeps love them.

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Wow, they're really covering the country, aren't they?


I keep forgetting how easy it is to cover one country (if not more than one) in just a few hours sometimes, over there. (Depending on the country, 'course...)


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I'm totally serious! I was expecting a park on par with the Busch parks or Alton Towers, but PortAventura is easily on par with Islands of Adventure, Disney parks, Europa, etc.


The theming is AMAZING, the rides are great, the operations are top notch, I can't say enough how great the park is.


Since it's 1:36am and I'm posting this from the bar patio I'll make this quick.


- Furius Baco - OMFG. This ride beats the living hell out of you. Rapes you and steals your children. But it's FREAKING AMAZING! It goes in that "It's amazing but I hate it" category.


- Stampida - If the ride was smoother it would be great. I think the new trains could have really hurt this ride. But we had an hour of ERT on it this morning and we all had a really good time.


- Dragon Khan - Don't ride in the green train! It's awesome! Some of us like it better than Kumba, some of us think it's REALLY REALLY close. Overall, great ride!


ok, time for photos and videos....


Stampida POV!!!


Retard Yellow Hat Club gives it thumbs up (but then again, they give EVERYTHING thumbs up!!!)


We all good wood......y


The Hoffman Girl has the "buffet of flavors" on her plate.


"I got Elissa's hot dog scraps!"




SharkTums attacks KidTums!!!


More POV shots!!!!


Retarded Yellow Hat Club!!!!


I think my ass might be bleeding!!!


It's no Grand National....but it's still fun!




We had an hour of ERT on Stampida, and the retarded yellow hat club drooled all over the lap bar.


Pictures do not do the ass kicking justice of Furiusly Masturbating Bacon.


Elissa needs new panties.


Furius Baco - Yup, another sign. So this ride is themed to drunken monkeys in a vineyard. Yeah...these monkeys will KICK YOUR FREAKING ASS, but you'll totally enjoy every second of it.


The entrance to PortAventura....what...what else am I supposed to write? It's a freaking sign!!!!


It's 1:36am, we're at the bar, and we're posting the update!


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Heh heh.


I take it the "Retard Yellow Hat Club"


is a new group of Tpr-ers to be reckoned with? (WTF is 'reckon'?)


Like Ye Olde BOTB Clube?



Baco looks freaky. In a good keg-like kinda way, lol.

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Nice trip report! I loved the stampida pov! Sucks that the trims on the firdt drop are magnetic, (it suck that they are there at all too!) but atleast regular ones can be turned off most of the time.


Who else sees a photoshop contest coming out of this?

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Stampida looks great and damn long, that POV just kept going and going..... But damn, wish I could be there. Have fun ya'll.


P.S.- "Reckon" means to regard or think of as, as in consider. So I reckon that the "Yellow Hat Club" may be the gay offshoot of the Mousketeer Club.

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what is that red ball in the water in furus baco? Just wondering....

(I would put the picture with the red ball in it, but I'm quite retarted when it comes to doing that)



great TR. It's short, but I know you're going to post a ginormous one in the end....like you said you would.


Spain looks AMAZING!

I hope that will be one of the trips for 2008! I'm saving up money as of now to go in '08.

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^^Stampida's new trains appear to be Intamin, but Kumbak also sounds like the possible new builder.


This was my most anticipated park on the trip, and the park really does look amazing. Furious Baco looks like an amazing ride like you said, but its roughness was apparent in the POV. Well it looks like you are all having a good time, and hopefully you have fun during the next few days at this park.(well hopefully you have fun on your entire trip)

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I can't believe you went to Spain without me!!!


Looks like fun is being had by all.


Dammit, I was the first member of the Retarded Yellow Hat Club, but my damn hat is still in Norway!!!


Great update.



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