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Massive PHOTO TR 6/9-6/23 w/ con, ext and mania

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Jill is our GPS

Doug and jordan are the others

i'm not putting all the pix on here but you can see the rest @...




ill start out w/ fri, june 8th

10pm got dropped off @ doug's house

we left his house round 1230am to pick jordan up and the trip was underway - from atlantaish

we had mcdonalds 2X on the way


got to six flags st louis round 845AM central time

the parking lot wawasn'tven open

before the park opened, there was the GAYEST pre opening show ever

some chick introduced all the characters to us


proproceeded do the entire cha cha slide w/ characters everywhere

i was uncomfortable b/c i diddidn'tnna laugh

went straight to mr freeze - launched coaster

quite a fun ride

rode it 2X b/c there was no line

Boss - a woodie w/ good ideas but w/ crappy trains and just wawasn'thought out well but its big

superman power tower - 230' tall = fun

screamin eagle = a fun ride but slightly boring

ninja = suck

their mine train was lame

dididn'to batman or tony hawk big spin b/c of the lines, heat and lack of interest

they did have an AWESOME ride called Excalibur

it’s a spinning ride that goes upside down, in the pix



bad line

12 yo in charge of my safety?



left the park by 2, ate at applebys

had fun honking the horn, running the W wipers and hazard flashers

pizza hut w/ very nice MN waitresses

drove all the way to Minneapolis from there and slept

that’s day 1



Woke up kinda early and got to valleyfair right at opening

Did Steel Venom = standard impulse

The skycoaster was tame

Renegade was a GREAT coaster. I love GCI. Not a lame second in that ride like Thunderhead’s flythrough

Wild Thing was a surprisingly fun ride. Had an abnormal first drop and the first hill was LOADED with a solid 1 mississippi….4 floater airtime. The turnaround sucked and the hills on the way back were straight but had air at the top – anyone could do that

Excalibur – the roller coaster was intense but made by arrow and made me mad. There were trim brakes all the way down the first drop but I woulda died if they weren’t there

Mad mouse – the funnest wild mouse ive been on

High roller – very very lame

Corkscrew? = the only inversions in the park – 3

Did their screamin swing and the topspin – riptide. Also the power tower and chaos

cant park

ooooh doughnuts



the greatest wild mouse ride ive been on

the banking of track not turning at the bottom of a hill NO NO ARROW!

THE ONLY 3 inversions on roller coasters in the park

RCT at its finest

no wonder Morgans cost so much - # of supports. too bad they all suck

for butthole pleasure call.... so much graffiti and its HOW OLD?

much better than a station flythru!

sprinkler across the path




Left the park in the afternoon = hot and done

Went to MOA and decided to come back to valleyfair the next day


MOA was interesting and I never have to go back there again

Lil shaver - kiddie

Ripsaw - lame

Timberland twister – spinning ocaster and was fun

Had acoasterog ride w/ a gay paul bunyun haha

Giant axe thing = not fun but I somehow caught a cell phone w/ my feet

Rode this tornado thing (red) that was pretty cool and you know its good when they tell you if you want the ride to stop, just hold 1 arm up in the air

Got dominos where i asked the guy on the phone if YALL have the 555 deal.

"you must be from southern oklahoma"

and went to the hotel


the gayest paul bunyun ever

you have to get off on the right, go up the stairs, cross the bridge and exit. you cant just get off on the left

a great flat

i, somehow, caught a cell phone w/ my feet on this ride






You would think valleyfair would be less crowded – wasn’t

Nothing too memorable just did the good rides again and were outa there

Drove to Wisconsin dells and if timber falls was open late enough, we would go ahead and get that outa the way so we could do the amazing mt Olympus all day on Tuesday

Pulled up into the parking lot and watched the coaster complete a circuit

HOLY CRAP this thing flies for its size

Got our armband and rode

Long story short, we rode more than 70 times

Rode the log ride a couple times

DnJ rode the skyscraper

Emily and Chelsea – the rotating ride ops pretty much let us do whatever

At first the lapbar was a fists worth above our thighs then it just got crazy

3 clicks

1 click

Locked in the up position

I still wore the seat belt and eventually pulled the lapbar down to a decent level b/c there was no difference in the ride experience

This ride is only like 85’ tall and 2300’ but it has more airtime/foot of any ride ive ridden

Goliath @ a close 2nd but that’s tame air

Emily told us to stay as late as we could to get some free food

I enjoyed a free meal on them and rode avalanche 1 more time

I rode in the front seat w/ Jordan and doug was behind him

The lapbars didn’t come up

She twisted the thing into the hole and pulled up and I got out easily

DnJ remained stuck for another 15 min

Finally they gave up, sent em thru 1 more time and I guess the lapbars came right up

That’s a good thing b/c the guy was calling SnS to get help


Emily told us that hades was an amazing ride and got us all psyched up for MO

Finished up @ TF and looked for a liquor store – closed

Drove up and down WD’s “strip” and its basically Gatlinburg

Found our awesome Days Inn and it looked iffy

Opened the door and it was fine




thats as tall as it needs to be



pull chelsea!





Got up early to ride that amazing hades


Pulled into the pretty much empty MO parking lot

Got our armband and went straight to hades

1 train operations on every ride there – that’s all they have

It sux

Especially for Hades

Well, we waited for about 25 min b/c we were early, got a front seat ride and


The drop into the tunnel was fun, the way out was fun but nothing amazing

Crested the hill on the other side of the lot w/ NO airtime, made the turn and got a lil pop of air and headed back into the tunnel

On the way back, it was rough and kinda boring

There is no finale for the ride

A non airtime hill, a couple of turns and that’s it

I will say the PRE lift section was kinda fun but short

By this time, D, Jn I are pissed

We walk down the hill and rode Pegasus – sucked

Watched Cyclops then rode it

Theres a straight piece of track followed by a drop that looked INSANE

Got into the station and saw that the back seat requires you to be 18 to sit there

There’s a reason for it

If you don’t ride properly, it would be your last ride

I was expecting a rough ride but it ended up being a very fun and smooth ride w/ that intense airtime hill/drop

All the lines suck now

Its getting hot and the rest of the rides are gonna suck

The employees are rude

They sit on the freakin control panel when the train is out

We decide to skip the rest of the rides due to suckage and then decide to just go to SFGAm since its free

We do so



sitting on top of the pannel


note the time






Arrive there around 2?

Do we call jim? – naah

We use our parking pass then use it again for the gullable blonde teen working in the lot guarding the preferred parking

Walk in the park and immediately get the feeling that this is an awesome park

Double decker carosuel behind a pond w/ beautiful flowers around it

We don’t care about that, we wanna ride stuff

American eagle – sux. HUGE waste of wood and built by……intiman? Yup

One side open

While standing in line, there were employees in hard hats picking up trash on the other side of the fencing and under the ride

Our park never has employees doing that

Rode Iron wolf which if it was built nowadays, it would have the best layout of a standup IMO. Instead it was headbangy but it was a starter coaster

V2 was a lot more fun than steel venom

Ragin Cajun was fun – my first spinning wild mouse

Demon = vekoma = suck but the ride op had an evil laugh to add to the evil

Wizzer = schwartzkopv = fun.. you sit straddling the seat and just put on a seatbelt – relaxing I guess

Déjà vu was broke but opened for us where doug got stuck AGAIN

Raging bull = great first drop but the rest just sux

There’s a trim going up the 2nd hill that KILLS it

I got 1 pop of air and that was after the MCBR – floater

Viper = GA cyclone but w/ bad banking but no trims so you get air over that last hop

BTR = the first inverted looping coaster ever and it ran great

1 train op tho b/c they were replacing stuff. We had brand new headrests on our train

The big surprise of the day here was Superman

Its 90% our superman but with 8 cars in the train instead of 7

That means its harder to load the train and they stack more, right


They had the train loaded and outa the station b4 the other train made that final turn into the station after the brake run

We waited 2 trains to get on!

Done @ SFGAm

Wow, we are a full day ahead now, what do we do???

We had a hotel there for that night so we had to stay and our next hotel was so conveniently located in


So we went to chilis and then our hotel where I was the customer of the day

I got a bag of candy and popcorn and room keys….. to a room where someone was already in that room

We walked in, the bed wasn’t made, there was a pizza box and sprite bottle in the bathroom

We gotta new room and slept as late as we could


what is this "picking up trash on the other side of the fences" thing at a six flags?

BnM support?

oh yeah! bring science back

good layout, 10 years too early

you get to hug little girls for a year, YES!

intiman did this mess?

Deja Vu broke?

doug cant park

"uuuh this bed isnt made up and there's stuff in the bathroom"

"oh, thats because someone's staying in that room already"





Woke up and checked out by 11

Drove to CP

Saw a semi scrape a car up

Arrived @ cp!

First thing’s first – MAVERICK

Kalem said it was his new #1 OVER voyage so my expectations were high

The line began at the pepsi machines and it was a 40 min wait from there to get into the station

We waited for the front and rode

You basically get launched up the lift hill which is a lot of fun and intimidating

The first drop is amazing but short

All the turns are smooth especially if you can lean just before the turn

AIRTIME HILL holy crap

Horseshoe turns = perfect I love em then into the tunnel

Put your head back then launch

Brace yourself for a headbang for the turn out of the station – no fog was on for us

Launching out of the station is fun then at the top of the hill, brace yourself again for the dive to the right

Boring S turn up to the first Stengel dive

Its smooth and fun but I love the 2nd one, it just feels great

AIRTIME HILL holy crap and brake run

I LOVE the first part of the ride, there’s nothing that I would change

The 2nd part of the ride from the tunnel to the first Stengel dive is just bland

Off to the dragster which was just the same as last time – fast and fun

Last year I got slow rides on millennium force and was looking forward to warmed up night rides on it

Rode MF at sunset and it was running well but it just doesn’t give me what I want in a coaster

Out of control and airtime

Its just fast but too gentle and boring

Rode maverick and magnum and we were outa there

Magnum pisses me off

Yes, theres a lot fo airtime on the bunny hops but ANYONE could design straight strack followed by an abrupt turn down to the next piece of straight track AKA a triangle

I don’t find it fun at all





To the Travelodge


Got to the park @ 9 and since we had maxx passes, we got in early

Went back to the park

Rode everything we wanted to ride

It got hot, we were tired so we went back to the hotel

I took a nap, DnJ went to arbys

Went back to the park later until closing


Went to the Laundromat

It was scary and took up too much time especially the night b4 coastermania

Back to the hotel by 130 to wake up @ 5




Maverick and MF all morning

Left the park for breakfast and came back

Rode everything we wanted to ride all day

Gemini pisses me off

Wicked twister is ok but boring to me

Wildcat is fun

Raptor pisses me off – hate cobra rolls and straight track

Food was good

QnA was uneventful – MAXI PASS lol

ALMOST saw a rollback for ttd

Magnum broke while I was on it so we waited in the ERT line for dragster

That line sucked and we went to wicked twister and we were done

3 days there will do ti to ya

Back to the hotel and……..sleep




that just looks cool

what wait?


mullet fam

flemmy in the front left seat

i smell a sitcom

richard simmons's here?

im running in this pic - PANTS






the pink on her neck is NOT hair, its leftover pink


marching band - SUCKED

touch me

whoa whoa whao

the ground is wet, why not just let the sun dry it up

its the six flags way

but we're not six flags, we care BRING OUT THE KITTY LITTER

why cant they just have some sort of ratcheting shoulder harnes that pulls tight to your body???

doug cant park


PWNED - we watched the pwnage

the most exciting skyline ever



Slept in b/c its only Geauga lake day

That place sucks

Rode big dipper

We got there just in time for food

Rode thunderhawk, dominator and villain and were outa there

Drove to mason

Ate at outback where doug tried to act blind for the meal – didn’t work

Mmm mmm


Ice cream = very good


Hotel which was conveniently located 15 min away fromt eh park b/c there are no other hotels near kings island – sarcasm – thanks doug


teachin the lil ACEr well - wear the fanny pack





Slept in b/c we can

Checked in @ that hotel and spent a day at KI

Walked for a bit then walked back out b/c the vault people were there handing it out

I was tired of this place by the end of the day

Top gun was fun but short

Beast sux but is decent at night

Tomb raider = bad cycle but good theming

Vortex = good layout but sux

Boobs – there ya go joe

Italian job is fun

Flight of fear is fun

Firehawk is my fav ride at the park

The next 2 days @ KI were the same – lame



Con’s Day 2

Woke up late and we were thinking arbys

So were 4 deaf people

Then we went to the Cincinnati Mill mall for their kiddie coaster

It was broke and they went to home depot to get parts to fix it

So Jill then told us to get to Stricker’s Grove

So we follow the directions

Left off the interstate

Go 3.6 miles then make a left

Some jerk in an Element pulled out in front of us…

Went about a mile and made a right into a coldasak “arrving @ stricker’s grove”


Went to the gas station up the road for directions

They don’t know but we met another ACEr w/ a Garmin gps and an element lol they said 5 others had showed up there too

Found another gas station and went to the grove which was a good 25 min away from the coldasak

Passed a building w/ expensive cars on the way

Pulled into the grass field parking lot and laughed

There are 2 small woodies and a carnival

Rode the teddy bear – kiddie


Rotating tilting thing

Picture time! That means we get in line for the tornado

Lame except for one drop

Food = GRILLED hot dogs n such then we left as soon as we could

Went to that car place = noble racing, pretty cool

Went to “coney island” which was WAY outa the way to whore the pepsi python

Got to KI b4 5 WHYYYY

Killed time till our Beast walkback

Took pix back there

Waited for ERT

We got flight of fear w/ the lights on, firehawk, racers and some flats

Played the “roll the bowling ball into the valley” game b/c for some reason, they didn’t turn it off

Got a lemon chill thing and chilled

Then I went to the bumper cars where tom, the blind guy joined us a few min later haha

Then we left


Now we could either wake up early and go to waterpark ERT oooooorrrr sleep in

Woke up near noon


Then hostel 2 = ok

Then went to the park

It had rained

No big deal

We killed time till dinner – the only reason we’re there

Inhale food and we are OUTA HERE

Got some ice cream, Jordan got a haircut then back to the hotel?


richard simmons again? sorry melinda, youre great but you clapped like him @ Italian job and it was perfect

they change this ever day???

no trains on today but the first one was on by tuesday


free vault!

nancy carrigan - figure skater?

der de der

ACErs @ beast ERT

"look for an ACEr's car to find where the coaster is in the mall"

JILL screwed us over

for the TRAIN

u lost, tom?

why is the news here?


looks cool

lights are on

vortex track on the ground

bumper cars w/ the blind guy!



We slept in and left by 11 for checkout

Went to Louisville, KY instead of a FOURTH day @ KI

Arrived @ sfkk round 115

“viper” was closed so we did the rest of the park

Wild mouse

Chang = so smooth but too tame and 1 train

T2, the worst SLC ever

Thunder run which was amazing last year – boring this year

Twisted twins – eh

They did the roller skater, I got water

“viper” reopened so we rode it

Did breakdance = fun and intense

Then Superman Power Tower

I called my mom @ 448 telling her we were done there and some other stuff

That means we got off SPT at 445

Found a clean, lit up, nice Laundromat

Then to the hotel

The view out the window was chang

We got dominos and wasted the rest of the night


site of fatal bus crash may 14 1988

why to steal all our VIPER theming, sfkk

"howdy folks, swampwater jack, here..."

view out the hotel



Woke up and were out by 10 and arrived @ holiday world at 1020ish

we didn’t waste any time and wanted to go straight to voyage

well that’s what we did

got a near backseat ride and WOW

soooo much better than last year but it was a bit roughter, no big deal

did legend and raven

legend I found kinda fun last year and this year it was just flat out annoying

raven was the same – lame at first then kinda fun then brakes

both are smooth and kept up well

We did get a walkback of Raven and legend

I spent a lotta time w/ that

I did howler while DnJ went to voyage

We pretty much rode that all day

Park closed @ 8

They told us about the accident @ sfkk which happened @ 445 that day

oooOOOooo but wow

We get pizza and fudge @ 830 and WOW it was the best pizza ive ever had in non Sicilian form and the fudge was good too

Then our first night rides on voyage

Jordan got a head start down the hill and I was in the station when he got off

That was a “holy crap” face so I knew it was gonna be good

It’s pretty much pitch black except for the moon and 2 lights on the MCBR

U cant see an inch in front of u in the tunnels and its nice and cool

The ride really flies after an entire day of work


The first drop is really one of the best of any ride

The next 2 hills provide some floater air

A smaller hill w/ air then a shift to the right

Then a larger hill w/ no air w/ a great headchopper


Its almost like it hits a launch coming out of that tunnel

The turns are amazing, its so fast and just out of control

The 1 flaw w/ this ride IMO is the 2nd reverse banked hill, its too long

2 90 degree turns, a few more pops of out of controlness and into the MCBR which never did anything all day

The triple down which is in a tunnel and underground = awesome

The ride continues its out of controlness as it returns to the station going down a hill that you don’t really know its going down when youre riding it

It seems to get faster and faster the longer it goes…b/c it is

2 hills, a turn then a hill that crosses under the track with a great pop of air

A turn, a 90 deg then a very rough upward turn where the photo thing is

A hill w/ a turn then the station flythru/under thing w/ a hill w/ a turn the opposite way

A dive into another tunnel then turn up into the brake run

Everything from the 3rd hill of the ride on is just out of control

At night, I laughed the entire ride, every ride

ERT ended then to the hotel

The hotels in santa clause Indiana were $120+

Well, using about $10 in gas, we can find a hotel for…$55 in Owensboro KY

I booked it knowing it required us to take the AIRTIME HILL RD

Got gas, barely then was on our way

Saw a sign for a detour so I took it

Jill had no idea where we were. Apparently we were in the middle of a field as opposed to a 4 lane hwy

This 4lane was very flat and as we passed that power plant we realized that they took the road out


The hotel had a comp so me and doug caught up on some stuff and ….bed

w/ memory foam mattresses



Chose to sleep in till checkout b/c we just wanted nighttime ERT

Went to McDs again

Then to DQ to kill some more time

Passing by the power plant, the road that paralleled us had hills

Still had time to spare and when I got to where that detour was, I took the road that was under construction

Good choice

We took that road @ the speed limit on the way out b/c you COULD NOT see what was on the other side of the hills

Once I found out that all the hills were on straight road, I turned around where the road closed and floored it

The first hill, which was the best was taken at a speed of almost 90mph


Got to the park bout 230 just in time for the voyage walkback

I took the entire hour taking pix

They were switching trains when the tour started so I went straight backto the turnaround

Once I heard screams, I started shooting

I wish it didn’t have the metal supports, it would really be a good looking ride especially in the woods like it is

Met some people, took hundreds of pix

Got pix of DnJ on the ride, found a bolt – but I lost it, joe

Tour, over

Wasted the rest of the day and waited for food


Then ran to voyage and rode till we were done

Drove to Bowling Green KY


get out of the cookies

nice shields

yes, i know my CCD's sucking


"im a joksta"

voyage line


baby hanging station


i had to run thru that last year



Woke up @ 9, like doug said we wouldn’t

It’s the last day, we just wanna get it over w/ and go home


To beech bend

Did a kiddy ride

The scariest drop tower ive ever done which was only about 60’ high. My feet were touching the guy’s umbrella going up so I had to move my feet over

Got to the top and heard sounds like cable getting tight which was really us just getting to the very top “POP”

IMMEDIAtely we dropped and it was over

Apparently there’s no pause at the top and we still had our feet

The gravitron

Looping star was broke so we settled for some GCI goodness

Kentucky rumbler is a great ride for only being like 80’ tall but its tame but still fun

Looping star was fixed so we rode it w/ fingers crossed

The lady’s finger slipped and the train pulling into the loading block could not exit the block w/o them pushing it

“charline! Get charley”

Doug was impatient and got on the train b4 us but in a seat near the back

He was almost injured

Me and Jordan sat in the front and it wasn’t that bad but I don’t have to ride it again


We pulled into the brake run a full 2’ past where we should be so we hopped off the ride down below the platform then got back up

Did the “haunted”house

Spinning wild mouse and




Got to doug’s by 6




held down by a tub of sand



Now this is 10.5 pgs of trip report on Microsoft word

If I forgot something, ill add it later but you got the gist

I got 40 new credits and we rode about 90 roller coasters

I will not do another coaster con, ill save my money for good food and more parks


The good or funny pix can be found here


I will have a video uploaded soon





stuff i hate




geauga lake


first drop trim brakes

mean SUCK

Jill on that particular night where she took us to "buffalo wildwings" not

MF straighttrack

3 days @ KI

Raging bull trims

Mt O

did i mention mean streak

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Top Posters In This Topic

Wow, that was a lot to read, not all of it legible, but hey, you finished all that TR.



Did they have a Q&A with KI management? If so, did anyone ask them why they made the Beast suck?



And Voyage is a pretty awesome ride, only two flaws on the whole thing (first inversely banked hill and 3rd 90 degree banked turn-they could have put two bunny hops instead of the 90* banked turn and the painful turn where they take your picture).

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the KI reference @ the end was not for KI, it was for the con making us spend 3 if not 4 days @ KI


coasters with good reviews were just that, great

if not, they were mediocre and not worth me talking about each mediocre ride i rode

that was a lot of typing and i typed for stuff worth typing

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in the TR i said if you ride in the last car of cyclops, you get a HUGE airtime whip down a hill

Ahh, I read over that. It just seems strange to me that an age would determine whether you could ride. Age doesn't really mean anything on a coaster, since body types can vary so much.

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