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Mmmm...Donuts! (Free Krispy Kremes June 3rd!)

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Free Donut? Oh, I like Donuts so much, but we don´t have a Krispy Kreme store here in Germany.




We'll have to fed ex you some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. They are very good. Imagine a really soft, hot, and fresh doughnut, with a glaze thats still gooey. They are very delicious and draw people in by the busloads...For example, when the first Krispy Kreme opened in Connecticut on the Berlin Turnpike, the traffic for the krispy Kreme alone was backed up onto the Route 5 and 15 expressway all the way to I-91. Thats about 5-10 miles or so.

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Yeah whenever you see the "Hot Donuts" light on, there is usually a line out the door, especially in the morning!

But I live in Sarasota Florida and the only places I can find with Krispy Kremes are inside our gas stations!


8) Lexxweb

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krispycreams in florida? doughnuts only are good in winter, and in florida it is never winter.


It was around christmas time last year, i live in North Carolina and i was chilly there. (it can get devilishly cold in NC, the high for one day was 20 degrees, the low was 8)


^that's too bad that you have diabetes, i'm gonna hate it when i have it. (the chances of me getting it are very high, my grandmother had it, and in my mom's side of the family it skips a generation)

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If a nice handy Mod could help here, by eliminating the KKs mention in the title,

(that Free KKs was in 2005 btw...) and just leave this as Mmmm...Donuts!

Thanks in advance.


For now, here's a few shots of me and my David's annual "Birthday Cake".

We're a week apart, so in the middle here, we buy some donuts, pile

them up... and eat them of course! What else should we do with them???


No candles needed, ha ha.


On the top ~ 2 Croissant Donuts, drizzled with chocolate.


On this side ~ 2 Golden Honey Crullers.


And on the other ~ 2 Jelly Donuts ~ Raspberry. Yum.

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In our latest Safeway food flyer....


They actually ~ have......... CHURRO DONUTS?????? <drool> I'm there for a 1/2 dozen or so. 🤤


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