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Akuma (ˆ«–‚) is a Japanese term



The Japanese word akuma, which can mean:

1.Personification of evil and darkness; demon, devil or Satan in Christianity, Islam and Judaism,

2.A god that blocks one's path to Nirvana; Mara in Buddhism

3.A very wicked person

4.A mythical dragon



Make: Gravity Group

Model: Terrain Woodie

Designer: Burnout Coasters LTD.

Height: 216ft (above Sea Level)

Speed: 70mph at 21ft above Sea Level

Length: 6,372.2 ft

Trains: 3, 4seat/2bench PTC trains, each with 6cars.




Postitive Max: +5

Negative Max: -1.3

Lat Max: 1.6






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well the lat g's are green, the verts max out at a very painful +0.2


yeah it's a problem


As for that hill, I though banking it would lower the g's, I was a little wrong and it was too late to fix it . Perhaps if you were to Dl the thing and see there is not problem just 2 very wrong mistakes they you would'nt be so picky about it

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Explain these please. The on has too much banking...


How dare you claim "The on[e] has too much banking"? You haven't even got Nolimits, as can be seen from your latest post. It might well "look as if it had too much", but that's strictly in the eye of the beholder.


Otherwise, this banking is no less than a distinct statement of the track's creator, who may have overdone it a little or not, however wanting it just in that way. In any case(!) it was clearly intended(!) for a certain ride experience.


You may always say "I like it" or to "I do not like it".


coasterfan200692, you are leaving a very bad impression with any such statement. What you are doing by saying "This has" with an issue like this is not at all well mannered critisizm. Neither is this expressing some personal opinion! Therefor, however crappy, mediocre or great this track might be (I do not know!) IwantRevenge's comments perfectly match your questionable dogmatic claims.


Nuff said...

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I don't care about any impression I'm leaving with some people I don't even know. I simply wanted an explanation and I got one but it was in a very crappy attitude, of which I did not have. Don't tell me what I dare say or do because it's not your place. Also, whether it be an expression of the rider, I may still place my opinion, and in this case, it was that it looked funny. And for you information, I had No limits but our computer had a virus and it got swept off with every thing else. I've played it before and know how it works. Even if I didn't, I would still have the right to comment on something. Lets be real, who cares how I worded my post. It wouldn't matter if it was a statement or question, it still gets my point across.

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Coming from someone who does have No Limits, even though it's not too intense G-Force wise, that banking was a bit extreme, if that coaster were real, it would have definitely hurt, a lot. You may have went for the fantasy feel, I don't know, but that's my input on the banking situation. Aside from that, it was a very very good coaster! The scenery was great, the hills were great, and it was very smooth! Great job!

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Coasterfan this thing as 2 inverse banks, the explaination of both are, the one on the first drop is there not only to give the drop some airtime but to kinda ride the side of the valley it drops into, and this one was ment to also go with the terrain since there is a hill that come out in that place, the Gs are fine... and if I were to bank it the other way or not at all, the lats would be wayyy to high.


oh and for everyone I forgot to give a link to the NLDC page:



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A pretty good coaster, but it had its design faults, wheel hits for one, and there were a few transitions that would have left you in a neckbrace, but I'm pretty sure it was a fantasy coaster though... But still, a fun ride overall, and pretty smooth. The only thing I don't like is the trim. Trims are EVIL!!!!!!!!!!! lol. That is why I constantly test coasters while making hem, and tweak, tweak, tweak, mod, mod mod. lol.

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Hey, congratulations on your metal.


About the coaster, I really liked it, odd banking and all. The first drop was seriously messed up, but in a very good way, as was the other reverse banked turn. The ride's layout is very fun, and I love the way the ride interacts with its beautiful surroundings. Great job.

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