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Anybody Like Fireworks?


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I tend to eat them...



Last time I was cought, I got let off!!! BOOM BOOM!!!



I can't (legally) buy them, but I'm a bit of a pyro... I tie fuses together on fountains and set the middle off... I got 5 or 6 fountains going at the same time doing that!


I also nearly blew my face off with a rocket...


I set a catherine wheel alight, it was actually on fire and spinning... It was awesome... It melted and pieces of burning plastic fell on the floor...


I've had too many close calls with fireworks... My favourite are the Supersonic Booms... pretty colours and an even louder bang that rattles windows!

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in holland we can only buy fireworks on 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31 of december, and setting it off is only legal on 31 of december from 10.00 AM till 1st of januari 02.00 AM.


really stupid rules! but I don't like crackers anymore, I do like the big firework shows:)

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I love fireworks. I love them all, except cherry bombs.


However, in my city, they're illegal, so we can't set them off. That's why we usually go to our friends house in a different city, where they're legal. We set off all kinds of them. Usually we set them off in the street. After blocking it off, of course.


This year, however, we're going to go to our boat, and watch the fireworks go off. I really want to ho back where we can set them off in the street, but whatever.



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Ummmm....I live in California.


And seeing how the Vegas Valley is a big bowl of desert full of houses and dry grass, it amazes me that fireworks are still legal here. Granted they have the so called "Safe and Sane" ones that the county has approved which are generally the low to ground pyro, which I am fine with.


What irritates me are all the people, including some of my family members, who go out to the "Indian reservation" in Moapa Valley and buy loads of "illegal fireworks". Now these aren't necessarily black market type pyro, but they are considered illegal in Clark County becuase they either explode, move along the ground, or lift up into the air. The problem is that it is so dry here and houses are so close together that all it takes is one errant rocket to set a block ablaze. Every year we have fires.


As far back as last week driving home after dark I have seen people ALREADY shooting these things. They can't wait, they must burn their money asap apparently. And calling to report them on 4th of July Night, forget about it. Its gotten so crazy here with fires and injuries on the 4th that the police just say drive to the substation and fill a report because no one is going to come unless its life or death.

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I love fireworks, but as Nicole said they're illegal in New York. My brother drives to Pennsylvania to get them. I live in the "ghetto" of my city and pretty much everybody does fireworks here. Cops don't really do much, they're afraid of my block.


All throughout summer there are random half and quarter sticks of dynamite going off. At night people do huge mortars that cover the whole sky.


A few years ago on the fourth of July everyone was out until around 5 AM, and at about 4, I was out on my street with my brothers, just watching everything that was going on. I live about 100 feet from the post office, so the pull through thing with the outside mailboxes are clearly visible. A guy went over and put a half stick of dynamite in each mailbox. One shook, and the other came unbolted from the ground, flew up in the air and ripped in half, showering mail all over the ground.


A police car later drove by and kept right on driving because he wasn't going to stop without backup...




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We had a nice little fireworks demonstration in Indiana in 06.


Take a look at "The Stupid, Dumb, and Hyphy Fireworks Extravaganza!"




Just remember, the laughing comes from us California Kids who dont get to play with such explosive toys, we get stuck with "Safe and Sane" crap.







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The fire department in my town has become really uptight and anal about illegal fireworks this year. As the pyromaniac I am, that just pisses me off.


Here is a picture of Tom Porcell & Kevin Sieja of Funabashi (German trance group) with one of the biggest fireworks I have ever seen.




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I liked fireworks; when I was 15.


I like fireworks; I am 21. Blowing stuff up never gets old.


I got bored with it after I outgrew my teenage Beavis stage. It's easy to spend hundreds of dollars on the 4th. It just doesn't amuse me anymore.


Large scale shows are still cool to watch, of course.

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My birthday is on the fourth of July! I get fireworks from Tennessee on the way down and back from vacation and set 'em off. Usually random M-80's, bottlerockets, smoke bombs, you name it!


Don't waste your money at those rip off stands by the highways in Tennessee. Go to Premium Fireworks on Pike Street in Covington. It's literally half the price of those stores with the big signs by the highways. And the owners are very helpful about telling you what the good stuff is. They'll freely admit that a certain product sucks, or isn't worth the money.

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Fireworks=Fun! Of course, in our lovely city of Tustin, CA, it is illegal to use fireworks. So where do we go? To Santa Ana, of course! Seriously though, California is pretty gay about the really awesome ones. However, some people still shoot off like bottle rockets and stuff. However, we find fun ways to use the safe-and-sane ones. On the 4th, try tipping over a Piccilo Pete. That is fun!


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^If there is one thing I can say about fireworks (besides the fact that blowing up stuff is still awesome), it is that they should always be used properly. California has sh*tty fireworks laws because there is tons of brush and tons of idiots in CA.

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