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What rides have you ridden in their debut season?

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Well this is interesting. I moved from Ohio to NYC in 1982. My home park pre-82 was Idora Park. My home park since 82 is Coney Island Astroland. I also attend Drum Corps World Championships which is held in a different city each August, so I had figure that out, as I picked up some on the road.


The coasters I rode in their first season:


Geauga Lake:

Double Loop (1977)

CorkScrew (1978)

Batman Night Flight (Dominator) (2000)

Villain (2000)


Cedar Point:

Cedar Creek Mineride (1969)

Jumbo Jet (1972)

CorkScrew (1976) - and believe me there were 2 hour lines!

Gemini (1978)

Millenium Force (2000)

TTD (2003)


Dorney Park:

Hercules (1989)

Wild Mouse (2000)

Talon (2001)

Hydra (2005)



Medusa (1999)

KingdaKa (2005)



SROS (2000)


Elitsch Gardens:

Half Pipe (2004)


Mt. Olympus:

Opa (2006)

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Hmm.. Lets see what I can find. I might have forgot a few... but here you go

And because im lazy this list is just from 98 on.



Griffon at Busch Gardens Europe (1 of just 2 new credits I got this year.. but more on that in 3 weeks )



Crossbow at Bowcraft Amusement Park

El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure

Goliath at La Ronde

Italian Job Turbo Coaster at Kings Dominion (its opening day)

Kumali at Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo

Runaway Train at Gillian's Wonderland Pier

Runaway Train at Gulliver's Warrington

Speed Monster at TusenFryd

Speed: No Limits at Oakwood Theme Park

Stealth at Thorpe Park



Gold Rush Express at Six Gun City

Hades at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park

Hydra the Revenge at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

Italian Job: Stunt Track at Kings Island

Mighty Mouse at Funtown Pier

Orient Express at Riverview Park & Waterworld

Pandemonium at Six Flags New England

Powder Keg: A Blast in the Wilderness at Silver Dollar City



BORG Assimilator at Carowinds

Volare at Wiener Prater



Canyon Blaster at Great Escape



Batman - The Dark Knight at Six Flags New England

Ricochet at Kings Dominion






Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce

Catwoman's Whip at Six Flags New England

Flashback ta Six Flags New England

Flying Unicorn at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando

Orient Express at Palace Playland

Superman - Ride Of Steel at Six Flags New England



Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens Europe

Ride of Steel at Darien Lake

Nightmare at Crack Axle Canyon at Great Escape



Alpine Bobsled at Great Escape

Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld Orlando


2007 Update! -

Furius Baco PortAventura

Troy Toverland

Turbulencia Parque de Atracciones de Madrid

Vagones Locos Parque de Atracciones de Madrid


And next week I'll add Maverick... And later this year Flying Turns if it opens as well as Pirates Hideaway.

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Not sure if this counts, but ill put it up anyway =P


Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney Land Tokyo reopened on July 20th this year after a refit with gear according to the movies. Has some pretty fancy stuff in it now..


Anyway, rode it yesterday.



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Rattler - SFFT

Der Rollschuncoaster - SFFT



Joker's Revenge - SFFT



Road Runner Express - SFFT

Great White - SeaWorld San Antonio



Serial Thriller - SFAW

Steel Eel - SeaWorld San Antonio

Poltergiest - SFFT

Boomerang - SFFT



Superman Krypton Coaster - SFFT



Wildfire - SDC



Big Bad John - Magic Springs



Fiesta Express - Wild Adventures

Swamp Thing - Wild Adventures



Coastersaurus - Legoland California

Gauntlet - Magic Springs

Journey to Atlantis - SeaWorld San Diego

Revenge of the Mummy - Universal Studios Hollywood

Shamu Express - SeaWorld San Antonio

Silver Bullet - KBF



PowderKeg - SDC

Space Mountain - Disneyland



Goliath - SFOG

Grand Exposition Coaster - SDC

X Coaster - Magic Springs



Boardwalk Bullet - Kemah Boardwalk

Journey to Atlantis - SeaWorld San Antonio

Tony Hawk's Big Spin - SFFT

Tony Hawk's Big Spin - SFStL

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  • 1 month later...

I included my home park in the list. So sue me.


1972: Dexter Frebish's Electric Roller Ride (later renamed Excalibur) - Astroworld


1976: Texas Cyclone - Astroworld


1978: Greezed Lightnin' - Astroworld


1980: Judge Roy Scream - SFOT


1984: XLR-8 - SFAW


1987: Avalanche Bobsled (renamed La Vibora) - SFOT


1989: Viper - SFAW

Flashback - SFOT


1990: Ultra Twister - SFAW

Texas Giant - SFOT

Thunder Run - Kentucky Kingdom

Vampire - Kentucky Kingdom


1991: Mean Streak - Cedar Point

Wildcat - Frontier City


1992: Batman - SFGAm

Rattler - Fiesta Texas

Rollschuhcoaster - Fiesta Texas


1993: Batman The Escape - SFAW

ThuNderaTion - Silver Dollar City


1994: Raptor - Cedar Point

Roller Skater - SFKK


1995: Cannonball Run - Waterville USA

Mayan Mindbender - SFAW

Hangman - Opryland


1996: Flight of Fear - Kings Dominion

Runaway Mtn - SFOT


1997: Alpengeist - BGEurope

Great White - Sea World TX

Roadrunner Express - SFFT


1998: Mamba - Worlds of Fun

Mr Freeze - SFStL

Mr Freeze - SFOT

Shivering Timbers - MA


1999: Anaconda - Gold Reef City

Batman - SFOT

Boomerang - SFFT

Poltergeist - SFFT

Serial Thriller - SFAW

Steel Eel - Sea World TX


2000: Arkansas Twister - Magic Springs

Diamond Mine Run - Magic Springs

Legend - Holiday World

Millennium Force - CP

Road Runner Express - SFKK

Superman Krypton Coaster - SFFT

Mega Zeph - Jazzland

Muskrat Scrambler - Jazzland

Rex's Rail Runner - Jazzland

Zydeco Scream - Jazzland


2001: Taz's Texas Tornado - SFAW

Thunder Eagle (first public ride!) - Race World

Titan - SFOT

Wildfire - Silver Dollar City

Wile E Coyote's Canyon Blaster - SFOT


2002: Goliath - Six Flags Holland

Joker's Revenge - SFFT

Silver Star - Europa Park


2004: Jozi Express - Gold Reef City


2005: Batman - SFNO


2006: Expedition Everest - DAK


2007: Boardwalk Bullet - Kemah Boardwalk

Firehawk - Kings Island

iT'Z Express - iT'Z Fun Center

Tony Hawk's Big Spin - SFFT


Geez, I feel old now.

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Submisson-Alton Towers



Duel-Alton Towers



Spinball Whizzer-Alton Towers



Rita-Queen of Speed-Alton Towers



Expedition Everest-Animal Kingdom

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Alton Towers

Pirates of the Carribean (with Jack Sparrow)-Magic Kingdom


That's it apart from some at my home parks Chessington and Thorpe Park

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2000- Millennium Force @ Cedar Point

2001- Talon @ Dorney Park

2002- Batman: The Dark Knight @ Six Flags New England

2004- Storm Runner @ HP, Revenge of the Mummy @ Universal Orlando

2005- Hydra: The Revenge @ Dorney Park

2006- Pandemonium @ Six Flags New England

2007- Firehawk @ Kings Island, Maverick @ Cedar Point

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