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What rides have you ridden in their debut season?

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Hmm, well, I'll exclude both Silver Dollar City and Celebration City on this list, and oddly enough, I apparently haven't done this since my teenage years.


Worlds of Fun:


Detonator (1996)

Mamba (1998)


Six Flags St. Louis:


Batman (1995)

Mr. Freeze (1998)

Boss (2000)


But that will be corrected this year:


Tsunami Soaker - SF St. Louis

Goliath - SF Great America

Wildcat - Azoosment Park

Safari Coaster, Spider, and whatever else is new - Bell's


Also, not a ride, but last year we went to Dinosaurs Alive! at Worlds of Fun, which was its opening year.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Twisted Sisters at Kentuky Kingdom

Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great America

X:Flight at Six Flags Great America

Mission Space at Epcot

Tim Curry version of Alien Encounter at Magic Kingdom (Though I think the Phil Hartman version opened the year prior.)

Blizzard Beach

The Mummy at Universal Orlando

Little Mermaid at Magic Kingdom


I dunno. If it were to be any more it probably would be at Disneyworld.

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Let's See if I can do this in order...


Phantom's Revenge - Kennywood

Roller Soaker - Hersheypark

Maverick - Cedar Point

Hard Rock Park Coasters

Diamondback - Kings Island

Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion

Sky Rocket - Kennywood

Leviathan - Canada's Wonderland

Skyrush - Hersheypark

GateKeeper - Cedar Point

White Lightning - Fun Spot America

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Lets see...


Beast- Kings Island

SOB- Kings Island

Vortex- Kings Island

Adventure Express- Kings Island

Rattler SFFT

Texas Giant- SFOT

New Texas Giant- SFOT

Hercules- Dorney

Steel Force- Dorney

Mean Streak- CP

Gemini- CP

Magnum- CP

Iron Dragon- CP

Raptor- CP

Millennium Force- CP

Wicked Twister- CP

Maverick- CP

Laser Loop- Kennywood

Big Thunder Mountain- WDW

Big Thunder Mountain- Tokyo Disneyland

Anaconda- KD

Intimidator 305- KD

Volcano- KD

Raging Bull- SFGAM

Vertical Velocity- SFGAM

American Eagle- SFGAM

Batman the Ride- SFGAM

Mighty Canadian Minebuster- CW

Dragon Fyre (Fire)- CW

Skyrider- CW

Vortex- CW

Bat- CW

Dragon Mountain- Marineland

Big Bad Wolf- Busch Gardens W

Griffon- Busch Gardens W

Verbolten- Busch Gardens W

Voyage- Holiday World

Superman/Bizarro- SFNE

Cyclone- Riverside Park/SFNE

Wild One- Wild World/SFA

Stealth- CGA

Superman Ultimate flight SFOG

Boulderdash- Lake Compounce

Wildcat (Rebuilt)- Lake Compounce

Skyrush- Hersheypark

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Excluding any Orlando parks (of which Ive probably hit every new ride in recent memory in their debut season)...


Intimidator 305 (KD)

Ricochet (KD)

Cheetah Hunt (BGT)

Scream (SFMM)

Millennium Force (CP)

Maverick (CP)

Gatekeeper (CP)

Pony Express (KBF)

Sierra Sidewinder (KBF)

California Screamin, Mullholland Madness (DCA)



Pretty much everything at California Adventure, no matter what year it opened

Star Tours 2.0 (DL)

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Roller Coasters:

Thunderhawk (Michigan's Adventure)


That's it, seriously. I always go to parks on years they don't add anything new so there's not many people who are there just to experience it and then clog up the rest of the park. So I honestly almost never go on roller coaster's their opening year. Except, this year I will have more as I'm going on the Goliath at Six Flags Great America, Banshee at King's Island, and the Firechaser Express at Dollywood, so then I'll have 4 coasters I've been on during their debut season!


Thrill Rides:

Lakeside Gliders (Michigan's Adventure)

Shoot the Rapids (Cedar Point)


Same as above, I almost never go when a new ride debuts for crowd reasons.

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Kings Island (original names in debut year):

The Bat

King Cobra


Adventure Express

Top Gun

The Outer Limits

Italian Job Stunt Track

Runaway Reptar



Dorney Park:



Cedar Point:







New Texas Giant



Superman Krypton Coaster


Kentucky Kingdom:



Thunder Run

Roller Skater



Twisted Sisters

Road Runner Express



Wooden Warrior





Holiday World:

The Legend





Busch Gardens Williamsburg:


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  • 5 weeks later...

Kumba- Made me an entusiast at the tender age of 12. Still my favorite coaster



Cheetah Hunt


Dueling Dragons

Mummy Orlando

Rip Ride Rockit

Dania Beach Hurricane- Awesome!

Gwazi- Great it's opening year

Raptor, Cedar Point


Wicked Twister

Cheetah, Wild Adventures- Underrated. It was recently retracked and kicks all kinds of ass


I think that's it. I was lucky to grow up in South Florida and to have close family from Toledo.

Thanks for reading everyone.



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Excluding Legoland California since it's my home park...


Journey to Atlantis @ SeaWorld San Diego

Manta @ SeaWorld San Diego

Full Throttle @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

Texas Sky Screamer @ Six Flags Over Texas

Windseeker @ Knott's Berry Farm (on it's first public opening day without knowing a thing)

Boardwalk expansion @ Knott's Berry Farm

Sierra Sidewinder @ Knott's Berry Farm

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I coincidentally hit both Sheikra and Griffon in their inaugural years. Superman at SFDK is also another to add to the list. The rest were all in my home park, or close enough that I could hardly consider adding them to the list.

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I haven't ridden any coasters in their opening season, but I rode SpinCyle at Silverwood in 2013 for its opening season and I will be riding Elitches' new flat ride Brain Drain later in the season since I didn't ride it last Saturday when I went for opening day.

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1984: XLR-8

1989: Viper

1990: Ultra Twister

1993: Batman the Escape

1995: Mayan Mindbender

1997: Dungeon Drop

1998: Texas Tornado



1989: Flashback

1990: Texas Giant

1998: Mr. Freeze

2001: Titan



1992: Rattler

1996: Joker's Revenge

1997: Road Runner Express

1999: Poltergeist

1999: Boomerang

2000: Superman Krypton Coaster

2008: Goliath


2000: The Boss SFStL

2008: American Thunder SFStL


2009: Apocalypse SFMM


2009: Diamondback Kings Island

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My list:



- Air (Alton Towers)



- Spinball Whizzer (Alton Towers)



- Terminator Salvation: The Ride (Six Flags Magic Mountain)



- Th13teen (Alton Towers)

- Intimidator (Carowinds)

- Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion)



- Ben 10 Ultimate Mission (Drayton Manor)



- Suspended Looping Coaster (Victory Kingdom)

- Dauling Dragon (Happy Valley Wuhan)

- Hidden Anaconda (Happy Valley Wuhan)

- Monte Carlo Racetrack (Happy Valley Wuhan)

- Dinoconda (China Dinosaurs Park)

- Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars (Hong Kong Disneyland)

- Swarm (Thorpe Park)



- The Smiler (Alton Towers)

- Hero (Flamingo Land)

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Here's my list (which includes flat rides):


2008: Spongebob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge, Avatar Airbender, Splat-O-Sphere

2012: Windseeker (Kings Dominion), Verbolten, X-Flight

2013: GateKeeper


Hopefully I will add Goliath to my list and maybe more

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1988: Stand Up @ Skara Sommarland in Sweden. It was a Intamin stand-up roller coaster and almost gave me a concussion banging my head from side to side. It was re-located to Canada in 1994 and is still operational at La Ronde, Montreal under the name Cobra as I understand.

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