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Photo TR: SFDK June, 26 2007

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Well this is my second PTR (first on TPR) so here it goes.


We left at 9:30 to pick up several friends before driving half an hour down to Vallejo. We got to the park shortly before it opened. The park was almost empty so all the rides were walk ons except for Medusa when we waited for the front and it broke down. Now onto the pictures.



Medusa - 4x

Kong - 2x

Boomerang - 1x

V2 - 5x

Roar - 4x







Roar & V2 - great rides!


Project 2008 - replacement for Zonga?


Walkway to the entrance


A good sized family coaster would go nice in all this open space.


First shot of the new SFDK theming.


Now for the entrance with the new stuff.


What's this? an open gate? RCPro thing


The new entrance for Kong. Much better than the old crappy entrance on top of the hill. And I have no idea who and why that kid is looking at me.


Kong through the fence in its new queue.


Station for the Headbanger 9000...uh, I mean Kong.


Sign of quality manufacturing. :


One of these add mister thingys.


I like this shot and I didn't have to wait to get it. Just passing by on my way to V2.


The newly colored V2. I thought it looked nice.


The sign needs updated colors.


Intamin goodness!


The GCI Roar. I lost my sunglasses on this at the end of the day because I was being careless


Roar closed at first.


Watch out Jahan!


New Thomas the Tank Engine land. We didn't bother with this.


SHARK! at the shark experience.


Lake Chabot


This is the first time I have seen Hammerhead open in a long time.


The tunnel at the beginning of the rapids ride. IMO much better ride than Roaring Rapids at SFMM.


Scrambler and my brother the loner. Inside joke


Boomerang - Clone of Coaster


Duck swimming in the filth under the Arc.


Tazmanian Devil. Arguably the best flat in the park for many reasons. I also got a great seat next to a hot girl!


This is what $12.48 will get you from Papa Johns.


Back to the rapids. My brother got the waterfall seat.


Chris & Nate are drenched at the water canons next to the waterfall on the rapids ride. The best part was when this guy (about 20) stood up to avoid the waterfall and then a little 4 year old at the watter cannon shot nailed him right in the chest with the water cannon!


A walrus can hold a bowling ball in its mouth, but Chuck Norris can hold a Walrus in his mouth. I know, lame attempt at a CN joke.


Project ________ 2008 is coming along nicely.


Crappy go karts. My car died on me on around the 5th lap.


Another open gate!


Meh picture of me on Kart 16.


Voodoo. This disappointed me.


WTF is that expression on my face???


We then went to Tava's Jungleland and completely drenched ourselves in the fountains. Nate and I were dripping wet all the way across the park to Medusa.


Front of the line


Did I mention that one of the restraints broke in the "Big Boy" seat row right as we were in front of the line for the front?


That is the end of the photo section as it proved to be too much of a hassle to deal with all of our loose articles (cell phones, sun glasses, etc) so that is the last picture of the day. We went on to ride Roar, V2, and Medusa again with multiple walk ons each time. Then at the end of the day we went to the candy shop.


Overall the best day of my summer vacation so far.



Thanks for reading!




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^ I rode the original version of V2 back in 2001. I like the new version better because it's not as disorienting. Although the short lived holding break on the back spike was pretty cool I think they stopped using that after several months of operation.


^^ I was at Voodoo around 2:30

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