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Record breaking : 10 hours on the Belgian Drop Zone ride

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I am a big fun of this guy site about ride movies from Europe.


He's so into it that he just made a world record riding a Drop Zone ride (Top Buzz) for 10 years. As his site in Flemish I mailed him and got more information.

His name is Robin he lives in Belgium and a big rides fun. He added a movie about his record in the site and you can view it from Here .


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Top Posters In This Topic

Uhh.. like everyone else have said, the "Drop Zone" is actually a Mondial Top Scan. It is not an Intamin 2nd generation drop tower!



Now imagine riding PCW's (what should we call it now? CW? CFCW? ) Shockwave 10 hours straight, with the only breaks during the load/unload part.. Click on the video in the first post- it shows the guy riding the ride itself, as well as having some chinese food while locked in the restraint. He's sitting on the outermost seat, on the blue row. You will notice that they changed the colors of the turbolites on the back of the seat to show where he's sitting during the challenge.

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