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Halloween Horror Nights 2007: Carnival of Carnage

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The site is updated...Jack's bus is on the Carnirama page and it takes you to the map page once again.


I don't see any bus....maybe I'm missing it?...or maybe I'm an idiot.

and I can't get anything to click, no puzzles and we all know I love me some puzzles.




Does anyone have any pics yet?


Also, I rented dead silence, since I wanted to have an idea about the house. and I must admit, I thought it was crap, sorry if anyone thinks otherwise, it just didn't do it for me.

And the Evil Dead trilogy is 3 of my favorite movies, so I'm easily amused. I just thought it wasn't very good. The human puppet gag at the end was cool, that twist reminded me a little of Saw

....oh yeah, that's right.


Now Saw would be a good house, no?

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^^^^^Hey Florida420, I didn't like the movie Dead Silence either. I was like WTF?, I just wasted 3.99 on renting this?No plot what-so-ever, and that stupid nursery rhyme?Again WTF? Although I must say that I think the house is going to be pretty cool because it is going to be like an old style vaudeville theater and it is going to have all of Mary Shaw's dummies(or should I say children?)in it. I don't like dummies, they scare me . I'll probably check out that house after I hit all the major attractions first.

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^HeyJT3000,maybe they will have a little survey on which house you would like to see become a permanent fixture at US. I for one would like it to be The Thing house due to the ground breaking special effects the movie had for its time. It would tie in well with all of the other rides that have to deal with the movies. Here's an idea, get rid of Twister and put The Thing in that building, show in the preshow how the movie was made and then however the house is designed for HHN just put that in after the preshow as either a walk thru or ride thru and voila! everyone is happy! I doubt that would happen though due to the fact that the movie is 25 years old and today's customers want new ideas, although they are putting in a Simpsons ride and they have been around for almost twenty years. Sorry to babble on like this, but I think that would be a cool idea, but it will probably be a Dead Silence house because it is a newer movie and more people have probably seen that then The Thing. Sorry again for the long post.

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Yeh Im all for the thing this year too.


I didnt see dead silence so I dont know what the house is like, and I didnt watch it for a reason. I didnt want to know what was going to happen, and it was rated R, but thats beside the point. I remember watching The Thing with my dad, and it freaked me out like a sack of potatoes about to be mashed. I was like 7, and it was my first horror flick. So umm yeh... Im looking forward too The Thing house. Im kinda worried about the Leatherface house, because of the chainsaw people in it, so I might not go in that one. And it would probably stink to high heaven.

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Are you kidding?! The Leatherface house is going to be the funniest/scariest house why would you want to miss out on the action?!


I am most looking forward to the Freddy and the Psychoscareapy house. Omg less than one day till it all starts yay!

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The Thing and Vampyr videos are up if you can figure out the puzzles.


The puzzles are the same as they were before the Carnirama page went away.


The Thing really looks like an awesome house, regardless if it is in a tent or not. Vampyr's video is slightly disappointing.

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Vampyr looks a little boring but, sadly, is what I expected it to be. Thing, from the looks of it, has a great cast. Just with that little video, I must say, I was very impressed with their performance. No matter its location and the limitations that location brings, it looks like that cast is going to make that maze.

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Vampyr looks a little boring but, sadly, is what I expected it to be.


Boring?? did you not see the hot vampire girls dancing in the sheets?

The house may not be scary, but I assure you, for me anyway, it will not be boring



As for dead silence, that would make sense to keep it (sarcasm) one of the crappiest movies I've ever seen, yeah let's keep this house around.

Although, in it's defense, I'm sure the house will be 100 times better than the movie, hell I haven't been in the house yet and I already like it better.

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