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What are you wearing???

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Hoodie: Steve & Barry's Hoosiers zip-up

Shirt: Vintage Formula One shirt

Pants: Hollister Del Rey Baggies

Underwear: Blue and Orange boxers

Socks: Socks are the devil

Shoes: None

Hat: Cleveland Indians Easy-Fit

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A Michelin t-shirt

Gray cotton shorts

and green plaid boxers


I have slept all day, oh and Gregg great signature, "Cut me some slack Jack! Chump don't want no help, Chimp don't get the help."


I just watched that movie a couple of hours ago!

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I am wearing:

My TPR t-shirt, rumcake colored pants, black shoes, and blue and white socks.

'Bout to go to school in a couple minutes. Wonder what everyone'll say about my t-shirt!

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Well, no one said a word about my t-shirt!

They just don't know good websites when they see them .

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