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Photo TR: Nicole does Sylvan Beach

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On my way home from our trip to SFNE ( http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=36805 ), I decided to stop by Sylvan Beach, which was only 9 miles out of my way.


Sylvan Beach is a strange little park on Oneida Lake. It is pretty much just a bunch of rides set up on some pavement, with a little fence around it. It's free to enter, and each ride costs between 2 and 4 tickets to ride. Each ticket is 95 cents, pretty reasonable.


The park has a nice family atmosphere, with lots of food stands and little arcades, a bunch of kiddy rides and a few adult rides. The main draw for me to go there was Laffland, a Pretzel dark ride built in the 1950's, as I am somewhat of a dark ride fan girl. Also, I got to do a little credit whoring on the Galaxi. On with the photos!


And some cute bumper boats! Well, that's all the pictures I have, cause I only spent 45 minutes in the park. It was worth it! :)


On the way out I took a photo of the Roll O Plane. I've never been on one; it looks pretty fun!


Wooo, credit #171.


And time for a credit. Actually, it broke down, and the ride ops told us to come back in 15 minutes. 15 minutes later, and the ride was running. Better than Six Flags! :p


THERE IT IS! The ride op was wearing a red clown wig, and started my car by pulling it around the corner. There was no lap bar or seat belt! This was the ultimate in cheesy dark rides, with lots of classic stunts, and long periods of darkness that were very disorienting. I loved it!


A cute little kiddy whip... only different.


Um... I think I found the park!


Yeah, we're right on the water! It was really warm, and lots of people were out on their boats or sitting in the shade.

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This park is getting more attention! I am continually amazed. If you use the flash on your camera to take a picture on the inside of the Shooting Gallery, (next to the Gift Shops, near Laffland) every single target inside the shooting gallery will go off at the same time. It's really fun!

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I wanted to go, but couldn't


and I agree with Lou, more Nicole pictures are necessary for a Nicole solo PTR.


Maybe I'll try to make a stop off at this park in a few weeks, as long as the weather holds up, since it didn't on my last attempt at hitting this place last year.

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Nice TR. The dark ride sounds really cool- I too am a fan of historic dark rides, especially the cheesy ones. Roll-o-Planes are great- we have one at Kennywood. They're not too fun to ride alone, though, as they tend to throw you all over the place.

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