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Lake Delton Terror [NL]

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For those who have never been to Wisconsin, Lake Delton is home to Mt. Olympus and Hades. But did you know it was once home to a ride that made the Riverview Bobs, Crystal Beach Cyclone, and the 'Oshkosh Beach Bobs' look tame?


Not really, but this insane design was a spur-of-the-moment track.

Lake Delton Terror.nltrack

That crazy ride.


Finally, for all you lift hill enthusiasts.


Even the brakes are just playing WRONG!


Helix of hot death.


Thank God it at least had a trim.


An example of the devilish turns.


First droppage.


Onride of one of the many twists and turns of the Terror.


Crazy twisting turns.


Must have been pretty damn intimitading.


It must have been the most evil nightmare in history!


The Terror was designed by a Russian. He said that the design came to him in a dream.

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The brakes are just plain wrong yes... Magnetic for a start..


I think you need to make some of the banking less extreme, lengthen the trick track sections which would've killed you. And maybe make it so the second train doesn't go through the station at the start?

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This looks just sick, and people, it wasn't intended to be a smooth, safe, modern coaster, but something like a Harry Traver coaster that would snap your neck, shatter your spine, throw you out of the train, run you over, and feel good about it.

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Incredible coaster dude!! I loved it! I just love it when someone goes out of the lines and pushes the envelope on a game. I mean actually I am kinda sick of all the coaster being so realistic. This was actually a breath of fresh air thank you! Please continue on with your hot doomed death machines! I know I will enjoy them!

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