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This park is a park that I decided to make after playing around with the scenario editor the other day. It will have 3 different themed sections, an American Forest, African Adventure, and Adventure City. Here's what I've got so far. Constructive critsim and coments are wanted!


Vekoma Flying Dutchman?!?!! More soon...


More overview.


Also, a new Intamin river raft has been erected. What the heck is with all these phrases?!?!!


More wood. (That sounded kinda wrong. Ok, really wrong!)


Over in the African Adventure section, a new wooden coaster has arisen.


There is also a premier LIM launch coaster that intertwines with the buildings. Some of them are actual hotels that the monorail makes stops in! *cough*Disney*cough* They also are dotted with many unique shops.


Ok, I'll jump right in with the Adventure City section of the park, really the main section. Before you get to it, you come to a large watercoaster.


Bigger overview.




Right as you walk into the park, you will come to a schwarzkpof shuttle loop coaster.


Ok. I'll just throw in all the pictures I've got of this park right now, just so I don't have to post them all later! A monorail will run throughout the entire park, called The Adventure Express.


Oh! This is the finished landscape.




A quaint little scrambled eggs ride called Leaf Eater tucked in one corner of the American Forest section of the park.


The other side of the turnstiles.


The enterance gates.

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I think this park is average at best for a beginner. You have overtreed immensly, I would suggest picking out about five or six trees and placing them randomly throughout your park. Make sure you get 1/4 tiles and bushes in the mix too. However, your landscaping is actually pretty good. Another thing you should work on is the layouts of your coasters and other rides(especially the rapids ride). Try to download some paks over at NE to get some better custom scenery and I think you will get a lot better. Hope this helps, good luck.

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^I have found that working with the normal scenery sets in the game is actually pretty hard to get the look I want. The overtreeing is part of the park, as the park is built carefully around the trees, rather than throw a couple of trees down after building everything. It's supposed to be themed in the middle of a dense jungle, an american forest, and the city. In all of those areas, I have different kinds of trees. Like for one I have 4 different trees, and for another I have 3. I should look into downloading some NE stuff. Also, I will make the rapids ride a bit better by stretching it out and themeing it, and not having it over water. It takes away from the look of the scenery. Thanks for the critisism!

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Okay, the park decided that Vekoma would probably screw them over with bad capacity, and decided to not go with a Flying Dutchman model, but with a B & M Dive Machine and a whole new themed section! The section is going to take place of the American Forest and is called Manic Mine. It is themed to a mine that has just been discovered, and will feature a powered coaster, a dive machine, a log flume, a car ride, and monorail acess. It will not effect the surrounding themed sections. Pictures soon!



P.S. ~ I already have taken out the rapids ride and put in a surprise Vekoma!

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