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Photo TR: 12 parks in 11 Days Midwest Tour!!!

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AJMouse, that ride is sort of weird. You get into boats and then go past some cutouts and some animatronics dealing with Garfield and Friends. It is really weird. Bascially everyone that Garfield has ever picked on gets even in his "nightmare".


307, I have no idea what the ride was like before the Garfield takeover. I just know that it was the Old Mill


I'm not sure on our trip we have enough time, but if time is short, it sounds like it's not worth it. Or maybe like it's not worth it at all

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The Garfield thing was actually worth doing, Old Mill was the dumbest, weirdest and flat out strangest dark ride I've ever been on. It was really all just cutouts and cheesy scare gags, like something you'd see at a State fair or carnival event.


Haven't been on Garfield, I need to get to KW this summer if time permits and my parents are nice. I have to try the UFO Disko and SwingShot as well when I'm there too.


Nice TR so far Swoosh!

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Cheesy is an understatement for Garfield's Nightmare. Though, it fits right in with his comic strip.


I preferred The Old Mill better. Yeah it was old and well strange, but it was a great tunnel of love, per say.


Swoosh, glad you liked my home park. Great TR so far!

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^The thing that I loved about Kennywood was the fact that they didn't think they needed to remove the old rides to put in ultra-modern new things. I loved the architecture there in the park. The restaurant near the gift shop was beautiful with the lattice work and lights. It is just a really cool park and I can hardly wait to visit it again sometime soon.

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Day 8: Holiday World


We left around 10:30am from our hotel in Louisville, KY and made great time. We actually arrived at Holiday World before we left Louisville (I luvs me they time warps) thanks to the time zone change. Had a wonderful time at the park. Even though we did Splashin' Safari first, I will post those photos later because I still need to do some editing and resizing before putting them up here... so you'll have to wait for those and suffer by klooking at photos from the ride side of the park first. I know it will be tough.


Park #8 Holiday World Photos

Here is the entire Holiday World Gallery


Enough Voyage -- one more picture of RAVEN -- the best woodie in the park!


I love the first 3 hills and the triple down tunnel, but the rest of the ride I could really do without... sorry I know that is probably a sin and I should turn in my ACE card now


I really want to like this ride, but I can't. The helix section way out there hurts me every time I ride it.


I thought it was running a little better in some spots this year.


Ok, fine here's Voyage


It turned out better than I thought it would and honestly, who doesn't want to ride in a turkey?


Best themed tilt-a-whirl EVER!


I like the ride, but it is hard to shoot the targets. I don't know if it is the gun or what, but we both never really did well on this ride.


OK, I've stalled long enough


Oh yeah, I rode it again this time. Fun little ride.


Best themed swings ever!


See everyone agrees it is the best woodie in the park again


Much improved over last season.


Raven on the other hand is back up to my #3 woodie


It did not seem to be running as well as it had been a few years ago.


Used to be in my top 5... now it is lucky to be in my top 10


Dizzy... I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning


Fun ride, but hard to snap. All I got was a few pops


Gets you just 'a little' wet


Powerful Double Shot


Anyone up for a little RCT?


The Britishes IS coming


They need to add a ride or something to Christmas


Finally finished. Went two times last year and no hands either time


Gateway to heaven?

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Honestly, the warmest day of the trip was a travel day -- man I would have hated to be at Coaster Con that day at PKI. The therm on my car said it was 98* outside and I know with the heat index it had to be almost 110 or so.


Yes we were really lucky with the weather, but honestly we have only had one trip that had a rain day and that was when we went to Kings Dominion last year. It eventually cleared up and we got some rides in, but it did not matter too much as it does not take too long to get through the park --- never really thought about how lucky we are when we go on our trips, kind of cool really.

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Day 8: Holiday World


Splashin' Safari time! This is always one of my favorite places to visit each summer. Ever since we discovered this park (when Legend was new) we have been coming at least once a year.


The waterpark continues to get better and better. I remember when the "big" slide was ZOOMBabwe and the lines for that thing were crazy long. Now with so many options, the lines are getting spread a little more evenly and are not nearly as long.


Here is the entireSplashin' Safari Gallery. Below is a sample (a large one) from the gallery


We had a great time, but it is time to get back to the Show-Me State


Two fun slides -- just becareful not to flip your raft at the bottom


More old skool -- the Congo River (the OTHER lazy river)


Old skool!


The bowl is like "I'm going to eat you"


I don't know, I just liked this shot


It's rather large


I love Bakuli!


Still don't understand why they didn't opt for the lazy river style that has waves


Bahari River is the newest of the two lazy rivers


As Martha Stewart would say Bahari "It's a Good Thing"


BAHARI -- or what a wave pool SHOULD be


The kids love Jungle Jets.


I'll admit it -- my favorite slide in the park


Still my favorite Tornado slide


Zinga -- remember the lines for this when it first opened?


Massive slide of ZOOMBabwe


Still a lot of fun -- just less time wait now


OtoRonGo -- My favorite of the 3 is GO. You get a lot of airtime on it.


Here it comes!


Always a lot of fun if you have smaller ones with you


The ORIGINAL "BIG" Slide Wahtubee


Crocodile Isle was redone this year


Gateway to Heaven, inside Heaven?

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I didn't go inside the water park on my visit to Holiday World (mostly because the slide lines were 30+ minutes and Voyage was a walk-on, resulting in 30 rides), but I did notice from Voyage's lift hill and from various spots around the park that there is no foliage whatsoever.



For a fairly pretty park that has all 3 major coasters in the woods to some degree, the water park is a hideous concrete eyesore. I know the slides there are great, but still, it looks really bad. Personally, I think they took out too many trees to make the Thanksgiving section and Voyage as well, but that's just me.



I certainly would never think of shade when I think of my home park, SFoG, but Holiday World/Splashin Safari made SFoG look great in terms of shade. Most of the park was concrete or asphalt, and even though the high was only 82, it felt much hotter due to a lack of shade. It was a good thing that they have free drinks.

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While there is no trees in the middle of the walkway, almost every queue for the slides is either shaded by the ride itself or shaded because it is in the tree line, so I guess I do not understand the point you are trying to make about Splashin' Safari not having shade. It's not like you won't be in the water anyway on the lazy rivers and wave pools -- which are the only things to not have shade present. I think they did a good job leaving trees in the park. They didn't have to leave a tree buffer barrier there in the middle of the park behind Zoombabwe Oasis

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Day 9: Six Flags St. Louis




We finally made it back to our home state and before watching our Redbirds beat the Royals in 14 innings, we decided to stop by SFStL. We did not do Hurricane Harbor this time as we were pressed for time, but we did the normal "rounds" of the park.


Park #9 Six Flags St. Louis

For the Entire Gallery Go Here: SFStL Gallery


Time for the Cards game... little did we know it would last over 5 hours. We did win though.... Branson is next!


the BEST Scooby dark ride


...because Superman fits so well into the Illinois themed section. (well as well as Tony Hawk in Brittania)


We rode it and got off of it safely... this was before the SFKK accident


Sky turned out really pretty in this one


I likez they loopz


ezeerF rM was open for factory tours today


Yeah hi, I'm called Tony Hawk's Big Spin but who really cares about Tony Hawk anymore -- give me 5 years max and the Tony Hawk will be removed from my name


Found it amazing that snograD gninnipS loads more SLOWER than Spinning Dragons even with an extra load bay


aka snograD gninnipS




The #2 woodie in the state (behind OzCat) -- like there was much competition


OUCH ouch OuCh OUch ouCH oUcH


Runs like crap -- but it has a cool layout


THERE'S my boss... just don't let her know that (like she doesn't know already)


Not my boss


Yeah hi, we don't even use half of these carriages... mmmkay


OUCH ouch OuCh OUch ouCH oUcH


OUCH ouch OuCh OUch ouCH oUcH


Don't hate me because I haz the small loopz and "Patty-Cakes" across the state has a biggin'.


Yeah, it goes the wrong way


Heading counterclockwise we run into

namtaB -- you know you want to call it that too!


See there are 6 flags, which is why they call it 6 flags -- even though everyone in Missouri thinks that they should get rid of the Illinois flag

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Great trip reports with a lot of detail!


I don't want to start up a big Voyage debate, but I can see why there are many people that don't exactly love it. It looks like it could get slightly rough, but then it also looks like it has an insane layout with airtime all over the place. It is still my number one best looking "new school" wooden, but I will have to experience it for myself before I judge it too much.

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I'm up in Kirksville so it'll be just about the same trip....


Hey I live in Kirksville too -- PM me


Looks like you and your mom had a great time running around the Midwest....


Mom? I hope you are not talking about my wife. She would kill you if she read that.

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Day 10: White Water


Branson's waterpark is located right on the strip, so you cannot miss seeing it as you drive down 76 to get to a show or where ever you are headed.


This year they added the new slide complex known as Kalani Towers and it has really made an impression on the park. For one thing you can see it directly from 76 as they put it right next to the road. The other thing is that this is the first new slide complex they have added for about 4 years I think.


The park is always a lot of fun and we enjoyed our visit to the waterpark.


Park #10 White Water

Please visit our complete gallery for White Water:



One last look at Kalani -- Celebration City is next!


More of the Racing Side


The Racing Slides are by far the more popular of the two sides.


The speed slides are very intimidating before you go down


This new complex is pretty impressive looking


Kalani Towers complex entrance


Surfquake Wave Pool


Bermuda Triangle tandem raft slide

This one was weird


Caribbean Plunge slide complex


Tropical Twister family raft ride


Raging River Rapids slide complex


Rain Tree Island


Lazy River


Here you can see what the park has to offer and where they put the new complex


Entrance to White Water

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Day 10: Celebration City


After spending most of the day at White Water we headed over to Celebration City to finish out the day. This is the park's 5th year and unfortunately still has a lot of growing pains. It is going to take awhile still for this park to become "a park" as there is still not enough to do. However, with that being said, the stuff that is there is worth doing. You cannot go wrong with OzCat. That ride kicks major butt and if you get to CC before SDC closes for the evening, you can get in some personal ERT on the Cat before the crowds set in later around 7ish.


Park #10 Celebration City

See the entire gallery here: Celebration City Gallery


One more because you can always use ONE MORE photos of OzCat.


SDC Photos coming soon


All praise Clair Hain Jr.


The #1 Woodie in the Show-Me State (like it was even a challenge)




Ok, I've stalled long enough


Hooray for the carny log flume!!!




The tamest double shot in the world


I did not like the whippy curves as it threw my back out of place


The worst coaster in the park is the Miler built Jack Rabbit


The new ride is STINGER and is a Wisdom Tornado ride -- talk about making you dizzy


The themeing is pretty good -- here is a restaurant


There is also a tilt-a-whirl


Next door is the scrambler


The bumper cars are a little weak -- you barely feel the "bumps"


This curve here gets me every time


Thunderbolt is crazy


This came from Bonfante Gardens. I think the Herschends cut a deal with him when he came to learn their "secrets".


This was left over from Branson USA -- the views are much better now though


The flyers are fun, but hard to snap


Isn't this one of the best settings for a carousel?


I like the car -- I wonder if has any "guts" or if it just the shell


Main Street USA, much?


Now in its 5th season!

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