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Photo TR: 12 parks in 11 Days Midwest Tour!!!

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Day 5: Geauga Lake (Coaster EXT)


Well today we went over to Auroa, OH to visit the park formerly known as SF:WoA and many other things. Last time we were here they still had animals, so that tells you how long it had been. We were not expecting much and to be quite honest that is what we found. While the park is a little cleaner than last time, I must say that the people the park is attracting is probably not what the park really wants to attract. Needless to say, we stood out there. We did ride some rides though and went to the lunch and Q&A, but with the "lines" or lack thereof, we did not see the point to stay for ERT.


The one thing we got from the Q&A was the park doesn't have the money to fix anything. They did not use their advertising money this year to advertise, and basically Bill was told to make the park profitable and to do so he had to let some rides go that were sucking maintenance money away. He also touched ever so slightly on Raging Wolf Bobs and made it sound like it was done for the year. Not too promising if you ask me. He danced around most of the questions and looked like he was being grilled by the prosecution on the witness stand most of the time... we did enjoy Dominator though.


Below are photos from the ride side of the park, I'll post photos of Wildwater Kingdom later.


Park #5 Geauga Lake

See the entire gallery here: http://www.midwestinfoguide.com/gallery/parks/gl/



I would be lying if I said that he didn't seem very comfortable with answering most of the questions.


Next came the Q&A with Bill Spehn, GM of Geauga Lake


Bryan, yes the same one from Mania, also gave away 5 $100 shopping sprees here as well.


Can the park afford that? I'm not trying to be mean, just asking.


Looks like having EXT the day after MANIA paid off


Time for lunch


We also rode this flume, which needs to turn the water back on on the final drop


...but someone had broke-ed their toy


We did really want to ride this with the new trains...


The longest train on any coaster I have ever seen, seriously what is the record for the # of cars?


I honestly can't say the name of this ride without laughing


If it wasn't for this ride, there would be no reason to visit this park


Really, I volunteer Worlds of Fun to have this ride.


The coaster that I want to be moved to MY park!


Still, it's a hang and bang


Not too bad for a hang and bang


Another yellow coaster!!!


The sign laughs at the people who walk under it to ride -- he knows how rough it is!


Makes Psyclone seem smooth! Yes it is THAT BAD and even after a retrack.


The sad part is, the loops are the smoothest part of the ride


Double Loop is ROUGH!


Then we "squeezed" ourselves into the trains of Big Dipper. Which was a great ride. Oh and don't have your camera out on the load dock as they will throw a fit.


First up was Head Spin. It actually was a pretty decent ride


I always thought that they had a nice entrance

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You know, when I was at Geauga Lake, I was blown off from taking pictures even standing on the exit line! I was trying to get trains in my pictures, but couldn't because of their stupid rules. Does anybody know any policies about it? The last time I checked, there are no posted rules about anything. I really ticked me off! Nice TR!

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I hear Beast is nothing special.

I'll have you know that Beast is my #3 coaster. That's even ahead of Voyage.


Great TR. CoasterMania was a lot of fun. What did you not like about Maverick? I can understand it if you tried to keep your hands up and rode in the middle or something.

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What did you not like about Maverick?


I think it is easier to show then tell. My ride on Maverick Consisted of This...

Going up lift hill

First drop

Sharp Curves

Floater Hill

Horseshoe Loop

Launch Tunnel

Curve After Tunnel

Series of S-Curves/OverBanked Curves

Station Brake:

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That was my first ride. The second ride wasn't that bad... and I did hold on the first time, just did not know where the "brace points" were. I don't know, I guess I'm jadded anymore with how many coasters I have been on. I just don't have to like every single on I ride anymore...

that and I luvs me they Millennium Force!!11!1!

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Yeah, I couldn't believe how nice it too turned out. I love the views from on the Skyride.


That's all right if you don't agree with me on Maverick. That is what makes our hobby fun, discussing what we like and what we don't like. If we all liked the same thing, it would become rather boring.

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I think Magnum is running pretty good this year. I always ride in the last row during the morning and early afternoon, then later ride in the last second to last row at night. Magnum is not that bad if you find a way to ride it comfortably(with your legs straight and your back off the seat), I usually let the lap bar sit about an inch above my waist.


I just love that skyline of CP's.

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I ride next to last seat and that is really the only seat on the coaster where you can get a good ride IMHO anymore as the coaster is not aging well at all. If you ride on the wheels, you can feel every bump on the tracks as you go down the course. I still like the ride a lot, but it needs some TLC.

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After lunch at Coaster EXT we walked across the long floating bridge to see what all the buzz was about on this new water park. What we found was a very crowded waterpark that desperately needs more rides. The lines and overcrowding were definitely issues that the park will need to look at. I almost would say "screw the ride park, the money is in the waterpark" as it was very obvious where everyone was at when we were there.



Photos for Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom

The entire gallery is here: http://www.midwestinfoguide.com/gallery/waterparks/wwkgl


The only other attraction in the water park was the wave pool. They seriously need more stuff over here


The longest lines were for this slide complex. They looked like fun, but not worth waiting in that line.


I thought their lazy river was cool with the wave effects -- why didn't Holiday World opt for one like that?


Their Tornado slide was very popular


It also looked busy


The water fort looked like fun


Long bridge across the lake

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