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4th July Weekend Movies You're Looking Forward To


What 4th of July weekend movies are you most interested in?  

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  1. 1. What 4th of July weekend movies are you most interested in?

    • Ratatouille (New Pixar)
    • Evan Almighty (Steve Carrel Comedy)
    • Live Free or Die Hard (Hell, yeah, more Die Hard!)
    • Transformers (Giant Michael Bay Robots)
    • License to Wed (Chick Flick)
    • 1408 (John Cusack goes Insane!)

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There's a lot of big movies coming out between today Friday, June 22nd and July 4th weekend....all fighting for your holiday movie-going dollars.


There's new Pixar goodness, giant robots, a new Die Hard sequel, Steve Carrel comedy, etc.


Which ones are you going to go see?



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As a theater employee, I just am hoping these movies will do better than the other summer "blockbusters" that have already been released.


That being said, I am absurdly excited for Transformers. Today we decked out our theater for Transformers with the banner, a standee and an awesome poster of Optimus Prime. It makes me happy.

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Ratatouille is at the top of my list, followed by a tie for Evan Almighty and Transformers.


Y'know, the only reason I want to see Transformers (I never watched the show) is mainly because of all the excitement it's generated around these parts.

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While I really like Mandy Moore, I think I'll wait for License to Wed to come out on video.. ...so the four I'll probably see in the theaters are Die Hard 4, Transformers, 1408, and Evan Almighty.


For voting purposes I chose 1408, Transformers, and Die Hard.

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I just saw Evan Almighty and quite frankly, i didn't really like it.


IMO it was a little too hardcore religious for me, and it just wasn't as funny as Bruce Almighty....


I want to see License to Wed mainly because it looks hilarious, and I also want to see 1408 because the short story the movie is based on was so good.

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"Ratatouille" is the only one I care about at all.


I was really excited for "Evan Almighty," but I've heard nothing good about it. Lot's of reviews calling it a waste of talent and a boring family movie.


"Transformers" should go electrocute itself for all I care. I've never seen a good Micheal Bay movie, and he's a jerk in real life.

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Ratatouille is probably the last movie I'll be seeing this summer. Unless they start showing Black Sheep in a theater around here.


Everything else I'll hit up at the DVD rental store sometime in the future.

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Saw Ratatouille last night. Great, great movie. The visuals were spectacular on the big screen, and everything in the film just seemed to fit together perfectly in the end. 10/10


Next up should be Transformers, hopefully sometime this week.

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I want to see transformers REALLY bad, I was a HUGE transformers fan, I still have my G1 Optimus Prime


I only wish they used Frank Welker for Megatron, but i will reserve judgement, at least they used Peter Cullen for Prime


But alas, I am going on vacation this next week to L.A., and may possibly hit up disneyland (first time since '89), I will do a huge TR if we do


I bought my first transformers toy the Pontiac Jazz (from a porsche to a pontiac, sucks to be jazz) and they are very well made, and quite complicated to transform, which is good, because when the toy is transformed, it looks good


As for the other movies, Ratollioioierioe will be seen by me by default, I have two young kids, and I would like to see the new die hard, but may wait for the DVD, maybe

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