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Flamingoland Trip Report

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Well i went off today after the cancellation of Knightmare at Camelot, but had an ok day.

It was a bit busy but met unkown and Richard who were great !

Hilights = The pedal boats were a classic, the dodgems i queued for ages as there was only 4 cars going, in the end they were pathetic. Splash Battle completed track, cars on site.


Kumali x 3

Velocity x 2

Corky x 1

Cliffhanger x 2

Wild Mouse x 1

Navigator x 1

i can't remember any others lol.


Looks a bit busy.


Crane contructing Splash Battle theming.


Splosh's path.


Splash Battle track and theming.


The volcano.


and again.


Constructing tunnel and water sprays.


Food shop or onride photo booth ?


Close up.


Tunnel parts and the station with no flooring yet.


Water jets on a wierd looking U thing.


Busy day for Splosh.




While queuing me and Unkown spot these.


Boats !!


Nice African theming Weeds.


Fast animals.


Kumali from LRR.


You again.




Lost river ride boat, awaiting a brake down.


Cute monkey.


Camel, what do you look like !


Giraffes headbutting each other * aww *


*swings neck *


Hippo's playing who can hold their breath the longest.


What a suprise its broke again.


Stacking the boats.


Oh look an empty space


Spare train, the one today sounded like it was going to blow or fall apart.


Spot the Lion.


Nice green water


Getting wet.


Green water settling again.


Spot Vodoo


Cliffhanger, shot only




Other giraffes.




another angle.


People actually play that for £ 2 ?


Kumali is setting off.


Station again.




Down the drop.


Down the dropp.


Towards the loop.


Cobra roll.


Zero - G !




Water spray ( yes Splash Battle again )




Station and track




Transfer Track


There is the Corky operating


Tunnel being put up towards end of day.


Velocity GO GO GO


I would of took more if my camara batteries didn't fail lol

There you have it.

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