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Photo TR: MAXXimum Exposure! GL, CP & Kennywood

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Hello all in TPR land.


It's your friendly neighborhood bgwfreak back again from another fun filled, bug eating, coaster breaking trip!


You ask, bug eating...coaster breaking? Be patient oh grasshopper.


First off, BeemerBoy has already posted an AMAZING Coastermania PTR and I won't even try to top him. But I hope you enjoy mine as well.


So last year at the end of the year, I bought my new handy dandy Maxx Pass from Carowinds in hopes of doing this trip...I left from Charlotte, NC Wednesday June 13...Ted get ready. You've been warned.


If you want to check out these photos in high res (3.1mp) visit my online album here.


Thanks Geauga Lake for a fun afternoon. I got all 8 credits in 1.5 hour and even had time for 2 rerides on Dominator and a few flats! Maxx Pass I Heart you. More to come!


I put the Lake in Geauga Lake.


:( Big Dipper was a big letdown. But I rode in the back, and someone told me later I should've ridden in the front. Oh well.


I also REFUSE to wait this long for a game.


I am NOT waiting in THAT line for Dominator. Where is Quebot when I need him?


Honestly I was shocked. Everyone has always told me horrible stories about these. But it didn't bash me ONCE!


Which way to pain?


Mine! Mine! Sorry...couldn't resist. We'll be seeing more of these guys at Cedar Point...


Oh now that is a shirt I must have! A Vekoma Boomerang shirt!


And this one? I didn't see it on the map either.


Time for some shopping...where would this coaster be?


For some reason this reminds me of RCT.


You know what? I actually kinda like this one! *shock* It didn't beat ya too bad and was actually kinda fun. The best of the 3 I've been on.


This is the face I usually make before getting on a SLC. Helps to loosen up the lips for screaming in pain. I'm only wearing the SOB shirt for comic relief.


Hmmmm... what be this creation?


It's the latest Dick Kinzell creation! "Trash Can: The Ride!" **Trash bags sold seperately.**


Eh? What would we be claiming?


This ride pretty much sucked. I like the loopers, but this thing slammed me all over the place, especially the turn after the loops.


EXCLUSIVE SHOT! This is like porn for James. Oh wait, he would actually be OVER the fence if it was James!


Hello...I'm Double Loopers cool tunnel. I'm the only good thing on the ride.


Wow. An Arrow looper. This shouldn't be too painful.


I'm trying to think of it...


Time for a REAL credit. What's the name of this thing???


Hello. I'm Raging Wolf Bobs...oh I told you that already. Well, I suck and I also will try and kill people on say...Saturday?


Argh! I'm Raging Wolf Bobs! I will devour your children and also derail Saturday at Coaster EXT! (Which I heard it acutally did!) Glad I got the crappy credit today! These people are so ashamed to be seen on a G Train they're hiding their faces!


Oh no. They're mating now! Oops. Sorry. That was another Cedar Fair trash can joke. I'll try and do better.


Uh oh. My G Train sense is tingeling.


I think this might have been my first interlocking corks as well. Very fun.


Yummy Beemer goodness. I didn't really sense the "wow" factor though on the trains. Felt basically like riding Kumba (which isn't a bad thing).


I am Dominator. I used to be cool and was named Batman, but those days are over. *sighs*


Forget my 1st boomerang. On to my 1st B&M Floorless!


We're back! Deal...or no deal? Oh wait. Sorry. Wrong site. Geauga Lake actually was a nice looking little park. Too bad only 15 people showed up on a Wednesday. Did I say that? Can we say walk-ons?


Grass hopper I sense great pain in your future...but that's coming...after the break.


Oh that looks like a nice wooden coaster. Oh wait, it's Villain. It runs those crappy Gtrains. Nevermind.


I haven't even gotten into Geauga Lake park yet! Yikes. People, really there were only 20 people in the park. You didn't have time to clean up?


Welcome to Ohio! Where's the trash cans? Uh oh. The Cedar Fair jokes have started...sorry. I'll try and control myself.


"New" this summer? Oh RLY?


What is that I see on the side of I-77?


Ooooh! The AMAZING West Virginia TAMARACK OF DOOM! You must stop here when traveling I-77. It is the most exciting thing I've ever expereinced. But more on that later.


Welcome to Egypt! Oh wait, scratch that... Welcome to West Virginia! Hi Ted! How's it going?


at Bojangles! Mmmmm good ole North Carolina fried chicken for breakfast! My stomach is already upset with me.


What a great way to start another road trip...

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The removal of Steel Venom and X-Flight seemed a bit harsh. Maybe, if they had done it over time, it wouldn't have been such a difficult blow on the park.


All 3 of the woodies look like fun. Too bad that's not the case. However, I'm happy to se that the vekomas are kind, and that Dominator is running well.

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The removal of SV and XF haven't effected the park like most people thought. The park seems to have bigger crowds this year.


At the waterpark. I haven't been there yet, but from reading PTRs, the rides side has been empty. I could be wrong , though. I wonder how it's like on weekends, or how it will be like in July.

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The removal of SV and XF haven't effected the park like most people thought. The park seems to have bigger crowds this year.


At the waterpark. I haven't been there yet, but from reading PTRs, the rides side has been empty. I could be wrong , though. I wonder how it's like on weekends, or how it will be like in July.


The ride side was empty with X-Flight and Steel Venom, and now its empty without X-Flight and Steel Venom.


Actually I've heard the crowds have been pretty moderate lately, better than last year.

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By jackhammering, do you mean Ghostrider Jackhammering, or SOB jackhammering?


To me it felt kinda like riding over rocks the whole ride.


The ride is fast and with PTCs could be an awesome ride, but it felt like I said like I was riding over rocks the entire time, it was so bumpy.


Now it was nowhere near as bad as SOB though.

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I find it funny that they even sold T-shirts for Head Spin, let alone for Steel Venom or X-Flight. I also find it odd you're wearing a Son of Beast shirt in the TR (I guess you mus like it!)


Hell, I wish Cedar Point would sell Gemini T-shirts - that ride is more noteworthy than some of GL's coasters.

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I find it funny that they even sold T-shirts for Head Spin, let alone for Steel Venom or X-Flight. I also find it odd you're wearing a Son of Beast shirt in the TR (I guess you mus like it!)


Hell, I wish Cedar Point would sell Gemini T-shirts - that ride is more noteworthy than some of GL's coasters.


I have an excuse! I do!


Actually I wore it as a joke, because the ride IS a joke. I used to like the ride when it first came out... I know. I must have been on drugs.


I now rank it as my worst wooden coaster evar.


*Also* I don't know when I'll get the next installment done...I've got like 300+ photos from CP to go through!


But Saturday I'm going to be gone all day and won't get back till Sunday afternoon more than likely. It will hopefully be worth the wait.

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Hello again...Ok this next batch is Cedar Point Day 1 / Part 1.


If you would like to check out the full res. versions visit: http://travel.webshots.com/album/559523679XrgTLc?vhost=travel&track_pagetag=/page/photo/travel/ohio&track_action=/Owner/ViewActions/FullAlbum


Also, about 3 pics down I'll refer to my weightloss thread here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30713 if you want to check it out.


On with the show!


Hello Magnum XL-4,522,178.8798317! We'll get to you next time...for now signing off. More to come!!!!


In case you forgot where I was.


The left gondolla was stuck in that position for most of the day.


A working Chaos?


Forget Wicked Twister, look at the beach!


Time for my BIG wheel credit.


Wii!!!! Wait, Wee!!!!


Oh no! The observation tower is falling over on maXair!


Got my 2nd giant frisbee credit too! I love these things.


I got my 1st Johnny Rockets credit today. It was fun watching them dance to "Car Wash".


My other car is at Cedar Point.


Top Thrill Dragster is all tall and stuff. Taller than my office building too! Scurry!


Despite this pic, there weren't any rollbacks both days. :(


Time for my 1st Intamin rocket coaster! Woohoo!


And no... I did not whore this trip. No kiddie coaster credits for me (at Cedar Point).


Gemini hid from me in this pic. :( Oh well, you're still a beaut!


Hello Power Tower. We see you peaking over. I finally got both the up and down credits this trip. Every time before it was a gigantic line.


Gemini is hand-slapping goodness. Silly people didn't know how to hand slap though (they must be from West Virignia). How's it going Ted?


Time for the "other" good Arrow in the park.


I talked to these guys for a few minutes in line. I have to post their picture so they'll paypal me $100.


One of the weirdest brake runs I've seen.


Lean Streak is such a nice looking coaster. Pity all the air on it evaporated like...er...air?


Every park should have one of these. I just wish theirs went around the WHOLE park.


Buwahahaha! Lean Streak...you sucketh.


Oh no! The rock monster devoured another train!


Yes, you do get that close to the ground on the 1st drop!


A view of the return tunnel you can only get from the train (or on the road that runs around the park).


Lift hill gasm! (Millie)


Who says Cedar Point employees aren't friendly?


Mantis heard me talking about it and tried to get me.


In 2002 this thing beat the crap out of me, so I didn't try it again. It's still a pretty mess of coaster though!


Time for the train ride... Somehow this reminds me of another B&M at Knott's.


Elissa is this what it looked like when you had Kid Tums?


Which way is Maverick? I thought the coaster was pretty fun! It's a bit of a headbanger, in a good way...but overall I enjoyed my 3 rides I got in 2 days. The tunnel is Intamin yummy at its best!


I only like stacking when I'm at IHOP.


Hello Lean Streak.


It's got loop-de-loops!


It's all low to the ground and stuff. Look at the view!


Maverick you can not escape my lens (only half of you will).


They keep all this hidden from you while in line (which is awesome). Forget the coaster, look at Lake Erie!


Hello I'm Lean...er...Mean Streak. I used to be ok, but now I'm just boring. Please don't ride Maverick! It hurts my feelings!


Uh oh. This will be long. Actually it was only about 45 minutes, even with a full queue.


But you fanboys are wanting Maverick pics I know! This is what you see when you walk from Millie to Maverick.


Oh yeah, it's all steep and stuff too.


It does have air, just not as much as Apollo's Chariot or Goliath South.


Millie is all tall and fast and stuff, and my current #2 steel coaster.


But I fit!!! I was almsot as excited about riding Millie again, as the simple fact that I coud fit on it!


For those that didnt' know, I've lost about 50lbs (see my weightloss thread above for more info)...so I was very concerned about being able to fit the belts on the Intamin coasters...


I'm glad I'm not a loser GP! Breakers Express is good for something I guess!


Welcome to Cedar Point! It's been 5 years since my last visit. Ahhh! The lake is minty fresh!

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Nice Trip Report so far Wes! When I was at CP last week we had to wait in line for 2 hours to ride Maverick because it had "mechanical problems." It was a good ride when we finally got on it. I guess what suprised me was that very few people left the queue when the ride was down. Everyone stayed put (probably because they had already waited for over an hour like us) and cheered when the stacked trains unloaded, test trains ran, and riders once again boarded the ride.

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