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Taking the Garden State north and having some extra time on our hands we decided to take a quick drive through Atlantic City, just to say we had been. Not to trash the whole Jersey shore but our reaction was similar to Wildwood - ugly! We blew out of there and were pulling into SFGADV around 10:00.


The park didn't open until 10:30 and we decided to use the money we saved by not going to Morey's for a gold Flash Pass. What a great decision, we had a blast there. El Toro was my son's #1 new coaster of the trip and operations were top-notch. They had both sides of the station of Kingda Ka running and all of the ride ops were incredibly enthusiastic and motivated.


Around mid-afternoon we left the park in search of a motel. The park has signs at the exits for motels 20+ miles away off the Turnpike but I knew there was something in Freehold. So we headed north on Monmouth Rd and almost exactly 10 miles later is the Freehold Garden Inn. They had a room available, reasonable rate, so we took it. It's not bad, not great, an ok place to sleep that as far as I know is the closest motel to the park. We had lunch at Quizno's and then headed back to the park and had a great time.


The next morning we got up and were at the gates around 9:30 and it turned out it was early entry for season pass holders! We rode El Toro over and over with no wait until we literally couldn't ride anymore. What surprised us both is how rough it runs in the morning with a near empty train versus evening with a full train. The ride op was literally begging people not to leave! After our surprise ERT we headed over to Chiller and scored one front row ride on the Robin side of course, no sign of life for Batman yet. Ended the morning on Nitro and then were on our way to Allentown. Again big kudos to SFGADV, from an overall operations standpoint it was better than BGE.


Next and final stops, Dorney, Knoebels and Cedar Point.


Unless you work at the park you won't see this very often. Seven rides in a row and we needed to take a break. We had a great time at SFGADV!


Morning ERT on El Toro.


And there's that Martian and Dog again - they would not leave us alone. ;-)


You know, put a Martian and a Coyote on top of a bus and I'm happy, really.







A few El Toro and KK shots.


And what a Kingdom it is!


Did you know each train has a name (Hector and Jorge)? "Hector, he's a little slow" the ride op announced during the next morning's ERT. Too funny! We couldn't tell any difference.


Worth the drive from wherever you are!

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