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"Mini" Photo TR: Katun @ Mirabilandia

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Yes, I love both Nemesis and Black Mamba but these coasters are completely different from Katun!!! I think Black Mamba could remain the "real" n° 1 due to strong theming reasons...!!! In my opinion these two coasters are a little bit "flat" compared with Katun!!! So finally Katun has an incredible mix or G-forces, air times, high banked turns and obviously a good selection of inversions!!! I love this cocktail!!! Please note that inverted coasters are not my preferred ever so... my review could be partially wrong...!!!


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I've ridden Alpengeist, and I don't think it is as good as it "should" be as the world's biggest invert. The ride is basically all about the first drop and the cobra roll. All the other inversions don't seem to do much and the last few turns are just completely slow. It seems almost imposible at that point to think that Alpie is the world's tallest B&M invert!


It seems like Katun is usually thought of to be better than Alpie, am I right? It's got to be more intense.

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