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SFGAM Picture Report 06-12-07

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Yeah, it's a bit late but my computer was kind of out of the state. Anywhom....



"If I go one more day without some thrill, I'll go insane!"




Approaching the park, we see this huge cloud of smoke over the horizon


Coaster porn at it's finest.


Superman on fire! Praise Jesus Hallelujah!


Our first ride, of course, was Raging Delicious.


MerryDeath's first Bull hug of the actual season.


"So this is what it's like on the other end of the camera..."


The Amazing Alfredo... whose name is actually Brian.


MerryDeath is now covered in what I like to call "Wiggles' Goo".


Gasp.... so tired... line so.... LONG.


No! Not my shirt! Damn Trash Receptacles!


Whoa... how'd it get this long? Let's try another ride.


Oh no! A fanny pack!


"What's the matter? Too much fanny and not enough pack for you?"


These guys were cool. That's all I have to say.



The world needed to know this.


MerryDeath is still stuck on this ancient technology called "film".


The light that's out above her head and Superman in the background could be a metaphor for something... or completely random.




Okay, make it provocative and sexy....

No, no, that's all wrong...


Lemme show you...





Oh... how classy.


Speaking of class....

Look at that lovely Geico add bumper stickered on the back of Viper.






To end this Trip Report, I bring you... some ducks.

The End.

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