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Photo TR: Sylvan Beach

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Well, the take over has begun! We're making our way across New York, destined to meet up with larrygator on Friday to spend some time with him before we leave for Spain.


In the meantime, we're jumping to every park and zoo we can find along the way. Today - Sylvan Beach!


Everytime some little park closes, we get pages and pages of people saying how sad it was that the park closed. But the reason those parks close is from lack of attendance.


Taking that advice to heart, we went a bit out of our way to visit Sylvan Beach, a park that truly harkens back to the simpler days of the amusement park. We were only there about an hour, spent about $20, and had a great time.


So next time we hear a sad story about a place like Joyland or Erieview closing, we'll at least feel like we've done our part to combat that happening by visiting little parks like these.


Ok, no more soapbox - on with the stupidity!!!


So Sylvan Beach was a great time. See you next time! We love you Mom! ~ Melanie & Rich


And one final shot of the town of Sylvan Beach. It's a quaint little lake town sitting right on Oneida Lake. Definitely worth a visit!


Mmm . . .blueberry cheesecake ice cream is much better with vampire teeth! Actually, Melanie looks more like Brak from Space Ghost.


And now it's time for "Bad Puns" with Melanie!! Can you figure out what this might be?


Thank goodness for this machine to tame those tentacles of tickets! Time to trade them in for the crappy loot!


OMG! Rich has been attacked by the Ticket Kraken!


Rich's hard work pays off in ... RED HOT TICKETS!


Rich shows off his mad shooting skills - makes me swoon everytime!


Old school teacups, baby! Lou? Larry? Any takers for some spin & hurl goodness?


YES! - it's Bargain Day! See, it pays to visit the small parks!


And on to the Galaxi for our credit!


Cute kiddie area!


Oooh! Pay per ride tickets were on sale today! We got 10 for $9.50!


Here's the ticket booth and the entrance to Laffland, a quirky old fashioned dark ride.


And who knew? Sylvan Beach actually sits right on the beach! This is Oneida Lake – pretty!


So here’s the entrance to Sylvan Beach . . the sign is elevated so you can see it from the lake.

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Well, the take over has begun! We're making our way across New York, destined to meet up with larrygator on Friday to spend some time with him before we leave for Spain.


That last word makes me jump with excitement!

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That was awesome. Especially the Brak reference. And how did you eat blueberry ice cream, and yet keep your vampire teeth pearly white? That seems like it would be difficult.


Sucks that we'll be busy when you're in my area. Ah well, in a little over a week you'll be tired of me anyway..,



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All I can say is four things:


1: It's about time someone other than me posts a Trip Report about Sylvan Beach! (Yes, I am a big fan of the park, and easytoremember or someone else from coasterfuel will probably have something to say about that)


2: Other than the Tip Top, and Bomber's fencing (maybe Scrambler, also, but I can't remember) the park is in great condition, and I'm proud of it being my home park, because it has only one of 6 (around 6) Pretzel Dark Rides remaining, and it has a great 1940's feel that I'm not sure any park can compare to, not even Kennywood or Knoebels, which seem to be a "mix" of eras. Phantom's Revenge, and Twister, although great looking rides, and perfect for the parks they are in, they are not really from decades past, however, pretty much everything at Sylvan Beach is, (they are going to get a Double Ferris Wheel!) So, yeah, I tend to get really mad at people who call this place ghetto.


3: Eddie's Restaurant, only a couple hundred feet away form Sylvan Beach, is a pretty good restaurant, at least in my opinion. It, once again, has that Art Deco Feel, and has Dessert/Soda Fountain.


4: The park looks pretty neat at night, when you see all the Neon Lights on.

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Great TR, Rich and Melanie!

A few comments:


The park looks really clean and well cared for!


Mike Brey should be recruiting Rich!


After years in braces and Melanie's teeth look like THAT?!?


With all those tickets, all you got were a couple of pairs of vampire teeth? No, wait, don't tell me. I want my Christmas present to be a suprise!


Mom loves you two, too!



Have a safe and fun trip!

Mom is "stalking" you!


Yo Mama


Coaster Count:



And d*mn likely to stay that way!

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It's about time someone other than me posts a Trip Report about Sylvan Beach!

I posted a TR of the place before you were even a TPR member


Actually, I technically have been a TPR member since February 2005, and if I remember correctly, that was only about a month or so after the forums were opened, but I was banned in March of 2005 because I was spamming up the forums as Tanks4me (Hey, this is the first forum I ever posted at, and well, I just didn't know how to post, and I didn't check the posts themselves for the warnings, because I thought I would just get a PM) So after about a year and a half of going to other forums, and knowing how to post, Robb finally let me back in. So, technically I am a TPR veteran.


-Tanks "formerly the infamous Tanks4me" 4me05

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