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Great Adventure in August


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My family and I are planning an August theme park trip and I have a question about SFGAdv. How are the crowds in mid August? Are the lines bearable or do I need a q-bot (or whatever those things are called)?


I have to decide between either Hershey or GAdv. Considerig I really want to go to both, any info about Great Adventure's crowds in August is greatly appreciated and may help me decide between the two.



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^ The park is kind of in the middle of nowhere, hotel-wise. If you don't mind driving 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour to and from the park, there are some excellent priceline deals in the Cherry Hill and and New Brunswick areas. Last month,we pricelined an extended stay hotel in South Brunswick for $35 a night, which more than paid for the extra gasoline consumed.

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I doubt with the awesome operations that Gadv is having that you will need a Flash Pass. I would grab one maybe for Ka, Toro, and Superman but those are mostly it. Usually this is how I hit the park so I would suggest you take some notes.



Rolling Thunder


Runaway Mine Train


Skull Mountain



Chiller (if open but I doubt it)





Then repeat.


If you need anymore help just IM me at attackthesolo or email me with more questions.



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phewwww, thank god for this thread. I just found out that I will be driving past SFGadv on Monday August 27th + will only have 3 hours at park opening to cram in as much as possible before I have to catch a plane. This is likely the only chance I will ever get to visit the park and I need to be as organized and informed as possible in order to hit as many coasters as possible.


1) where do I get a Flash Pass and can it be purchased in advance?

2) what do I need $$$ and I.D. wise to buy one?

3) how and where can I use it at SFGadv?

4) can you only reserve one coaster at a time + does it only apply to certain coasters?

5) any suggestions for my best plan of attack or in other words... what coaster should I run to first? second? third?





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1. Flash Passes are near Ft. Independence...the dolphin show. You can get the flyer to fill out before to help your time from waiting.


2. Depends on how many people are going. Suggest you to get a Gold flash pass. I.D. is needed I believe.


3. Every Major attraction. Just use it on KK, ET and Superman. They happen to have the longest lines.


4. Not to sure..I can look into it for you.


5. Run to Toro...best coaster in the park. Then to RT or skip it and go to Medusa. Run towards KK wait or use Flash Pass. Then hit Nitro..if open Chiller.


I suggest to get to the park extremely early.





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I also might be going to great adventure around the 13th


The last time i went was in late July of 2005 and the park was PACKED! I'm talking like a half hour wait for Skull Mountain, half hour + wait for Nitro with gold flash pass. ect.ect


I really cant wait to make it out to the park and maybe i'll see you there =]

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Well, I went yesterday and I had the brilliant idea to buy a flashpass and I rode EVERY COASTER with a maximum wait of 33 mins for Kingda Ka ! I'll be posting a photo TR very soon !


All I can say is that all the rides were alot of fun compared to what I'm used to ( La Ronde ...). KK and El Toro are definitely my favorites !

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Yeah, I'm buying tickets on the website. They have a buy 3, get 1 free for $39.99 deal on the website, which works out perfectly since there are four people in my party.


Someone mentioned that if I see KK and ET testing in the morning to do those first. But, if I don't see them testing in the morning, would it be best to head to S:UF first thing?

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