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Six Flags New England on American Builder Show

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There will be a show on Comcast CN8's American Builder which will talk about Six Flags New England.


The show will Re-Air July 6th and August 1st at 6:30am and 6:30pm (Eastern Time) both days on the Comcast CN8 channel.


It will include things like:


Part 1: Cyclone morning walk and repair work

Part 2: Riding the Cyclone

Part 3: Riding Pandemonium then Coaster design & pre-build animation

work of Batman: The Dark Knight

Part 4: Superman morning walk & ride


Show description might not be accurate. I will contact the Producer for more info and summary. But he sent me the re-air dates, so they should be accurate.


Any questions please ask, and if I don't know them, I will ask the Producer of the show for you.



You can go the the channels web site, to see if you get it in your Zip Code area:


American Builder site:



Comcast site:






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The original design is the same as the one SFNE has now, only difference is instead of a great overbanked turn, they were going to add a gaint helix like the ones on the S:ROS at SFA and Darien Lake. Just imagine the good S:ROS with 3 helices!

That would probably make the ride much worse. It would slow down the train and take away from the airtime and speed from the second half of the ride. I'm glad they stuck with the layout they did.


Is it just me or did they add trim brakes in two sections of Cyclone? I don't remember them last year for some reason.

Those trims have been there for a really long time. I'm going to say they've been there for at least 5 years. This ride was a beast pre-2001. It had the original drop and no trims. Now it is just okay.

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I dont think the trim breaks are 5 or more years old.

I think they only added them 2 or 3 seasons ago. NOT 5 seasons ago!


Info from RCDB.com:


When the Riverside Cyclone opened it had two 3-bench PTC trains with single position lap-bar restraints. In 1984 the trains were damaged and the park built one good train out of the two damaged ones.


In 1985 two new trains were purchased from Morgan.


For the 2000 season, two new PTC trains replaced the Morgan trains.


Also the first drop was shortened by 15-20 feet in 2001 and the old track is still under the new! Also there were NO trim breaks added then, but were added latter. Like I stated above.



The Cyclone is still a good ride, but it is a lot slower now, which can kill the experience for the riders who have been on it before the trim breaks were added.


Hope this info helps.

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