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Rides you won't do again

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Alpengeist04 wrote:


I don't think I have a coaster I won't go on, but I do have quite a few that I'll only ride if there's no line. ...for example, half the coasters at Kings Dominion and Carowinds.


Oh and just my luck, I went to Kings Dominion on Father's Day and every coaster was a walk-on except Shockwave and Hypersonic, which were only 10 minute waits each. ...so I rode them all.



I knew he would say that. i was thinking the same thing...i don't think there's a coaster i would never do. And i do believe me and Alpengeist04 think quite alike on coasters

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I wont ride any Roundup ever ever again. It made me so sick that I needed 24 hours just to feel ABIT better. Somehow I knew there is a chance I would feel sick but not so sick.


One more horrible ride is that Take Off thing that spins so fast you feel your head is about to explode. It was bad ride and lasted so much time that I almost cried inside. Horrible feelings of G's. I actually vomited on my slef when the ride almost stopped and felt humiliated and stupid that I even considered I can enjoy such an extreme ride. It was pure hell for me with one part I felt a blackout, real bad one and just thought I am about to faint.

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Remembered another one I am hesitant to go on again, if at ALL again...


Star Tours.


I think as the 'age' of the simulator has developed, depending on which one in which park (DL, WDW, TDL, DLPR), so too have a lot of the ups-and-downs of it all, lolol.


The last time I was on one, was in the Paris version and that one was only ten years old, the youngest of the bunch (then) I remember.


But - ouch and mmmmph. Not happy with the ride.


So - there's another one in my 'No Ride Anymore List', heh heh.


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Vortex: KI (ow, my ears)

Drachen Fire: BGW (but I heard it's gone now?) That ride did NOT make me happy. Ick.

Hurricane-Category 5: Myrtle Beach Pavillion (but it IS gone now). I think I had a concussion when I got off. My friend and I looked at each other and said "okay, we rode it....ouch...."

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Wow, I'm really suprised at the coasters some people picked.


I would never ride Gouderix at Parc Asterix again. It was by far THE most painful headbashing I have ever received on any of the 350+ coasters I have ridden. A close second would only be X at SFMM, and I would only ride that again if it was a walk-on.

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Chance Rides Toboggan: Coaster of Pain. I rode the one at Conneaut Lake Park, and afterwards I felt like I had been brutalized. There are no words to describe the pain in being crammed into that shoe-shaped box, having the lapbar so tight that the circulation leaves your legs, and the lid firm against the top of your head, even with your neck at an angle. Then you are released to the "lift tunnel of death" where your car fails to grab the chain, rolls back, and THEN grabs with a horrendously jarring BANG!, wich is also what happens as your head meet the top of the car. After ascending the tube and going around in pointless circles, you suddenly reach the first "drop" of the ride- and your head once again meets the roof. This is repeated in two more homicidal bunny hops, and you hit the brakes (and I do mean HIT), and vow never to subject your body to such a devilishly designed torture machine again.

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Superman Tower of Power at SFKK. that makes me sad to say b/c SFKK is my favorite park in the world (notice screenname). I just ont think i can make myself ride this thing again.


X. I had a really bad experience and i dont really care if i ever ride it again

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Predator-Darien Lake

Boomerang-Darien Lake


OK, now I understand why you wouldn't do the Predator again...

Anyone who's ever ridden it is lucky their backs aren't broken, and they're not paralyzed for life.


But the Boomerang?! That has to be my favorite rollercoaster there!!!

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Will probably never ride Villan at Geauga Lake again, as it totally killed me, and any other wooden coaster that I come across that doesn't just shake you, but actually re-aligns your spine, I won't ride again. I have noticed that the farther back you sit in a train, the more painful it gets. Just my thoughts.

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Actually, forget my last Rollercoaster statement. Just went on Balder again. This time knew how to do it. I relaxed knowing there was enough room. Willing to go again, only... Maybe ONCE per trip (trips can be anything from weeks to months inbetween).

Oh, and the queue has to be reasonable....



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