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CP Coastermania 6/15/07

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I just got back from Coastermaina at Cedar Point, my first Coastermania and my first trip to CP since 1996! I badly needed a vacation, and this was a great one. I left Thurs PM, checked into the hotel at about 21:00, and checked out today (Sun) AM. Oh yea, there are some pics too, but they're kinda crappy. I didn't want to carry my camera around the park, so I took them all from either the beach or parking lot.


I stayed at the HOTEL BREAKERS, which was excellent. If you've never been here and want to stay at CP, I highly recommend it. The hotel itself was great, if a little on the expensive side ($160 per night). But it was well worth it. There was a nice pool with 2 hot tubs, a few restaurants (which I didn't eat at cause I'm too cheap), and of course, the beach. Everybody was friendly and helpful.


The first thing I did Thurs night after unpacking was go down to the BEACH. I love beaches, and this one did not disappoint, The sand is nice and soft, and the water was surprisingly warm for Lake Erie in June. I thought, wading in the water listening to the sound of seagulls and the sound of Magnum clanking up its lift hill (2 of my favorite sounds), "It doesn't get any better than this". Next time I go, however, which I hope will be in August, I will know to bring a beach chair. They have several of those big heavy white ones but they're taken up pretty quick.

Next morning I was up at the ungodly hour of 6 AM. A bunch of us waited in front of the hotel for the shuttle, which took us to the park entrance. I had already printed my Coastermania ticket, so I didn't have to wait. I was surprised that at no time anybody asked to see my ACE card to prove that I was in a coaster club (Coastermania is supposed to be for people in coaster clubs only). Oh well. First ERT was on Millennium and Maverick at the same time.


I rode MILLENNIUM FORCE first, which I had been looking forward to for a long time. I rode with a nice guy from Rochester, NY. I was not disappointed. The view, the speed, the airtime- it actually surpassed Magnum as my favorite, which I kinda thought it might.

Next I went over to MAVERICK. Even with ERT, this line was long- I can't imagine what it was like under normal conditions. You're herded into this wooden building where they play western-style music. The theming is excellent. The trains, as you probably know, are short, but the loading process is fairly quick. The ride itself was awesome. This is definitely the most unique coaster I've ever been on. The combination of elements, the launch from the tunnel- the pace never lets up. Maverick is a very acrobatic coaster, with many twists and turns and maneuvers. Surprisingly little to no headbanging. If they were going for the bucking bronco feel, I'd say they got it right (although I've never been on a bucking bronco and don't plan to). A truly awesome ride- definitely a winner. The exit line leads you through a Maverick-themed gift shop, where they also have onride photos.


Next I went back to MF while we still had ERT.


Next I decided to ride RAPTOR, as it was a walk-on. The first time I rode this, back in 1994, I banged my head and thus had a dislike for the ride afterward. But I decided to give it another try. It was great- I especially like the roaring sound it makes- until we got into the final brake run, and WHAM. I had to go back to the hotel and take an Excedrin. And also eat- surprisingly, it was like 9:00 and there was no food open in the park yet. So I ate a Pop Tart from the bag of snacks I brought. Then I went to the beach for a little while before going back into the park. The nice thing about staying at the Breakers is that you can go back and forth from the beach to hotel to park. Did I mention that my window overlooked Magnum, TTD, and Gemini? What a view to wake up to!


Next I rode MAGNUM. The line was pretty short. For some reason, it seemed really rough, and gave me a headache. I was disappointed.

Oh, I forgot- earlier I rode SKYHAWK for the first time. It was awesome.

Next up was WILDCAT. This was one of the longer lines I waited in, as this loads slowly. But it was still great- fast and smooth. I love that "wzzzt" sound it makes.


Next was IRON DRAGON, another short wait. It was pretty funny- the guy next to me was screaming his head off- I don't know why. Tame, but still fun, especially when you go through that mist over the pond on a hot day. BTW, that pond is disgusting- dead fish, oil, who knows what all in there.

Then I took the obligatory ride on the TRAIN. As usual, a fun way to relax, cool off, and see the park.


Then it was time for shopping in Frontier Town, which is a nice shady place to cool off and peek into the shops. I got a little out of control in the candle shop, where they have really beautiful candles.


Time for food. I am cheap when it comes to food. I bought a taco from LAS GATOS and griped in my head to myself as I ate it ($2.50 for a taco!) This would be the only real food I bought in the park.

Next was GEMINI, which was only running one train and then switched to 2 just as I got on. Always a fun ride.


Then I went on the MONSTER next to Gemini. Fun.


I only used the BATHROOM in the park once. It was almost as dirty as my bathroom at home, which made me feel at home but is also not very good.


Back to the hotel for SIESTA. After siesta I went back into the park about 8 PM. First I rode CORKSCREW. It was pretty much a walk-on. Kind of lame nowadays, but a sentimental favorite because it was my first "upside-downer".


Then I rode the SKY RIDE, which I love. It was just getting dark, and the views were great.


Next was MATTERHORN, a walk-on. Fun.


I was happy to see that TROIKA, an old favorite, was back- I don't know when they put it back (it's next to MaxAir), but I went on it, and it was good.


Next was the SPACE SPIRAL, which was perfect because it was twilight.

Then I went on DISASTER TRANSPORT. This was pretty much a walk-on. I haven't been on it since they re-themed it- I liked the old "Dispatch Master gone awry" scenario. But it was still fun, especially the parts in complete darkness.


The park was closing for regular peeps and I got the last ride on the GIANT WHEEL. I LOVE this Ferris wheel, especially at night. Always a favorite.


Then it was time for our ERT on Power Tower, TTD, and Magnum. However, there was a change of plans and they opened WICKED TWISTER for us instead of Magnum. I was not too crazy about this- headbanging, and kind of dull to boot.


Next was POWER TOWER, my first ride on this. I LOVED this, and thought I had a new favorite ride (read on). I went on down once and up twice. I like up better- that blast-off feeling is great and you get an awesome moment of weightlessness at the top before you go back down. I could have ridden this all night, but I went to our ERT on

TOP THRILL DRAGSTER. It was about 11:30 now. Even with ERT, this was by far the longest I waited in line- maybe 30 minutes. The ride crew was great- they played music, and they were clapping and dancing and everybody on the platform was clapping and dancing. All of the ride ops in general were great, very enthusiastic, but these were the best. It adds to the excitement of the ride. I had high hopes for this one. It was okay- I liked it- I just thought it was over too fast to wait so long in line for. The best time, I thought, was when you're at the very top and then you head straight down.


I went back to MAGNUM, hoping it wouldn't disappoint me again. Sadly, it did. Maybe it's just getting old, like me, but it gave me a terrible head/neck ache again. Then it was back to the hotel- I was pooped.

Coastermania was not only a great time, but a great value- I can't wait to do it again next year!


On Sat I got up about 10:30 and headed for the beach. Had a great time. Then it was siesta time. After siesta I headed into the park for the Starlight admission (after 5PM). Got a temporary tattoo- waited about 30 mins, which was longer than any ride almost. It was cool though. Next was BLUE STREAK. Although it was a walk-on, they were slow loading and unloading. A little rough.


Next was CALYPSO, next door. Very fun- love the "calypso" music.

Next was my first time on MAXAIR. Waited about 30 mins- this thing takes long to load on unload. It was AWESOME! My new favorite ride! I thought it was like the greatest thing ever.


I thought about going on MF again, but the wait was 90 mins and it was near closing. So I rode Power Tower (up) again. I noticed that the line for the down side is always longer than for the up.


I walked around Frontier Town, which is nice and quiet at night. Then back to the hotel, where I went for a night walk on the beach.

All in all, a great time. The beach was great, the rides were great, all of the employees were friendly and enthusiastic. The only 2 negative experiences I had were due to my own stupidity: I lost my glasses on Magnum and I got sunburn on the beach. Fortunately I brought contacts with me. And fortunately I lost them on ERT Fri night, as the Magnum is right where you leave for the hotel. Otherwise I don't know if I wold have found my way back- I was walking around like Mr Magoo.


The big question of the summer seems to be: Millennium or Maverick? Here is my 2 cents: I would give the technical nod to Maverick for being more inventive, original, and impressive from an engineering point of view. However, personally I prefer MF just because of the height and speed- I like tall things.


Now the pictures:


Dragster, a little MF, and a little Gemini from the hotel lot at dusk.


Millennium Force at dusk, with the moon above.


A blurry shot of Magnum at sunset through the trees.


Power Tower, Corkscrew, and Mantis from the parking lot of the hotel.


Another beach view. That's the Hotel Breakers, with Twister and Giant Wheel in the background.


The beach, with Magnum in the background.

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Here are some pick's from Coastermania 2007 mostly of Maverick. I have some Geauga Lake pick's to, I'm in Cincinnati now me and the wife went to Kings Island today, but it looks like my camera in on the fritz I lost half of my Geauga Lake pick's and all but 8 Kings Island pick's so here you go i hope you enjoy them.







































the next 3 pick's are what is left of White Water Landding



























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And let me say that it's always to see other people's pics, even if they just remind us of our own experience. This year's CoasterMania was an event to remember for me, especially with Maverick, even though I was horribly worn out well before night ERT arrived.


For lunch, I don't think I have everseen that many enthusiasts assembled at one time! "The power of free food!"


The highlight for me was Maverick - not because it was the new coaster, but because it was such an excellent coaster. I will agree with some of my friends that it was the best coaster that Cedar Point added in almost 15 years. In fact, it's given my other CP favorite, Gemini, a "run for its money." MF is great, but it's engineered for speed, not thrills and force, IMO. TTD goes high and fast. Maverick is fast-paced, full of air, and doesn't slow down where it shouldn't. The park's saying "The Old West Was Never This Wild!" is an undertstatement!


I also saw a good deal of fun-loving, smiling, happy, friendly employees, from the rides, to the food stands, and more. I lost my CoasterMania lanyard in the evening, went to guest relations, and walked out with a replacement in a couple minutes!


Probably my one real issue of the day: restrooms. Is it just me, or is three toilet stalls in the men's rooms inadequate? I also wasn't pleased with overflowing and shut down toilets throughout the park. I guess the bathrooms at GL the day after, and even at KI the day before, spoiled me.

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I believe Coastermania is usually on a Friday, meaning the lines are not as bad as on weekends. You get lots of ERT- a few coasters in the AM before the park opens and a few after it closes. Plus, the price of a Coastermania ticket is less than a full day CP ticket! So it's definitely a bargain. Many of the rides I went on that day were walk-ons, or close. So I would definitely say go, it's a great time!

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