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Troy Videos - Toverland's new GCI Woodie!

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In which station do you have get out of the ride, in this video it stops at the first station with the transfertrack and in the videos above it goes until the station with the fly-trough, it seems to me like there isn't much room to get out off the ride under the fly-trough so you have to get out at the first station, or am I wrong?

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I'll save my judgement till I ride, but besides the first drop it looks like it crawls through the course.

I know it has to be worked in.

You also gotta remember these are the FIRST trains they've dropped. And from the looks of it they had no water dummies in them. So there was no weight in the train.


I'd say it's a pretty unfair comment to make given those conditions.




they used sand bags so thats why you don't see anything....

But its still a pretty fast ride and the vid does not give the feeling like the ride itself.

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I rode it a few times now and will be back there today

Clair Haines (president of GCII) stands on the exit watching people coming out of the ride with a huge smile.

Its a pleasure to see a man enjoying that.

According to him this is the best GCII he build so far.

Chris still doesn't know for sure since its a lot like thunderbird.

Anyway its a great ride

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Claire Haines ---> Clair Hain

GCII -------------> GCI

Thunderbird ----> Thunderhead


Write it down.


Clair haines: my fault


GCII: check their site



P.O. Box 119

Sunbury, PA 17801


Thunderbird: i did to much coasters already so don't blame me...

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