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Troy Videos - Toverland's new GCI Woodie!

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Man oh man, i had the chance to see the first 3 test runs fromout my workspot (about 20 meters from Troy). Damn, every fan who showed up, totally freaked out win the train was running the track! The sound is just heavenly good and each run, it got faster and faster! Now i seriously can't wait anymore!

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I'll save my judgement till I ride, but besides the first drop it looks like it crawls through the course.

I know it has to be worked in.

You also gotta remember these are the FIRST trains they've dropped. And from the looks of it they had no water dummies in them. So there was no weight in the train.


I'd say it's a pretty unfair comment to make given those conditions.



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Thanks for the video! For me, the name and the theme have always peeked my interest. Now to see in action, I can say it doesn't disappoint on video, just wish it were closer.


This has been one of the coasters that I've been looking at with a lot of interest, (even though I'll probably never ride it anytime soon!). It is loud, but that thing is flyin'. Hope I do get a chance to ride it someday, along with just about every other coaster in Europe.




Taco Bell...it's not just a restaurant...it's a night in the bathroom.

(Sorry Shavethewhales, I couldn't resist )

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Ok, i've added a download for the ones who can't stream. If you can stream it might be wise to download it anyway. Because the streaming made my video to a 4:3 while it's filmed in 16:9

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And the day after, more test videos show up!


Testing video from Coastervision.nl :



And ofcourse, toverland.info has one to! This video is from the very first run and you can see, it wasn't that fast! So look at my video and after that, the one from Bas/Hyyyper, than you can notice the difference in speed between the 1st and 4th run!



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