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New Alpine Coaster Opening up in Maryland.

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Sitting in a local restaurant reading a magazine waiting on dinner I came across this story, I was impressed !




ADMIN EDIT: Thanks for posting this info, But.....Please do not make topic titles IN ALL CAPS WITH A BUNCH OF !!!!!!!! at the end. It's freaking annoying and no one wants to see that. Thanks! --Robb

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I was skimming through the Sunday ads today, and came across an advertisement for this new ride in Maryland which I had never heard of until now.


So my main question is whether these Alpine Slides are generally considered coaster credits?


I've never been on anything like one of these, but looking at the couple pictures I found, and some crappy videos on youtube, they appear to be more 'coaster-like' rides than some other credits I have (like powered coasters). But part of the description says it has a centrifugal braking system which limits the speed to 25mph. This one is not listed in rcdb, but there are several of them in Europe. Anyone else have any insight?


Either way it still looks like a cool ride, and might make a nice road trip in the winter. Also sounds like it will still be running in the snow, which means I'd definitely be there...




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So do these count as a credit or not? I know that the Bailey Autosleds count as credits, but those are full circuit rides. A bunch of kids from my German class went to Germany over the summer and were showing me pictures of the "roller coaster" they rode. It was just like these things, but I'm not sure if it was a full circuit ride.

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Ok, so I'm not the type of person who counts any type of rolling contraption as a coaster, and I generally rely on rcdb for the deciding tally... but I feel like I'm starting to find some legitimate arguments here as to why this "mountain coaster" should be added to the list. For example, I came across this crazy ride in Ontario which is basically a piece of plastic on wheels that rolls down steel track.... apparently that counts as a coaster. It looks to me like the same general idea with the exception of maybe the "centrifugal braking system."


I'm not taking the hand brake into consideration, since it looks like you don't have to do anything with it. If the centrifugal braking system is the only reason it doesn't count, then how do the Zamperla powered coasters count? They have a restrictor plate too (for lack of a better term). I've been around long enough to know that there are some pretty vague lines and some credits are just left up to the individual person as to whether they should be added to the infamous credit list. So I've almost decided I'm counting this one, only because it will make me more ambitious to drive the few hours up to the road and get another credit in the snow.

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For example, I came across this crazy ride in Ontario which is basically a piece of plastic on wheels that rolls down steel track..


I hate to scare you, but that ride doesn't run on steel track, it runs on freakin PVC pipe. Seriously.


If it's anything like the one I rode in Ohio, the sleds make a full circuit, but the riders have to climb stairs and load at the top of the hill. If THAT counts, then an Alpine Coaster certainly should.


I rode two Alpine Slides in Austria, but counted neither of them, even though one of them had you ride the sled for the whole circuit, including the lift. Perhaps I should rethink that decision... if I could remember the name and town!

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I didn't have a chance to get there in 2007, but I intend to get there in 2008. I've been wanting to try one of these for quite some time, and not only does is it close enough (and officially opened) but also pretty much on our way for this year's plans, so it's definitely on the agenda....and yes, I'd say it qualifies as a coaster.

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THANK YOU Griffon for pointing that thing out! Like Derek it is definitely in my plans now for this coming summer. I've wanted to try out an alpine slide for the longest time, and that's by far the closest thing to an alpine slide near me. For only an hour drive I'm more than willing to go give it a try.

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As I was looking at this post and the pictures and the web site link, one thing was lingering in my mind: I'VE GOTTA RIDE THIS ONE!!! I'm sure this looks like a fun ride and should be on top of my "must ride in 2008" list.


But I do have two questions about the Mountain Coaster:


1) Last year, I was at Ober Gatlinburg and I rode their alpine slide. Is this ride the same or different from alphine slide and is it much better?


2) How long is this Mountain Coaster?

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