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A mountain rises in Texas - Bearfire Resort

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Opening Fall 2009, a 250 foot tall, 35 acre man made mountain (eat that Disney!) and resort in of all places between Dallas and Ft Worth:


Including a few bonafide thrill rides:


Actual glacier wall, themed villages, themed indoor kiddie park (according to Park World), sounds more like something you'd see in Vegas or Orlando, all looks absolutely incredible! Check out the website for all the info (click on the middle snowflake for a virtual ride through the resort): http://bearfireresorts.com/

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Oh Crap arlington is screwed Sfot , rangers stadium, cowboys stadium, hurricane harbour and now this !!! goodbye no traffic going to dallas

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This proposed resort is actually going to be in FW, not between FW and Dallas. The location is north of Alliance Airport and south of the NASCAR track, about 15 minutes west of DFW Airport.


Keep in mind, this is nearly a billion dollar project and they are nowhere near done with lining up investors. I heard rumors that a recent investor recruitment meeting resulted in almost zero interest. I just don't see how an outdoor faux ski resort is going to pay off when Colorado and New Mexico resorts are a 12 hour drive from here. Who wants to ski on a fake mountain in 100 degree heat in August when you can wait 6 months and enjoy the real thing for the same price? I'll believe it when the doors open.

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