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Great Adventure Photo TR: 6/14, 6/16, 6/18

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This is the gayest Superhero outfit I've ever seen!

"Aquaman! Save me from all this 'seamen'!!!"


Actually, it looks like they're thinking "Do you see dat [buttocks] on the blonde?" Or perhaps making plans with each other for later.

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This is the gayest Superhero outfit I've ever seen!

"Aquaman! Save me from all this 'seamen'!!!"


Actually, it looks like they're thinking "Do you see dat [buttocks] on the blonde?" Or perhaps making plans with each other for later.


Both definite possiblities...

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This is the gayest Superhero outfit I've ever seen!

"Aquaman! Save me from all this 'seamen'!!!"

It was a really terrible costume, I saw it again yesterday, they just can't pull it off. They should make it so that you can take pictures with him in the fountain

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(bold means we hung out, non means I saw you)



JR's friend (I forgot his name already!)



Time in Park



Best Crew

Kingda Ka











I had a full day planned at the park. When I arrived I found the parking lot packed because of Tony Hawk, so I had to park way in the back of the lot (it allowed for some nice photos though). So after wading through the crowd I get over to Nitro and get on in 4th row. Trims were on, again, but it was still a good ride. Afterwards I met up with JR and his friend.


We decided to head over to Ka next and while on the way, I saw the gate that lead to Chiller's backstage area slightly ajar, so i decided to get a pic of the train from there and a pic of the 2 LIMs that were laying towards the back (I don't know if they work or not, probably not since they're sitting outside). So we get over to Ka and its running all 4 trains, so the line wasn't excruciatingly long. But JR used his flashpass and we decided to get in line for Blueberry 2. We sat in the station and watched Gak and CP launch and unload, but our trains didn't load. So Gak and CP went again while we didn't load. It turns out somebody got sick on Schoolbus ahead of us and they were cleaning it. So JR and his friend go on a train before me and I get on 2nd row. Smooth ride and good on-ride photo.


We walked over to Medusa and thought about riding it, but decided not to. I got some nice photos of it though. Maybe sometime next week I'll hit up Medusa. We walked over to Movietown instead. We went on Chiller and it was alright, I'm kinda sick of Robin side, but I'm glad it's still open. After getting off, we spotted Ryan but we let him be with his group. We decided to go on MTWE next for no good reason. I didn't really want to get wet but I went anyway. They were having some problems with it but we got on quickly. We rode in the back and got pretty soaked.


Afterwards, we decided to dry off on Batman. JR used his flashpass and we get up into a crowded station. We waited for 6th row and it was a pretty good ride. It's been running really well lately. It helped us get a little more dry than we were. JR wanted to ride Superman so he tried to Flashpass it and we were gonna go up the ramp with my pass since I really shouldn't be using the stairs. But they told us we couldn't do that and just left. Scream Machine was a walk-on so we decided to get on it. I rode in the back row and assumed the brace position. The trims were on the first loop thank god so the ride was a little more enjoyable.


From there we decided to head on over to Toro, after I refused to go visit Tony Hawk's Big Stupid Skate Show. So we go up the ramp that I get to use and got on back row. It was running really well today and it seemed like the turnaround was smoother than my previous rides the past week. After that we split up and I was going to leave. So I went to get one last ride on Chiller. But I ran into TJ(KingdaKaroxmysox) so we went on together. After that we walked around the park and we were gonna get on Skull Mountain, but there was a line, I won't wait for Skull Mountain, it's just not worth it!


So we headed over to Nitro and got on in the back row thanks to TJ's connections. TJ tried to sit forward and get the restraint really high, but when he looked away, I stapled him pretty good . We decided to watch the track behind us and it was actually pretty interesting. We headed over to Toro, after a round of extreme teacups. We got on in the back row and it was another great ride! It was going really fast and it really threw me around. I love Toro night rides!


We decided to go and hit up Ka. So we get into the station and head over to the left side. We get in line for Schoolbus 2nd row and they announce that it's down. So we wait and then they announce that it will be a minimum 30 minute wait for technical difficulties. So mostly everyone leaves except for us and a few other people. People were still waiting for front row, but Blueberry 2's front was open so we went up there. We talked with these kids from Manalapan.


Then a ride supervisor, Andrew came down and started talking to us. We asked him what was up and he told us that they had to switch out the brake plates along the launch track. He was actually a pretty cool guy and we told him about the site and coasters. He asked us about East Coast Coasters but I don't know that group. We asked him some questions about things around the park and was really nice to us. Soon the whole left side was empty except for us and these 4 other kids, so he told us to come over to the right side and he'd put us on Gak since it was pretty empty. He said he'd try to get us a roll back by filling CP Beat it up and leaving the last 3 rows on us empty since there weren't alot of people in the station. More people came in the station though so he had to fill it. The crew was really cool and we talked with them. They were really fun and we enjoyed talking to them. They are really the freindliest crew that I have ever talked with so I give them my Best Crew Award for making the breakdown more bearable.


Finally the ride got running up again and we launched. It was pretty smooth in the front actually and we creeped over the Tophat, we almost stopped right on the top! But there was just enough force to push us over. So we came flying back into the station. They bring us back into the station and we stop 3/4 of the way into the station, so we were stuck for about 5 minutes until they brought us back in. But when they brought us in, they almost sent CP out again. So they reset the station and we found the back row empty and went again. The crew said "Hey guys! Enjoy it again!" Me and TJ were saying our prayers because it was backrow Gak. Suprisingly, it was very very smooth and enjoyable! But the brakes didn't retract and we crawled into the station. Then we got stuck on the back switch track for 2 minutes. The main supervisor was there and told us we all had to get off and allow the trains to fill, so we did. We bid farewell to the best crew ever and said goodbye to the friendliest supervisor ever! Those guys really made my night!


So we headed to the park exit and split off, another great night in the books. However I'm now grounded because I stayed too late! But it was worth it!


Lined up to enter park


Ka piercing the sky


CP over the top


Boom Boom wasn't ready yet


Got some shots of Scream Machine from parking


This loop was bearable today


Tried to recreate on of my past photos




Go save Gotham


Does Skull give kids in Wiggle's world nightmares?


Peeking through the fence


2 LIMs sit out back


Robin going up to the spike


Have you seen these crowds? They're ginormous!


Entrance to Tony Hawk


Kingda Ka early on


CP flies back to the station


JR and his friend ready to ride


"Get off the handrails!"

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Scream Machine from Tony Hawk entrance


Coming down the drop


Through the loop



Thats a big loop


Dive loop goodness!


Toro and Ka


Awaiting test runs and car


Robin needs to let Batman run now


From the Water Effect


"Is a coaster going by?" "I don't know, maybe?"


B&M rules!




Drop into the Lift


Dark skies gathering


Full Batman switchback


To the lift!

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Batman after the first loop


After first corkscrew


Dark skies again


Scream Machine hurting more people


The SUF flashpass box was open, so i snapped a pic of it's insides


-_- boring


-_- still boring


Only good part of the ride


They're flying


At least it's smooth


It's there so I'll just ride it anyway


Here's my personal review




RT was racing again


Love that drop!


Charging to the second half!


Who really wants to win a Gamecube? I mean really


All that's left of Viper


Nitro through the trees


Hey kids! Build your own death machine!

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A great sunset shot of Chiller


Take photos now cause it might not be there one year.


I love sunset shots


Flying Solo still


A friendly face


That's a lot of steel


It's 5 car days are numbered


Dusk in Movietown


Batman through the trees!



Nice lighting effect on the garbage can


I have to find my way out of Skull Mountain's overgrown queue!


Night falls on the caped crusader


As well as Nitro


Up against the sun


Silhouette with airtime!


More sunset shots


Another view of Nitro


and Another


Nighttime skyline

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Great PTR!! Some great photos you took! I will be there in about a week and a half for the first time ever! I can't wait! Hopefully B:TC will be open, I'll be cutting it really close. How are the crowds on weekdays?

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That was a really nice TR...and Great Adventure really seems to be improving with each year and even a little bit each week. Batman the Chiller's old track was just lying around in the back of the lot, and if so, was Robin's old zero-g hanging around too?

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Time in Park












I made another trip out to the park today and wanted to take advantage of Rise and Scream. So I left my house around 8:30 and I get on I-195. Everything is moving great until about a mile to the exit. I turns out that a tractor trailer flipped and shut down the highway. So after crawlking for about 20 minutes, I pulled into the parking lot around 9:20. I arrived at the gates and at 9:30 they opened to season pass holders. I secured my pass at GR and asked what was open, they told me Toro and Medusa. So I headed over to Toro. I was the 1st rider to arrive in the station so I grabbed the front. I got 3 rides in a row on the front, ten when more ERT riders came I moved to the second to last car for 2 rides. Finally the back cleared out and I made 3 more trips around the course. That ride never gets old!


So around 10:20 I got off Toro and headed over to Ka before the GP ran to it. Some of the Rise and Scream riders had started to wait and around 10:30, the ride opened up. I got on front row Gak and it was great! They were only running one side of the station though with CP Beat It and Gak. Gak was NOT smooth today like it was on Saturday. After getting off the ride, I decided to trek over to Movietown and see what was up with Chiller. I found both trains on the loading track and what appeared to be mechanics working on the last car of Robin's current 5-car train. I asked the op at the gate when it was expected to open and she said in about an hour. So I took some pictures and headed around to see what was going on with the train.


After taking more photos I decided to go over and get on Batman. There was barely anyone there so I chose my row and sat down. It was pretty intense today, I almost blacked out after the first loop. I then proceeded to take more pictures and departed for Nitro. It also had no wait and I chose the back row. Nitro was fun today and the trims really didn't affect the ride at all, though I still prefer them off .


I then proceeded back over to Chiller and as soon as I got there, it started testing the Robin side. So I waited and the attendant at the gate said it would probably open in about 15 minutes. Sure enough, 15 minutes passed, a line had gathered, and we were on our way to the station. I grabbed front row of the first public train of the day and it still was good, but I can't wait to see how fast 4 cars will go. As I passed by Batman's track, I saw that nuts and bolts were sitting above the spot with the 2 missing LIMs, so maybe they're preparing to place them and test it. But don't get your hopes up kiddies!


I then wandered towards the Boardwalk and the crowds seemed concentrated in this area. I passed by that open patch of grass with some metal on it called Superman, and saw Scream Machine was a walk on. The trims were on thank god but that didn't stop it from throwing us around. I stumbled off the ride and sat for a few minutes so my brain could make up full damage report. I made my way into the GK entrance but headed over to Toro instead. I got there and found that the the A train was stuck on the brake run. They fixed it within minutes though and I got on for my 9th ride of the day. It was still good but the turnaround is still really bumpy in the back.


I then walked back to Chiller and got on again toward the back of the train. Nothing special. Once I ride Batman again they can tear it down for all I care. I then went on a photo spree and did some credit whoring on BBLTT, RRR, and Skull Mountain. Fun times watching the operator's face on the kiddie rides.I then traversed back into the jungle and got on Ka in the last row of Gak. It too wasn't smooth like it was on Saturday but the launch is still an incredible rush. I then departed for Frontier Adventures and I went and amused myself by soaking people with the water blasters on the log flume with my spare change. Its fun to watch them yell at me. I headed over to the world's first floorless coaster and got on in the 7th row. I will repeat this again, Medusa needs a paint job! That faded rust green just doesn't look right. It was a good ride today and the wait was only in the first switchback.


I went across the bridge and got on Toro again in the back row. The 10th ride of the day was my last on Toro and I took a time out at a relaxation station as my knee was bothering me a little. I headed over to the Boardwalk and got a massive plate of Butterfly Fries to satisfy my hunger urge. Again I traveled to Ka and ran into that really cool supervisor again. They had just opened up the other side so he told me to go over there if I wanted a front row ride. So I headed over to Blueberry and since they needed to fill the train, I went and just sat in the 6th row. Blueberry doesn't seem that smooth anymore. It felt a little rough today, but that's probably just me. Since it was 5pm, I decided to go and sit through the Tiger show and rest up. I like the show because Tigers are my favorite animals! It was a great show and I might just sit through it again on another visit.


I went back over to Movietown and got on Batman again in the 2nd row. Afterwards I saw that the skyride was running so I got in line and took a relaxing journey above the treetops and took some pictures while I was up there. After getting off, I decided against another Toro ride and took another Ka ride. This time I got on 2nd row Blueberry and the station was really running well. I glanced back at the queue and it was about 1/2 full. I then walked back through the park taking some more pictures. I headed over for my 2nd ride on Nitro and got on in the back row. It was really fun and the 1st trim wasn't on for this ride, so we flew over the first camelback.


I got off Nitro and then decided to head over to Ka for my last ride of the night. I found it broken down, so I decided to wait it out in the station. The supervisor I talked about before was down in the station so I talked with him again while we waited. They got it up and running and I got on 2nd row Gak, 15 minutes after park closing. So I walked back through an almost empty park and made my way to the exit. I spotted the park president Mark Kane on my way out and I shook his hand and complimented him on how great my past few visits have been. He asked if I was a SP holder and I said yes and he says "Then I guess we'll be seeing more of you then!". He seems like a very nice guy. I had a great day and look forward to going back!



Here are the photos, there are a lot since I took about 400. don't worry I just picked out the best ones.


Gooood Morning Skyline


Some were testing early


An early morning meeting


The park to me and a few others, kind of like Dream Morning


You may want to move that soon


Good Morning El Toro


The track just calls to me


:drool: ooooooo yeah


Good morning Ka, will you behave today?


Schoolbus and Blueberry weren't invited to the party


A whopping 5, count 'em, 5 people on Scream Machine


The Big Wheel tries to hide from my camera


Robin what have you done with Batman? That's right, you crippled him!


Not a soul


2 red trains on the loading track


5+3=8, 8/2=4


Good morning Chiller. What's that? Not awake yet? What a surprise.


Its fun to take photos of this for some reason


No more Batman shows


Nitro's up and ready to rumble!

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Gotta love Nitro


"When I find Robin I'm going to beat him so badly"


See we do have a power tower :lmao:


Work taking place on the trains


To the Big Wheel!


Rising above the forests of New Jersey


These are a few of my favorite things


The other side wants some camera time as well


Two fine installations


Sure it looks exciting, but looks can be deceiving


I spy...a big headache


Enjoying it's reign at the top


Two red (or if you're colorblind, gray) trains on the loading track)


Is it ready to have the 4th car yet?


Hard at work


Two men hard at work


I see you Nitro!


Batman to the rescue


Strom Drain Access to the station


Up and up to the drop

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Batman's train beckons for riders


Invert, it's whats for dinner


Time for a retheme/update


Nitro's DJ


Here we are, side by side, a couple of B&Ms


It's gettin just a little rusty




and up you go!


Keep going


Airtime all over this hill


Robing took it's 5th car and went to work


Ummm...WTH? :huh:


Charging paddles....clear! WHUMP! No response, clear! WHUMP! Still no response


It looks so lonely


First test run




Getting bored with this


Hey the rolly coaster's open!


Cobra roll right side


Cobra roll left side

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Here are some people


FDR: the Ride


Down that drop, back and forth, bashing all the way!


Take pictures while it's still here


Coming out of the MCBR


Through the Batwing


Arrow Curves


I see you El Toro!


The Tigers were sleepy


Whats up with the right side of the lift?


Line and Scream!


Enjoying the sun?


Out of the building


Don't remember why I took it like this


RIP Freefall


Midday Sun


I still love Nitro


Oh and Batman too!


Chiller from behind


5 cars up the spike

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In the backlot


Double your fun


Robin flies solo


They need to make it so it's pitch black in there, then it'd be just a little more fun


Yes I'm pathetic


Back to the big boy coaster


No Rapids ride in the midday heat


The Big Wheel looks nice in this picture


I think this is the maximum angle now


The plants are taking over!


RIP Timewarp


Dead Lakefront


The GK, making GP angry since 2005




Medusa time


B&M floorless curves


Off they go


Its all smooth and fun


Big loop


Charging through the course

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