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Great Adventure Photo TR: 6/14, 6/16, 6/18

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Time in Park











I had a crappy morning at work, so I decided to make a trip out to the park again. I had checked the forums before I left and saw that Chiller had the other train on the track, so I knew to go there first. I approached Chiller and found a bright red 3 car train sitting behind the station. Thank God, signs of progress! So I went on Robin and got on front row because there was a single rider in the queue. I know it won't be my last 5 car ride because I'm going again on Saturday.


From there I decided to walk on over to Toro. It was running two trains and it was really eating the lines. I saw RT running only the left side and it didn't appear open as empty cars just cycled by. I got up to the station and went to my usual back row seat. Awesome ride today but it still feels rough through the turnaround.


I went over to Ka after my Toro ride and saw a full queue. These kids were stopped by a security guard because they had forgotten to grab tickets on the way, so I invited them to go up with me using my pass. Of course the 2 worst trains were running and I got on CP Beat It (I just don't trust Gak). It was really shaky and rough, but the launch is still a great rush.


With time to Kill I headed over to GASM and found an empty station. I got on the White train, which was somewhat smooth. The trims were off after the first loop so the other ones were murder. I was able to re-ride 3 times and even though I could've done more, my head couldn't take it any more and it was throbbing.


I decided to rest a minute and get some candy. I went up to the machine and said "2 bucks for 1 thing of Twix?!" After some grumbling i put the bills in and I guess I was the 1000th customer because out came 3 packages of Twix, awesome! So I went over to Nitro and as soon as I got up to the gate the attendant said "Quickly! Open seat here!" and i gave him my hat and off we went. Nitro was doing great today and it was really intense, I started blacking out in the helix. Perfect ride.


I decided to take a stroll through the sorry land of LTSP. With it's better half gone, the remaining one is just dying a slow death. A Thomas Town revamp would be perfect for this area IMO. Yes I know, another kid's section, but it would be a retheme of an existing section.


From there I decided to take a stroll back over to Medusa. I decided to go through the queue and found it empty. I chose an empty second row and it was great! Seems like there were no really bad rides today (excluding GASM). From Medusa I went and took another ride on Toro in the back row. Insane airtime and a really fast twister section, it really threw me around like a bull would today.


With park closing approaching, I took a stroll back over to Movietown and took a ride on Batman. It still had people waiting for it in the queue, so I headed over to Nitro again. The attendant saw me again and saw an open seat in the front so he stuck me there. The front is fun, but I still prefer the back for all of that air! People were running around for more rides but I decided not to run as I was really tired. So I saw empty Batman trains going up the lift, So I walked over to Batman and got on. I asked for a re-ride and I was denied! They said to run around and let the train go empty, what a waste! I'm sorry but this "Park Policy" is ridiculous. It was the end of the night, what was it going to matter? The station is empty and the ride is still open, just let us go again, jeez. But it didn't ruin my day though, I can't wait for Saturday though, I always love the park at night!


What is this, Batman?


1 billboard, 2 billboard


Stuffed prize orgy


Batman is a flaming red! Looks good actually!


Tried to get another shot of it


Awaiting its fourth car and a ready track


Robin always steals from Batman!


Overcast skies




Can't wait to get two trains in this shot


Batman and Nitro




Great AD-venture


Here it comes to save the day!


B&M curves


There's probably a troll that lives under this bridge, it doesn't look very inviting




Donde esta la Publico General?


A Thomas Town, sure it could be!

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Nitro and Batman


Hey lets go on the Big Wheel


..Or not


It's nice to look at, but I won't wait for it


I wanted to get food from Granny's and got this


Twisty goodness


2 trains=long line


2 Bucks for one package of candy?! Ok, I'll pay for a package




The star of our current attraction spotlight wasn't operating


Prefab goodness


Left Side with one train


People waiting for the awesomeness of Toro


Taking the plunge!




That's not a mirror, they were stalking each other!


Toro is so fun!


Oh the pain


Here's looking at you

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Without trims, these loops suck!




Clear Advance!


Gak, a real Piece of Crap


Schoolbus and Blueberry sit and let no one enjoy their smoothness




It's not a Toomer! Oh wait, yes it is.




Going fast!


[sarcasm] Great Arrow engineering![/sarcasm]


There's an Aquaman now?


The view from above


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Both lifts again


At least a Batman coaster is working


Based off the good Batman movie



Arrow Painamics


Chiller in all its humpishness


The train from above


Another view


oh yeah!


Ooo its twisty




To the Frontier


El Toro is my #2


A true Zero-G


I can remember when this...


and this were full it's opening year


Dive Loop!




I don't mind the slowed lift at the top



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^Batman: The Chiller May be open by then!


^^Kraxle, they have put a lot of work into making the park look better. Many people still view it as a dirty park, but now management has really focused on the quality of the park experience, not just the quantity of thrills. It's a vast improvement compared to say 2 or 3 years ago.

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Thanks for the TR. It looks like I'm going to visit GAdv on the 18th for the first time. Although it looks like B:TC may not be running by then, a shame 'cause that side looks much more interesting than the Robin side.


Anybody think a gold q-bot is overkill or a necessity for a Monday?

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I do not care what anyone says but Great Adventure has not been a "dirty" park by any means in well over a decade. Cleanliness was focused on when I worked there 96-98 and in 95 one of the best themed rides in the chain, Viper, was introduced.

The clientele may and will always be an issue with any "urbanized" park but come on now with the dirty claims.

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