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Photo TR: East Coast Coaster Trip '07 *Part 2 BGE*

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The next stop on our coaster trip was BGE.


The park itself was beautiful and I can see why it's won the "Most beautiful park award" for the past years. But, ride wise, this park was a major letdown.


Griffon - The main reason we came here. Yes, so you're aware, it's just SheiKra^2, there was nothing interesting about it. I did get the far right seat, and the floorless effect was interesting, but the overall ride was just "Meh". I still think it was a one trick pony and was personally a letdown.


Apengeist - The theming of this ride was great! I loved the patches of snow along the ground as well as the ski buildings. I've heard terrible things about this coaster, but it was the best one at the park. The trims were on pretty heavy in the midcourse, and there were trims turned on at the top of the lift too. It did seem to crawl through the ending corkscrew and helix, but the rest of the ride was top notch.


Big Bad Wolf - Well, I've finally ridden an Arrow Suspended coaster besides Iron Dragon... and yes, this does kick the poo out of that ride. The beginning part of the ride was great, I loved how close it got to the buildings. The second part of the ride was awesome too, I loved the dive onto the river. The only bad part about it was the trims along the final drop. The trims were on almost the entire drop, it could've had much more speed.


Apollo's Chariot - The worst of the three B&M hypers I've been on. The trims on the ride totally killed the experience. There was little to no air on the first few hills, and the last few only had little pops of it. I still like B&M hypers, but please BGE, turn the trims off!


Lochness Monster - Good solid classic Arrow ride. The interlocking loops were cool and so was the long helix in the tunnel. Again though, as with all the coasters at BGE, the trims totally killed the ride. There were trims before the first loop, and the trims going into the helix almost stopped the ride entirely.


Drachen Fire - It died.. aww!


Darkastle - This ride was really stupid. I'm sorry, but I probably wouldn't wait 10min for this ride. I guess I'm just spoiled with Spiderman. Storyline? What?


BGE, turn off your trims please!


Okay, enough with the ride descriptions... I'll just present you with the pictures. Sorry for the lack of them, I was more busy shooting video, which will come later


And I leave you with one picture of Apollo... because that's all it deserved.


From further away you can see Griffon as well.


It's so pretty ^.^


BBW (lol) into the trees.


"Swing, swing, swing..."


Now I have you singing that horrible song!


Insert caption here.


Darkastle's queue was pretty. Too bad the ride sucked!


It's fun to watch people on the log flume when Alpengest goes by them.


I seriously thought some girl was going to crap her pants when she saw it. The look on her face was priceless.


Alpengeist goes down as well.


... In that same picture I noticed this...


I thought the skis on the side of Alpengeist's train were neat.


Funny Alpie sign.


Alpengeist ... I'll refrain from saying it.


"Look how floorless I am!"


Immelman #1 throu... Yeah...


... Then through Immelman #1 ...


Griffon goes down...




I see you hunk of blue steel!


The time is 10:10... time to run to Griffon


BGE Entrance ... Ooo, ahh...

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I think your comments about the trims on the rides are far exaggerated. When I went on Apollo's Chariot, there was plenty of air on the hills in the back rows--some very nice floater air. In addition, the trims before the tunnel hardly slowed the train on Loch Ness on all of my rides.

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I have to admit that I really do not remember the trims being on really hard on the coasters last year. DarKastle does have a pretty good backstory, its just you have to hang out in the queue (with the movie)for about 7-8 minutes. Nice pictures, I hope to get back to BGE soon.

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I agree...trims DO ruin the ride on lochness and bbw.

But i think giffon and apollos chariot are amazing.

The block breaks at the top of the lift have ALWAYS slowed the train down ever since ac has been open, the ones before the helix on the other hand got added like the 2nd or 3rd year of operation but it doesn't ruin the ride.

And griffon..man i can't get enough of that ride...i rode it about 30 times yesterday [the single lane was short] and another thing is you should of got in the single riders line atleast once so you could of experienced it from the LEFT side, you get SO much more airtime and the ride seems so much better on the left.

Alpengeist sure is ageing, it used to be SO smooth, its starting to get rough and starting to bang you around pretty bad.But I still love that ride.

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When did you go? I went almost two weeks ago and I don't think I exaggerated at all. The trims were on bad. Didn't get to ride Apollo in the back row because we had enough with one ride, heh.



Well, there's your problem.



You really can't judge a decent/good ride based on a single ride in a single row. You really need to ride in a variety of rows to make an accurate judgement. AC is a really great ride in the back few rows, and also the front.



Honestly, I don't understand how someone can ride once in a middle row and say, "That ride sucked." They didn't even experience the ride in the best row, let alone ride it more than once or twice. Personally, I try to ride "good" rides at least 5 times in a variety of rows-more if possible.


Of course, there are the rides that are so bad they're not worth riding again (El Condor and Ninja come to mind).



Alpengeist sure is ageing, it used to be SO smooth, its starting to get rough and starting to bang you around pretty bad.But I still love that ride.


Ummmm.....Alpengeist was never all that smooth. The invert wheels/assemblies do not like those speeds and have always vibrated pretty badly. In some rows, the train shuffles through the Immelmann and generally beats you up. I only ride in the front and back, the other rows are unbearable.

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